25 September 2014

2014 Mahindra Scorpio | First Drive Video Review | Autocar India

Mahindra & Mahindra's second-generation Scorpio, the new W105, is a car that is seriously improved – a genuine leap forward over the current generation.


today I'm here to test drive a car that when launched was hugely popular it had quite a fan following him as seen as a true blue SUV yes I'm talking about the Scorpio but over time its faced a lot of competition and despite a few refreshes and facelifts it's quite jaded well Mahindra now have a brand new Scorpio and besides the roof the doors the engine and the brakes literally everything else is new so let's see if this brand new Scorpio is ready to take on the competition well what's new the looks for one and I'll get to that in a bit but I'm also going to let you look under the skin this time around now this Scorpio is based on an all-new platform this is a much stiffer modular chassis which will be the base for a lot of their future products so it's worth getting under the skin and taking a closer look the frame though doubly stiffer is 2 kg lighter and the front has a hydroformed crush member which means that this core pio is ready for future safety norms the fuel tank is now plastic to save weight and will be the same tank that will be used for all future variants this new chassis also

gets a front track that's wider by 70 millimeters and a rear track that's wider by 50 millimeters the floor has been lowered by 25 millimeters along with the engine well a lot of technical terms but for those who don't get it all of this means that the Scorpio has taken a big step forward technically and is much more up to date now [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] well getting to the way it looks this new Scorpio carries the tradition of its original design in its upright stance and tall square cabin still it looks quite modern and new the front has the big square bonnet that's broken by many character lines that all lead to the nose and a bonnet scoop that gives it the look of a modern SUV the nose has a honeycomb grille which is flanked by dual projector lamps which have led browse the grille bells the trademark vertical slats with a logo in the center the lower air dam is honeycomb - with fogs on either side all over the exterior there is a play with black and

chrome accents there are a smart set of alloys and the Scorpio now gets a larger 17 inch wheel all around talking of the rear there is a large square tailgate but again the play with black and chrome breaks up the mass making it look more compact than it really is all in all this new Scorpio looks smarter classier and more with the times well the Scorpios interior always felt airy and nice and this one does too this flat - opens up a lot of space in the front it's got a two-toned coloring with a large grain plastic on the top you've got the lighter color coming at the bottom this grey follows through to the interior with blue and grey seats as the color combination on the inside the AC vents and things like that have been repositioned for better cooling steering now has controls the meters are very nicely laid out and look like they're sort of embedded into one of those ski goggles but very crisp and clean and easy to read you have a six-inch information display that has everything from Radio to navigation to bluetooth to the works it's not really the clearest but it's still legible you've got nice AC controls and everything falls to hand

easily the interior looks nice and is refreshing to be in [Music] plastics are still a bit shiny and hard but they look much better than before and there are other improvements too like the power window switches that were originally on the central console are now shifted to the driver side door the fuel cover release is also conveniently located behind the steering wheel but there are a few ergonomic issues like the seat height adjust once the door is closed even for hands as small as mine it's really difficult to access even the door pockets themselves practically inaccessible once the doors are closed it's not all gung-ho for the new Scorpio the front passenger will really miss bottle holders spaces and the one central space that can house the bottle is the one you land up keeping your accessories in for lack of other space so storage is not all that practical also to unlock the doors there is no button so you have to use the lock on the handle which is a bit fidgety I also found the score of the seat pace a little too long especially for people my

height well whilst I'm on the interiors I'm gonna check out the back seat and it feels like there's more space here too there's lots of legroom the seat is really nice and wide and it's flat like I told you before the seats go really all the way to the doors and third passenger is gonna be comfortable because floorboard is flat there's enough legroom over here you've also got AC vents for the rear passenger a storage space the nifty phone holder in the door space for a bottle and on the whole you sit up nice and high and it feels airy the scope you can seat seven when the two rear seats have been flipped down but it can also swallow a considerable amount of luggage when the seating space is all folded up well it's finally time to test what this new platform means to the scorpio from behind the wheel this mo engine was always quite refined and it still feels the same not really as noisy as the others around you do hear the sound but I still think in comparison is one of the more refined engines especially at cruising speeds this engine toils away quite silently the Scorpio comes with

the same m hawk engine as before with 120 bhp and 28.5 v kgm of torque but it's mated to the 5-speed gearbox from the Xylo now from the word go this engine feels way more drivable it's you know so easy to amble around in higher gears at slower speeds I can almost come to a halt literally in third gear I'm slowing down what's completely off the accelerator barely moving all I have to do is put my foot down I'm on the go again and I don't even have to change the gears it's just as well that you really don't have to use the gears too much because the shifts feel a bit notchy now where you notice the biggest difference is in the way the Scorpio goes over the road and around the corners there still is a fair bit of roll because it is still a high-carb but these grips the corners so much better roll is much better contained than before and the car feels way more stable and plant it through and give you a huge sense of confidence it's only when you gain momentum that the Scorpio still feels softer sprung with more vertical movement but it's still a huge difference from earlier and much

improved we did notice that the turning circle has reduced making the car more maneuverable u-turns are now a breeze it feels lighter and easier to drive at all times and it's far happier to change direction than before now on the test track there's a small bit of cobblestone patch so we get a good idea of how ride would feel really on our roads and I have to say I'm pretty impressed by what I feel so far the soft pliant edge to the right but gone is that bobbing and pitching and movement that was there earlier this is much more stable and planted this is the most drastic area of improvement the predecessor was easily unsettled over bad sections of road and for lack of any other way to say it it was like an errant child all over the place this Scorpio has grown up it knows how to behave and mind its manners it's far more composed and planted however the brakes could do with a bit more bite they still feel soft and spongy well I hope you've seen enough of the scorpio in the flesh because now i really need to drive the car to be able

to tell you how it feels out on the road however i'm not being allowed to take this car out of the plant i'm going to be given a camouflaged car so that's what you're going to see out on the road so take a good long look at the scorpio in the flesh the broken sections of road around the Nashik plant really allowed us to test the new Shashi's capabilities and i was impressed by the composure at higher speeds though the scorpio still does get tossed up every now and then but it never feels unsettled nor does it unnerve you and the steering is agile and nimble at low speeds but out on the highway it makes you feel quite safe and secure as well the responses have definitely got better well I have to say that I've come away extremely impressed with this new Scorpio it does feel new in every respect his entire character has changed be it the looks PAP interiors an M&M seem to have addressed all the sore points of the previous pop you'll be at small things like you know the AC vent position on the interiors all the larger ones like ride and handling this coffee oh now feels so much more stable so much better planted it's much nicer to drive

the engine is one that we've always liked and it feels even better in this version of the car so overall this new Scorpio well I think is definitely ready to take on the competition [Music] [Laughter]