21 April 2017


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hey you guys welcome back to my channel

so today I'm going to be doing something that's a little bit different I'm gonna be doing a try on haul I've never done a try on haul before so this is gonna be very new to me so like bear with me this is gonna be a bikini try on haul and it is brought to you by Snapple these are all subtle bikinis and all in a size to excel so I've picked out like a range of bikinis from something that's a little bit more poolside and a little bit more revealing to bikinis that do have a little bit more coverage but they are a two-piece a one-piece that is a little bit more revealing and then some more high coverage one-piece type bikinis so there's pretty much something for everyone in this haul if you're interested in seeing how these look on me please keep watching so this first bikini is a little bit more full coverage as you can see it completely covers every area of your body it is probably more suitable for someone that is a little bit more conservative when they are going to the beach or the pool these next two bikinis are one pieces and they are full coverage if you aren't comfortable wearing a two-piece I think

these are a great choice they look cute and I think they're suitable for the beach and the pool so the next two bikinis are a medium coverage one-piece and the reason why they eyes because they show a little bit more skin than the full coverage ones so they're probably more suitable for someone that is a little bit more confident with showing a little bit more when they are at the beach this next bikini is a two-piece with more of a medium coverage it does conceal the bust a little bit more I would like for the bottoms to sit up a little bit higher but that's just me but I think it looks super cute I love how this two-piece bikini set looks I think it's super flattering and is probably best suited for someone that wants to conceal their tummy area last but not least are the minimum coverage two-piece sets I think these look absolutely phenomenal I think you need to be comfortable and confident in your skin to be able to rock these something to note they don't have a lot of coverage as you can see so they do not offer a lot of support so these probably would be best for more like poolside or if

you're going to like some sort of beach party or something like that they're not really that supportive for swimming but they still are super cute you