12 March 2019

2019 Hats Off to Mothers - Veteran Service Dog Presentation

Retired serviceman, Bill Callahan, receiving his new service dog from retired Sergeant Will Rollins, also an Easter Seals Houston service dog recipient.

good afternoon ladies and gentlemen it

is my honor to speak in front of you today I am we're brothers the opposite Murray I served in June of 2002 if you would be 17 - interested in dear my 8 years of record for four times with combat zone Iraq and Afghanistan at the addition of my 8 years I was a recipient of a Purple Heart a one-star would be in a silver sword all four accidents that occurred welcome combat combat hurts it does I've never tried to deny that the shrapnel blast my team the burners getting shot at others when I left the bridge for the uplands Eni anger at myself as English to bring war I think that the world I refuse to admit the mental emotional pain that combat coordination be through seeking of those highly reflective metal call a lot of burden on me and on vertical life those metaphor ahead in a battle that took place while I read those medals American lives were lost we live with my brothers several years following my exit from the Marine Corps I was able to now call one of our barbed wire but this time I would not own any enemy I was impressed I had anxiety I stopped communicating with my wife which

eventually led I started self-medicating by hoarding drinking and being insulting arguing we all know that leads to rapid failure I maker one dark night I told him I was on walk body I'm here my friend laughing had somebody good with a look on my face I look back at my face buddy I said why that good I just pulled him on my body he looked at me and said it's good because I rock autumn provided a strong foundation to build on just talk daily there's at this time I knew I needed help I had been in principal our daughter who needed me do counseling lead worship and organization such as Easter Seals of except the fact that I have the book I have tools might express I've learned I'm not alone and then I went over John and greatest difficulties of my life I'm now a business owner proud husband of a woman who pushed me to be the best man that I can be Samantha my family in France deserters I'm thankful for what your sales I've done for me about four months ago I learned that the recipient of a service dog generator this year my wife and I drove to Tennessee and we good there Andy took a few months I've learned is

it the few months I've had eighty provide a nothing but happiness working weekly large trainer is how they keep I've been wonderful pro knowledge and experience the training servers office how much if I would have that love it's a support that I have now several years ago I would say myself my present family about of an organization such as Easter Seals without a doubt and save lives I'm now proud to introduce Easter Seals newest server dog hair music Bill Callahan this puppy can count got me [Music] [Applause] we still thanks very much my name is Bill Callahan I served in South East Asia for four years I was a master sergeant with the green beret I'm the sole survivor my team today I'd like to thank Easter Seals for a gift that they gave me because of December 28 2008 team my service canine tailor went to me with God he hasn't asked over yet I think that when I made this one score maybe but my 2019 tour across America of all the shows I favorite Easter Seals will be our opening show of asking people to please support Easter Seals

humbly for the people with special needs but also for the service dog program today I will make my dog I've made my dog after a hero a man that turn around with no conscious of all he jumped in and started taking care of fallen heroes men and women who gave their life for this country they did make big dollar today my service dog will be named dollar to pay tribute to you for all of you I will start with a Minnesota stock today that will beat my new garden today never to pass hooker and you go beat the dog another dog thank you very much [Applause]