14 June 2017


Searching for error coins continues to be a growing hobby. These are rare valuable pennies to look for in your pocket change. We look at a $138000 penny that ...


welcome back to couch collectibles guys where we do giveaways every single week so if you want to be entered to win this week's giveaway all you have to do is click the link in the description I will also post it in the comments as well also if you guys are interested in sending letters to the PIO box all that information will be in the description I will give you guys shout outs in the video if that something you would like to do speaking of shout out today shout out is going to DOM is me Thomas me says can I get a shout out of course you can thank you for subscribing guys and if you want a shout out in a future video all you have to do is be subscribed like this video and let me know in the comments that you wanna shout out and I would go around giving you guys a shout out without further ado guys that's happen to these rare pennies worth money and start off with the first image here this is going to be the 1960 B Lincoln Cent and what makes this valuable is it is a large date of 1960 large days now if we look at this image here you will see the difference from a small date and a large day and I have done previous videos on large date and small date

Lincoln cents so definitely check those out I will put a penny playlist at the end of this video so be sure to go check those out on my channel and this coin actually has an auction record of selling for over $8,000 the large day 1960 Denver minute Lincoln Cent over $8,000 next up is the 1960 to differ man now this one is graded by PCGS with a mint state 67 red a very good grade and this one has actually sold or 12,000 dollars an auction record of well thousand dollars moving on to the 1969 Denver minted Lincoln cents now this one is graded by PCGS is a mint state 67 red and it has an auction record of selling for over seven thousand four hundred dollars next up is the 1981 Denver minted Lincoln Cent rated by PCGS and mint state 67 red as well and this one has an auction record of selling for over five thousand dollars moving on to a very cool coin this is probably one of my favorites on the list is a 1983 philadelphia mint and Lincoln Cent however it was supposed to be made of zinc you guys know I've done a video on the zinc versus copper penny so be sure to check that out I'll put it in the top right hand of this video here where you

guys can go check that out and this coin was actually supposed to be zinc however it struck copper planchet and so that's what gives it premium value and it's actually graded by PCGS with a mint state sixty-two red-brown and if you want to know how you can tell the difference between copper or zinc be sure to check out that video that I just put up there and this one has that auction record of selling for over $23,000 Wow moving on to the big holy grail of Penny Sears now this is the 1999 Lincoln cents and it is muled with the Roosevelt dime so struck on a dime planchet you can see that the Ellen Liberty is not there is the in god we trust' is wearing away there at the top and if we look here on the reverse of the coin you will see that it is actually a Roosevelt dime reverse design and this is great to buy PCGS as a mint state 66 red muled with a dime reverse die okay so very very cool coin could you imagine finding something this value guys this is that auction record price at a hundred and thirty-eight thousand dollars now that is just crazy isn't it amazing someone plays a hundred

and thirty-eight thousand dollars for this I mean that is a hardcore collector for sure there you have it guys thank you guys so much for joining me for another video don't forget we're doing giveaways every single week so all you have to do is click the link in the description to go enter and you can come back every day to that link to get additional entries by watching a video also join me for the live stream guides after I post these videos I usually go live about three or four hours after I post so we're going to be cointreau hunting for some rare coins error coins all that good stuff so make sure you turn on those post notifications by clicking that Bell it will send a notification directly to your phone or your tablet or your computer and let you know that I am live right at that second so you can be the first one in the room chat until then you guys know what to do I will see you guys in the comments section below this is couch collectibles and this is where I disappear [Music] you