03 August 2012

101 rabbits-How to get your bunny to come when called

This is my 8month old bunny and I was going to give him pellets when dropped the good thing they where in a jar.And he hoped out of his cage and came to me ...

hey guys it's Aliya from 101 rabbits

calm and today I'll be showing you how to get how to teach her a bit to come when called and this is my bunny Jake this is also my first video of making a video every week so please check it out about my rabbits and washing my rabbit I will be getting one soon right now actually they have that small little cage so I'll be building a condo with two etics so yeah I need your decision on tell me which rabbit I should get cuz I don't know and first you should get something that your bunnies like such as treats coir pellets like orphan he's hungry you can get pellets yeah so my bunny right now he's hungry I only gave him his breakfast but he's like really not really feeling it right now he loves pets you can go for cuts anytime any day on a vegan CIMB he's white and black and grey right there his narrow water frozen water bottle to keep him cool I'll be putting a lot of videos on him how about my condo and about my bunnies my room that's my funny dresser about like how to keep your rabbit cool and warm stuff like that a lot of fun stuff coming so yeah down below in the comment box can you

please tell me what rabbit I should be getting or help me get any tips on like how to improve my rabbit cage or next other videos I should be putting on that you would suggest so yeah now these are as pellets just says Jake's food his name is Jake so what you do take a bit to come when called is get his favorite thing I have his pets cuz he's hungry and put it in like a jar such as I showed you and I'm not gonna move it a lot because if you move it you'll make a sound so that's the thing I'm gonna be needing you're gonna shake it and you're gonna make this sound like I'll choose treat such as carrots in a jar or like he likes bananas but it's not gonna make sound so yeah I'll be demonstrating for you and when he comes you got when you shaking it I mean you're gonna say a word and I say like bunny or I say Jake you know something like that and I give so yeah let's see if it works he just got startled good boy you see and then I give him some in this little scooper and he likes he's eating it I took him a while but because I'm just starting he didn't know hi starlet very sorry but um

yeah he's a dork and he's so cute mmm well that's how to get your bunny to come I didn't really teach him I just started checking the sound and hewed come so yeah yeah and just shake it and actually run ease I told you so it's gonna be like kind of hard if he already knows and the other bunny won't know but he'll see the reaction of Jake well it'll be a girl it's gonna be a female girl they're gonna be spayed and neutered you don't have any babies but um he'll see the reaction of Jake so if you have two bunnies in your or you're forgetting one and one already is taught the other one isn't quite taught or if I kind of taught you can do it and if he comes it might take a while if he comes um the other bunny would be like hey what's he getting so excited for you learn it'll like come over and see what's going on it'll come true and yeah he's cute so yeah um I didn't I've never made a video on YouTube before so this is like my first one make you one every week and the who inspired me was hailey also from 101 bunnies calm I thought oh she's from one of my buddies I'm gonna buy things I could do videos too about my rabbit I

love her habits Lulu mocha I had a Babbitt just like mocha he buddy died sadly passed away from heating overheating but troubles are over so our getting off topic but yes how to get your rabbit to come so I'll show you again how to get your rabbit to come make sure you can see it I'll be sitting over there well I think you already had a lot already so yeah he's really good boy I don't know if you saw that but he did come he only came like from the side so yeah and he also just bent them all over there I'm sorry if you didn't see it probably do it again on my next video but that's how you get your bunny to come it'll work I promise you just get something like a jar but like you see mine is not like oh sorry mine is not like it's just like a Johnny I can't see through but for starters get a jar that's clear I don't know give you a demonstration because I saw that you made a big mess buddy but that's my fault so whatever now this is something that you can use clear jars it's both carrots he loves it he loves us so make sure you're at a point where they are he say to you where he's looking at him like he's looking at

me right now I'm using a carrot a 9c and I make sure it's a clear choice just like a little tea thing my parents put that in and I got it stole it from them so yeah I just put them in here this thing you put it doesn't anymore cuz I gave him his readiness month morning salad and you dated so yeah he's really yeah get a clear jar just like this one fill it up with this favorite treat or pellets or whatever especially I'm hungry bunnies I feed him like it 8 a.m. with his my morning salad they also have to have to have three veggies in it so yeah morning salad and I feed them again but I give him a lot of Mines out and I feed him again at 8:00 p.m. with pellets and of course it's really hungry so it's a good way to tricks teach them different things I'll put videos and like bunny condemn my new bunny please please comment below down there um what bunny I should be getting cuz I'll be getting one soon and but it's gonna be a floppy eared bunny maybe I'm not sure it might be a door funny just like that one over there so yeah that's it please like comment and subscribe thanks for watching