08 March 2019

3/8/19 Baby rabbits.

Baby rabbits (kits) recently born. Consolidating laying hens into one coop. Baby chicks day 2. Basement seed planting problem and potential solution.

okay we're in the nursery here for the

rabbit hutch and we've got a bunch of babies that also have been born over the last several days and I thought this was an opportunity for you to kind of see what's happening I wanted you to see this particular one it's directly underneath the heat lamp and the moms decided they don't need as much fluff and you can see they're right on top Pinkus can be that tells you these are gonna be white bunnies of course this is a white mama that was mated with the white New Zealand white that is both New Zealand whites over here this one right here you got to be careful around them when they got babies the Mamas get a little protective but you might be able to see them moving around in there she's got them way back in the back corner the way they're supposed to be so super good mama these are huge litters I can tell that's a lot of babies inside that one I could tell eight or nine there's nature folks now today is what March 8th these are born on Valentine's Day and you can see that they're three weeks old I'm gonna probably graduate these today later on this unit when I get home because I've got another mom out there that's dude that's a really good mom and

I want to give her the best chance with her litter come out here you're a good mama - you did a good job yes you did now this particular one she's she's a sweetheart but she's the new mama and she built her nest properly and normally what they do is they have a little pouch way back in the back and they deposit the babies back there and put the fur over him but in this case even though I've got heat lamps in here it was really cold tonight she had the babies and she deposit them all over the place and when we came out here the ones in the front were just cold and dead and that's unfortunate if we'd had known she was that close we could have potentially you know interfered and got him in the right spot and helped him out but I think we lost for the babies couple um were not fully developed but three of them were very large babies so I think we've only got maybe three left in here maybe four but I just tried to you know get the ones that are doing well all the way in the back and take the other ones out so you got to kind of check most of time you don't have to do anything but the newer Mamas they don't always know exactly what they're doing

yet so I got two more mamas that are due they're probably in the within the next week now and you can see their nests are pretty well set up side-by-side here this one over here is a mature mama she's been through several litters she's a champion this one over here was immature last time and she laid her babies on the wire and they didn't make it by the time we got out here was too late you know I mean they don't ring a bell so you don't know when they're having the babies but this time it looks like she's got her nest all ready so we'll see if she does any better usually the maternal instinct kicks in the second time around so we'll see now she's interesting she's got brown eyes new zealand so that's a kind of interesting defect but it's a kind of cool actually now this is a mama that we put the nesting box in here because she's about two weeks out and she doesn't know what to do with it yet so she kind of plays with it and moves it all over the place she's like get this thing out of here maybe she's not pregnant we'll find out but anyways when we get within a week you'll notice

she'll start getting her nests together if she's in the family way and she's not I just realized she knocked her food off again this is so aggravating when they do this so I need to get her situated and get her some food okay there's a simple fix for when these rabbits knocked these feeders out of the off-the-wall what I do is I take a small wire you see that right there I wrapped it around and then I just tie it on the backside here and then it's secure they can't get the thing off and that's worked really well you know once they have their litters and we graduate to the regular chicken feeders you don't have this problem at all but this is what they do hey chickens quite up I have several rabbits for whatever reason they go to town on these feeders and knock the food out and it's quite a mess and then we're out of food for a day which isn't good for wrong now these are rabbits that are approaching three months old I think I have two weeks left for these I kind of go through two weights I'm trying to get them to five pounds and sometimes it's three months in a week three months even it just depends on the mama size the father size

consistent for these and Museum of whites so get the next one now these babies are about to do any time I need to I need to get some weights on them but they're they're real close to the 3-month I think they have one more week these are within two days of the last batch I just showed you I'm gonna have some fun the next couple days as I'm trying to train my chickens there's only one chicken coop for them right now this lower pen is gonna be my grow out for my Cornish rocks that I got yesterday and so I've got to have 15 chickens up in there and there's used to be only five up there and then ten down here so they're gonna be jostling for position right now that one's complaining that one of the hens is up there taking up the the nesting box where you know she needs to lay an egg and the other ones it's like occupied right got the bathroom occupied so this goes on every morning until they kind of get true getting all their eggs out but it's kind of funny it's like get out of here let me show you my chicks all right so here's the first batch that has been

describing the only thing I'm gonna do this morning and by the way they've eaten a lot of food only I'm gonna do this morning's go ahead and take their water dump it out give them fresh water they drank about half of that container these little dinky things if you can imagine that and they're running around they're doing great fantastic now this is my puny batch got a little more activity I lost two more overnight and I got I think I got one more in here that's still not doing so well I think it's this one right here what happens when they don't do well the other ones stand on top of them I'm not sure about that one either but rest doesn't seem like they're moving along the only thing you really got to watch out for is a pasty but and these are clear right now but that's in the next few days we're gonna keep an eye out for that as well and that's something you just gotta clean up and I'll show you if I run in that situation I don't see it very often but this batch is for whatever reason they they were overstressed they don't even look the same size they look smaller for some reason so maybe those other ones

were older but we'll we'll find out how it's going but it's a just as part of what's going on you see how that one's just kind of hanging in there and that one too I think we're an end up losing those two also but we'll see we'll see we'll keep an eye sometimes you get surprised so that's what's going on today we got a lot of activity I got behind in my chores today because of you know dang rabbit knocking its food out and having to deal with a couple of these things and my my plants back here turned into a disaster let me show you that real quick I didn't think about it but you know I've got these lights on for I think twelve hours that these LED lights and then they're off for 12 hours well at night it's 60 degrees in here and I basically created a mold factory with those lids on there so I added a 250 watt bulb last night and all that did was like dry it out super a lot so this morning I ordered a heating mat to put underneath these bulbs are these plantings and hopefully we'll resolve it but I got two trays I'm probably just gonna have to replant I don't know if I can resolve that kind of mold issue my tomatoes are just now starting to sprout

in here so they seem like they're doing okay over here but this man that's horrible yeah I think I had condensing moisture and it just got too cold into his perfect environment for growing mold so I think the heat mats gonna resolve that issue they weren't terribly expensive once I get it set up I'll show you what I've got there but last year I didn't get my garden beds put in place until mid year and I I didn't have mold problems like this last year and I think it's because it was just warmer in the basement all right well every day you just got to keep an eye on things and go at it but I'm probably gonna have to toss these two trays at least this this one here might survive it looks like so and my onions seem like they're doing real well I'll be able to put them out in the ground here real quick hey god bless let's just do this god bless and I hope you're having a great day today bye