21 February 2015


okay and here's what I've done but I

don't know what to believe I stay the course that I'm on would you say to the animals good which is why I've said to everybody here when they're here at home what a great plan that note that is stupid that's what bugs me about all yes I would love for this to be not I think it should be profit I hope Montgomery County Animal Society is the appropriate venue or the appropriate because what I know how do you get there yeah right then we need County support and I honestly believe that question historic good what you do it tell me what you think about the harley shelter take over now is it well it's not a takeover remember care corporation had been in place for two years the previous owners of care corporations sold the rights to the contract to dr. Ross and his partners um I think remains to be seen this has just happened in the past month and a half so far I see dr. Ross is as a positive influence um walk in the back it smells better now it's cleaner we came into the surgery room today things were put away organized the floor was clean there have been times when we came here and earlier and there would still be stuff on the floor that it was just

it was not clean at least dr. Ross has got some discipline going among his staff and I think I have high hopes I hope it improves ultimately I hope that everything gets converted to a non-profit but right now dr. Ross has the contract and and I'm hoping for the best and I intend to do everything I can to make sure the best happens well anyway he's not just walked in and stepped into this thing he had been he'd been doing surgery here since I believe August yeah and you know positive reviews everybody seemed to like him until this contract slip happened and now he's the enemy but I that's why are my problem lies dr. Ross was everybody's hero until he suddenly became the owner of care corporation and now he's the devil and I I think that there was another oh it's it's not a clinic per se but as often as we can raise the funds we will perform spay neuter surgery on free roaming and feral cats in Montgomery County according to a petsmart charities metrics based on our population in the number of the acreage out here there are probably 18,000 Faeryland free-roaming cats in the

county those cats are reproducing and those kittens reproduce again and we are determined to lower the overpopulation rate and thereby reduce the number of animals coming into the shelter once the number of animals coming into the shelter is reduced then the euthanasia rate will be reduced spay and neuter is the only key to a to achieving a no-kill status for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and that's what we're doing here not kidding seasons coming getting ready to come in kitten season starts generally in March March through October normally the shelter is overrun with kittens of we could keep people keep saying well why don't you just get a bigger shelter we could build out to all the way to 336 and we still wouldn't have room to house the animals that could potentially come in if we don't stem the tide of overpopulation through space how does someone go about setting something up respond either what scholars costume oh we do it the our program which is the brisk at memorial animal fund exists on donations only if you have feral cats in your neighborhood you can contact me I'll set you up with some people that

can come out trap the cats as long as you're willing to continue to feed them and you promise not to harm them will spay neuter them for free we do accept donations very happily but our goal is to reduce overpopulation not to not to make a profit when I can't see figure day length today for example today we're doing about 70 um over the past two years of our program we've done two thousand cats I first of all dr. Ross tell me a little bit but now we're starting you got you come on board here tell me a little about the shelter's you've come on board well sets of time on board first gen where we're doing a lot to try to improve the overall quality of the shelter we're cleaning a lot more diligently helping with the husband tree cutting down on something parasites and trying to more or less help with the overall wellness of the animals we're feeding twice a day making sure the animals are getting well fit to cut down on some of the dog price that happen within the shelter one thing that our goal here at the shelter is to more less cut down on the overpopulation by making sure all the animals are getting spayed and neutered before they leave

out the shelter it's going to be a task but that's one thing that we do have in mind and we're trying to get done about the I mean you've got a lot of people coming up a negative stuff right now I mean its own layer but you saw a heck of a lot of volunteers still working inside the shelter yes I'm all our volunteers are diligently working to try to do with our common goal is to save lives and cut down on euthanasia and the volunteers we have here are great and they work not for me not for the society but for the animals and that's what we want here at the shelter when you take the shelter look how's it all the way long it's like kids get aggro now and basically basically for the pretty good in the animals all the way long yes everything that we're doing here is for the animals this is why I'm here this is why the society here this is why the shelter here to be a voice for the animals out here in Montgomery time what about people adopting music little easier for people adopt and what to take to adapt for everyone out here all you have to do is come find somewhat Miami that you like dog or cat x one of the character named care members and

those are front desk ignis either is that