02 March 2017

2017 Night Time Routine: 9 Guinea Pigs, 1 Bunny

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hey guys so it is going to be the

nighttime routine so I apologize if it's not super bright in here but it is nighttime every night about 7 o'clock I come in here so I get to whoa somebody's hacked both I get the second round of cisapride for the day to keep this tummy moving and Kelvin chatters at me just like usual so what I do is I go around and I'm going to sweep up all the poop so that's the start Oh actually we're going to start with blend buttons pellets he's looking at me and I want my pellet I put his solos up between morning and night just because he won't come down so I just like to try to break it up and I also changes water at this time too so he gets fresh water in this dish every night and I'm back so if you're on Facebook you'll know that I put a post that we're getting our basement finished and what's going to happen is all the pets are going to move down there so it's going to be pretty cool because I'm going to have a lot more room and all the cages are going to be three by something so like pairs will be three by fours and if I do a little hurt I would do like a 3 by 6 or 3 by 8 like I'm going to have a lot more room so I'm going to keep a little document

of it as we go along so that I can show you guys once it's all finished I'll make a video of like the whole process so I'm really really excited for that and what that means is bull's eye will get a friend and the Nook will get a friend now what I'm going to do for those two since I can't risk getting more adults and having them not get along I will be adopting babies if you adopt like three to four week old babies they're not really seen as threats so the bonding is going to be pretty easy now the problem with bonding bullseye with the little boy is the little boy will go through puberty and it totally depends on his personality whether he's going to try anything with foals I like try to be the boss so that's the only wild card that I'm a bit nervous about but I would hope that they will bond so much well he's little that any fighting will be minimal like just a bit of bickering now for in the Nook since I've had such a hard time with her trusting any of the adults I think the baby piggy is the way to go and I'm going to try a baby girl with her just because so far she hasn't seemed to really enjoy the male the Littlefoot who

she beat up he is a really laid-back boy like you couldn't ask for a sweeter boy he's like total opposite of what bullseye is bull's-eyes really high-strung and hyper and in-your-face little flicks just really cute and sweet and I don't know he's just really laid back so anyway she hasn't liked either of those boys so I'm just kind of scared to get her even a baby boy so I think a baby girl will be best for the Nook just like Nanaimo when we did introductions with her she was really bossy and very dominant but was raised and she's great because raisins just a little girl and they've got two blonde really nicely so I'm hoping same thing will go with minook that with the baby she'll be okay I need a new garbage and worst case scenario if Nanook and the baby end up not getting along since littlefoot's neutered I know hands-down him and pecan would be totally cool with having a little baby with them just because that pair on they're just the sweetest like they put up with nanny being a boss they were doing really well with enough being bossy so I mean if not to not get along with the baby then the baby would go

with little and pecan because littlefoot's neutered and if she doesn't get along with a baby then I really don't know what would happen she does enjoy living side by side Littlefoot in pecan they're always eating hay beside each other and she lays down if you can bring down there so she'll always have pigs nearby just fingers crossed that a little baby with her is going to work I just like having everybody happy and nothing replaces them talking with each other and interacting to be able to touch each other so we'll see what happens and then that also means that bonbon is going to get a different set up downstairs I'm still going to do the pigs kind of up on a shelf or a table that's wet and then he's going to have the whole floor and downstairs is just a laundry room and we're going to be covering like the furnace water heater area but yeah all the rest is just going to be a nice big room for the pigs so it'll be really cool once they get going because then I can see after they frame it I can really start to plan exactly what size cages I can have but for sure I know I can have at least three by fours for every pair

which is pretty cool because that'll be a nice wide size I really miss having three grids wide four cages back in the day I had three by five and I absolutely love them just because there's so much more room for them to move around especially when you're bonding pigs and they're only two grids wide it gets kind of scary because there's not a lot of room for pigs to scoot around each other especially when they're not used to each other we're three by fives there's lots of room for jumping and carrying on so hopefully we won't have any of that when the babies arrived now the babies I've got my name on a list with tables for the babies if they get and again they never really know when they'll are going to have a pregnant female come in and I'm also looking on Kijiji like hardcore well I forgot those guys talking too much could you guys been really frustrating because I've been asking around is they've come on now a lot of people are just more concerned about making a bit of money with the babies and just getting them out to whoever as quickly as possible even when you come them like a really nice reply of you know your

setup what you're looking for that you do have vets here that when animals come here they're here for life people don't care some people don't I shouldn't say everybody but there's been a lot of people where I like well just first come first served and it's like okay so you wouldn't even hold a baby for me or you wouldn't be able to tell me like what sex the baby is some people just didn't care so like I'm in no rush but I just mean if babies came along now since I know the two by threes would just be temporary I would may be getting enough while I not sure I don't know if I would get bullseye one or I guess I could always make him make you by five and put a cage somewhere else for right now because I don't think two boys and a two by three is a good idea that's for sure but anyway we're just seeing what happens and we'll go from there I'm just really excited to have bigger cages because since and enough has not been able to bond with anyone I am not happy with the sizes of these cages these guys right now we're in a two by three and a half which obviously is half a grid too short not the biggest crisis in the world

because we get along super well but still it's not great for being permanent I was able to give Nanaimo and raisin a 2x4 as raisins really active so I didn't like them being into two by three it's like stuff is an ideal not terrible but I don't like it I want the two lone piggies to have friends well everybody has bigger cages so sim so what it would be downstairs is if you added another grid width here that's how big they will be downstairs which would be awesome like a whole nother grid front here is such a great amount of room I'm so pumped so they're starting to frame the basement that'll be on Monday I don't know what days I'm going to be posting this up but Monday will be well I don't even know I don't even know what today is that's sad be the end of February anyway when they're starting I go to the wash man okay so at night this is when I give Calvin his joint support tub these are from Oxbow that we just started him on a few weeks ago because he does have the bad arthritis and I really think they are helping him he is odd medicham but also seemed like he was getting around even better since being

on those doesn't really touch too much water so we're going to get him out of his bed come on bud come on Oh sometimes he has nights where he just isn't as active and he seems to hide and I just don't like when he's hiding too much because then he gets dehydrated easily he's not eating as much hay as he should be so sometimes it's tough love and I have to kick him out of his bed and I will leave his bed out for a little while so that he just coming up to eat hay and stuff there we go shoo him up to the front and he'll start eating and drinking he's been a lot better for most days of being really active on his own well not really active but active for him he's been pretty good well there are the nights where I have to be like okay buddy time to get up okay so everybody else now going to get a piece of the vitamin C Calvin can have a piece too host give you a little piece here you go now Apple really doesn't eat this much so I'm just breaking them even a smaller piece she likes the urinary ones but the vitamin C one she usually leaves them in Huckle eats it so kind of defeats the purpose okay man so nany is

doing really well she just only had that one episode of having the stress with little flip stressing her out when she was in heat that's why the quad was separated because she was in heat and Littlefoot would not stop trying to literally meet with her and it caused her very bad stress and she does have a heart murmur very good enough but now that she is just with reason I haven't seen anything concerning hi buddy sorry I had to get you out of your bed yes get up and get something to drink so I'm just going to leave his bed out for a little bit just kind of wet yes and so that's really all I have to do at night sometimes I give them 100k piles just for something everybody has tons of hay but they all seem to get excited when you put a little bit of a pile down below there hey big girls pretty pretty girl good girl she still gets quite nervous and raised and of course is still super nervous it doesn't help when she has Nanaimo to look to in nami's not the most tame the Little Miss minook is quite tame then these guys oh and I want to get that all over your

face don't want any in your eye forget what it's saying these guys all like to eat beside each other here littles put some over there for you look I think you know yeah that's about it I'll put some in funds litter box he has a whole hay box but sometimes he likes to sit his litter box and watch the change your litter box only saw a lot of poop from the one spot do you snore that me you having to drink okay so night times are usually a lot calmer in the morning there's not nearly as much to do and just depends on the night sometimes eight piggies out and sit with them and what-have-you but for right now I just gotta let everybody eat their hey hey buddy think it out and eat okay make sure you eat your hey one a gravy give him a hate pile do there you go buddy okay guys so that's about it see you later