07 August 2015

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alright you gonna point it right there

listen it's a SAS get off now I'll go slow's who it doesn't get you mom get this one off me for one ball right now tomorrow get on the internet you're gonna see me all part of my face on the internet cuz she's gonna put it on the engine you gotta wait a minute exactly because something better on him and every day I'm gonna be on the internet tomorrow we should make money I doubt it but this sounds pretty good the turkey for insomnia column well she used a ghost loft hey Russian she kill him right throughout but hey she just told me is how he is a turkey a gun yeah mom you get away your camera and when I went to calm it it wasn't clearly done the bottom was still had thought on it all right she was a car it bottom lip still had blood on it so and he died so he did he came back in the stove it you know I made a mistake I can feel you up being late at night to get my water right in the fucking set time that's where I two electrons do you got get all the fucking Internet as a mouse you're trying to fix up on YouTube it was fun my camera all right all right he gave me that I have all helped da before you have a fucking hammer i come

here i don't care about my job they get fucking home every weekend ok we just pop the yes no okay we're dropping putting boxing man with the cash I got a nice air freshener for the gas guess that's where your fuck trick it wasn't for a little bit so hard that you can't get in there Oh God ok ok here oh my god mommy record it ok your finger Jim it shows no no don't wipe it don't everybody stop laughing don't do anything i'm getting a spoon make sure you're getting this hi baby oh god mom just let me hear cheer you wonder goal oh there's that other spot that i cut open oh my god Mike this is ginormous oh my god I get my stuff out of their lungs good at my record is just keep it I am I guess well let me carry let me oh I love pop pop exist but this is too much for me so modest fear is still gone ready yeah you gotta get high so sorry oh my god it's burning up in Sierra space that's disgusting and you could feel it go yeah we're gonna happy that sack thing yet we're gonna probably have to kill him oh my this is put on no it's a little tiny i just made a tiny little incision oh my god this thing stinks I can smell it no shut no ship

ship ship ship it's coming out her back it's probably your body did you smell your deodorant you've done using it does it hurt Mike does it feel like any pressure being right don't see just don't see his last name I don't want anything wrong with it hey look it's gone gineer it's gone how this stinks so bad just make sure you keep on recording hey geo is actually the first time you remember honey it smells like cheese and so our head is bigger I want to let me do the one on his head I know right dad your backs perfect now imagine want tattoos oh my god you shot up I was so disgusted good no yes whatever you want and your hands aren't clean yeah why don't feel one time Sarah no cool exactly there sure isn't a big old you know that Sigma my dad's head well he has one's backing our mob in it it's disgusting blood and pus plaus give us all away from that place yep on YouTube will be a viral sensation dad you're a for me cut your back open yeah I think that's it babe well I want to keep make sure because I'm trying to get from back here I'll want the sack to come you're right so keep on going how do you know that this because any they

grow inside of a sack and they were show you how to like pool you have to try to pull it out dancin cut him open more for that probably cuz then it will come back that did like leave a hole no I just shot a chair I mean no know how to explain it don't I'll take it's just like a little cutter yeah she just made this is this guy thing yeah along I think of to get the snow busy yeah that's where it ended up in Jessica perspective God was over the waiver that something all right I just really want to share this with the world and was a boy the surgeon here and gory I'm the patient or want to document this to share with the world so keep it how do you get a suntan lotion out of the back he already got part of it don't go straight boss oh my god thats sundara it without it oh no Ricardo get in there Oh right there ah oh oh my god does this fucking day we very good good with both hands namal never fuckin thought all back of a low oh they're coming no no no no my mommy Oh Papa GoMo goodbye look about 200 ursula martinez damn it stop spitting with her cubs ability pulls on it you're awesome when I got a bit ly

see mr. Kwaku bday me down oh I got a movie okay Sarah paint a vaca boy good girl what is it yesterday gonna be one of a demo oh I beat you haha places and you're gonna forgive me my answer and tell him to lay my cozy Mamma Mia abuse ella y NOS roba scusa no I'm here now that I ever forget i wanna know i'm on a market follow me so dodo resistant over amenta peso breakfast or on our agenda dono cuanto sarah DG centimeter Hebrew fro at ur Syria todos poquito no no k by look at paparazzi yep it anyway 72 boutique ozone to boutique hola mama bien que bajas oh gotcha modest was I say mommy d frito whereas a we could do believe in t3 chop parents credo another I as you wanna preserve area where attack haha boy that's a channel caught up every day