02 March 2017

100+ Coca-Cola and Hoverboard Challenge!!!!

Coca Cola Challenge with Hoverboard SIS vs BRO instagram @ sisvsbro_karina_ronald Karina has a new instagram @ kurzawa_karina Ronald's new ...

Hey guys, this is Karina.

>> This is Ronald, and we are from... >> Sis vs. Bro! And today we are doing the 100-plus Coca-Cola Challenge on a hoverboard. Yeah. >> So, right now we're gonna unbox the Coca-Colas and stack it up. >> Yeah. So let's do it [inaudible]. [music playing] So much Coca-Cola. Look what we have so far. We are halfway there. Let's continue building. [music playing] >> Do you like popcorn? [music playing] >> It's almost ready. [music playing] So the challenge is, to drive the hoverboard up to the Coca-Cola Tower, take one and put it on the side and whoever knocks it down first is the loser. >> We each have one minute to do it. >> I'm going to go first because Ronald is a scaredy cat. >> So what? >> I'm ready. Timer starts now. [music playing] Yey, I didn't knock it down, one minute past and now it's Ronald's turn.

>> I'm ready. Timer starts now. [music playing] [timer sound] Are you kidding me? I got six colas and I didn't knock it down. Karina also got six too, so I guess it's a tie. Karina, it's your turn. >> Okay, I'm ready. Round number two. Timer starts now. [music playing] [cans falling on the ground] I lost this turn. Now it's Ronald's turn. >> Timer starts now. [music playing] [cans falling on the ground] >> We had some mess to clean up but now, we're back on track. Let's do round two! >> That was so much fun. >> Yay. Dab party. The dabbing party would never end. But anyways, round two, timer on. [music playing] This time I got 12. Now it's Ronald's turn. Get over here. >> Timer starts... now!

[music palying] [timer sounds] Time's up. This time, I got 18. That means I got 6 more than Karina! >> .No way, mister-mister. [giggles] >> No, I will not come. >> Give me your... hoverboard. >> Okay. [cans falling to the ground] >> A-ha! They all fell! Get out of my way. [cans being hit] >> I'm gonna drink this one. I'm gonna drink this one. [laughter] >> Give me that >> Cola! Ugh! Aah! Aah! >> Give me that. >> Hey! Karina wrecked everything. >> That was a good game. Cheers. >> Hmm, yummy. Guys, what did you think about this challenge. Let us know in the comment section down below if you would do this at home. >> We hope you liked this video.

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