21 February 2019

2019 Great American Outdoor Show With A Service Dog

Lmao this video is almost 2 weeks late because I got the flu right after the Outdoors Show since I overdid it. Pardon my voice, in the beginning I was trying to not ...

it's 5:30 a.m. we're getting ready to go

in this bag we have Abbey's stuff some meds for me is your string cheese with her high-value treats from her in case she gets bored this is a news vest that she's going to be wearing today at the show and some string cheese of course with much reverence and defend charger just in case cause we're going to be there for 12 hours today and that's about it alrighty I mean I pretty much already do so more anyone asks her busts and don't have that fancy program idea of hers because we were issued a new one because the numbers are messed up and I haven't had time to hole punch it yet so that one just stays in my bag for right now [Music] [Music] okay empty words stops go away [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] he would stop stalling in the doorway gets all the cruise control [Music] all righty and in the office for this is just some stuff I got some trapping stuff I joined a trapping organization I

have these cool little things of how you release your pet gets caught in a trap some tracks a little sticker these are two really good first suppliers and if I remember eight hoots first does traps as well traps and trapping information and information on the organization and this is just the map and schedule I believe if they had not here doc diving and stuff like that but I believe that was not when I was there I've actually been sick and this video is gonna be about two weeks late because I got the flu too literally right after it came back from the outdoors show but in that time I've put up a fun little gear Wallace on the babbies supplies her little graduation hat she wore but I went to graduation and walked that is now trying to fall down this is a dress this is the best she wore to the outdoors show all of her bandanas are underneath it back here I have way too many let's see what else do we have this bag just has a whole bunch of her old training tools she used to be on a clicker I have her old gentle leader in here too and in here here's stuff for when she is out hunting we have an orange reflective collar that lights up

and an orange vest it's the same police orange colors is this I also have this this is kind of a backup the sheet generally has a red leash so service don't want with some patience and love stuff and then here's a B hi your long yells that will hopefully get trim tonight