15 December 2017

3 Tips For Growing Plants | Gardening | Great Home Ideas

Looking to start your own veggie garden? Then make sure to check out our top 3 tips for growing plants! --- Welcome to the official Great Home Ideas channel, ...

in the world of design groups of three

go really well together three ornaments on the shelf three cushions on a couch and the classic three ceramic ducks on a wall hold on I said ducks not geese anyway the principle works just as well outside so I have three really great ideas but kitchen-garden when you think of a garden don't assume that you need a garden bed you can be creative with plant containers and I don't mean plastic believe it or not you can have a great deal of success and a lot of fun growing herbs and veggies in Hessian bags now you need to fold down the top of the babe and then just fill it up with a really good quality potting mix and then plant out your seedlings [Music] what you end up with there's a nice little rustic setting but if you'd like something different then get a Hessian bag and lay it down and cut some holes in the top now to make it a bit lighter I've actually put in a layer of perlite in the bottom it also will hold some extra moisture then you just plant away and in this case I'm going for all the winter crops including kale and some cabbages and colleagues now I'm always

going on about how important it is to get the soil improvement right to have a bumper veggie crop well there is a way to get the same results without doing anything just mark it out with some bamboo or timber stakes then just line up the chicken wire there that's how basic no dig why the cage I'm adding this little fella you've seen me use this before this is actually a worm tower piece of PVC pipe into which we've drilled a whole heap of holes then you can just pop in your kitchen scraps and some composting worms and the plants are being fed automatically now we need to fill up our soil but we're actually making a lasagna mix for our plants some straw or hay you could use sugarcane and then some cow manure on top of that and then some soil on top of that and you fill it up to the top till you're ready to plant now to kick-start the sore you need a really good probiotic the one that I'm using here is go-go juice and you need a cap four to nine liters that's all don't overdo it it's filled with billions and billions of beneficial microbes it's really going to help release all the nutrients out of the soil in a new

garden bed like this it's really an essential and don't forget to pop some go-go juice down into the worms as well and repeat that every two weeks last idea is actually a garden in the kitchen and all you need is in fact a sunny window now the process is really simple there's no mess there's no fuss and there's no soil no dirt and you need a device like one of these now just spread your seed out onto each of the tray not too thin but not too thick I've got some alfalfa some mung beans chickpeas and you can eat the roots the germinating seeds the shoots the sprouts and the leaves now the last one is in fact the wheatgrass I'm leaving it for the top because it can grow quite tall and just spread those out so they're just touching each other and then you can water from the top and the water just drains through the green tray will catch all the excess water so there's no wrong and believe it or not in one week's time this is what you end up with germinating sprouts everywhere and of course just in time your first sandwich served fresh all the nutrition you can't eat that [Music]