12 August 2019

36 hours house sitting... with no running water???!!!

it wasnt really a challenge!!! but hey why not??? i was suposed to house sit for my mom for 3 days & run the business!!! but we get there, unpack... open business ...

what's up dogs how we doing second thing

sesame stuff and I'm back trying to do a video you know how I do I'm shit every time just get out of work coming home before the Sun sets so I can try to get a video mean maybe two I got five to do so let's get us started on this first know what you wanna do first mmm-hmm I guess I'm gonna do something so yeah videos videos video news so stay tuned for the next few days I'll be popping them out like a pop down Mikey yeah look at it go right now this is an intro for 24 hours with no running water could you survive I have a heat and washing OCD and if I get might be dirty come wearing sandals all day and I work outside I can handle it how are you feeling three or four times a day when I'm on break so having no running water boom I was supposed to house-sit for my mom while I was up there running our to business and um oh my god you get a glimpse of the - business - well you watch the video buddy 24 hours of no water I couldn't make it I had to go home but there wasn't me trying to make it with no running water I kept forgetting I started the launch when the water not running what a

nightmare stay tuned have fun watching it don't laugh to learn kind of was no water challenge could you manage but it wasn't even a challenge it was for real Pharrell we had no running water my mom's well ran dry and until it rained two days later there was no water oh she cut her trip actually early because of the water situation thumbs up here we go bye oh okay there's no running water out here at this thank you [Music] lord have mercy what are we supposed to do let's check this holes here how do you wash your hands oh it's a miracle Lord of Mercy I hear a challenge coming 24 hours no water can you make it happen go we're gonna go walk over here and check the other water see what's going on around here it's just the tube in area this is where I'll be working ain't my mama's house I'm supposed to be house-sitting for three days with no water ah shoot me now people turning down there's a hose down here these are the ones we've washed the tubes with see this one Oh this one won't work at all oh this is no

water Wow did this lady shut off the water on me that's three faucets no water let's check the one in the tube shall we there's all the tubes anyways stacks of adults using some brand new horns alone behind me we're coming into the toolshed where I'll be working in register window now the hotdog stand and we're about to check the hotdogs near water oh my god hot dogs there's no water there's no water on the property Wow nobody can survive without water electricity don't think water hmm I have OCD I can't watch my hands my dirty feet I won't survive let's ask the kids how they feel damn I would what are we gonna do without water we're gonna be able to live and the fridge is unplugged for some reason I have to take all this stuff out of the freezer well hopefully whoever is down there can check on the water because I don't know what to do I'm gonna walk it out to this other spot and see if there's water out here yonder oh there's some water for us the only that looks green no I can use that to flush the toilet how good all that sounds but you could write the well runs

out of water you need water I can bucket that up to dump it anyway that's disgusting look you do what you gotta do it gives the other faucet one that filled the giant pool oh yeah there's definitely no well that's the rest of the yard that's the rest of the yard mmm we got the pool water and we got this green sludge on that should be entertaining guess I'm going home today after work oh wow it's only Tuesday my mom ain't coming home till Thursday unless I call her and say there's a nightmare going on and then I can handle myself look what is we got tubers oh my god so you know what's on there behind it yeah I'm embarrassing myself but I wanted to share it with you so I got the laundry Randy started up the nothing here made it all the sill put the the Turkish Indian was trying to do my laundry at my mom save me some dollar hands ready you go to start it there's no oh my god what say something that there's no water no entire home and I've known that for hours and I can't it's hard can you go 24 hours without water mm-hmm and I'm cleaning the cat food got spilled all over my towels I was gonna

wash after clothes now I get a reback my towels and sweep up the cat food double trouble peace kids are so bored with no water no showers sweating the river is running dry two Tuesday's Monday Tuesday Wednesday no water is in August so people are floating on a half of river so kids are napping around here because we're going it's almost time to go six o'clock on off guys washing into the bucket can we show them out let me show you how we're doing it go come on this is how we have to do it we figured it out I went and I built some buckets up down this tree here ready open it up and show them how we do it this is what we have to do after we go ready home and phones ring and the phone don't stop right here I gotta get it but that's how we're doing it's big jugs of water my ass wasn't playing I was coming with bottled water I wash my hands and feet ways how many times a day to be stuck with no water you heard me I need my h2o chugging it up here we're jugging talking with the jug come on this is two days in now I can't prepare the bottles of water for today cuz I got a foot fetish not only

three so that's how I gotta clean them for today loves it what a doo doo beats back and my mom was working again Hill no water she ought to have somebody come over and fix the water last night I stayed till 9:00 and nobody came though have at home on the range work in two sheds like this me like this you're gonna live without water on your birthday what are you gonna do without water nothing you gonna shower okay well I don't think you're gonna be able flush come outside you the outside one I'll take you over there come on you gotta go they outside good thing there's a business on the property did they have water over it so pious oh I don't know there's no water here pipe edge no pipe fish let's go come over here quick this is the businessman she's never seemed to be his name he's the biggest names cutting all the tubers super dogs super dogs as a sign bond and that's the menu there's the toilet use the toilet I don't know figure it out which one's cleaner she says wow this is gonna be fine nobody can stay here for this long we'll

try to pull 12 hours without no water I won't even make it to the birthday it's clean it's pretty screen in there these are the cleanest outhouses you ever seen this Way's cleaner yeah that one has a bug you know it's already I'm all this bucket okay yeah I think number one was clean okay number two is cleaner look I'll be outside waiting for you go no no hurry up we'll be there can you help me can you we have water people look at when you see it can you see the rain that's the water people that's water coming down that's the water we get the well is still not on my friend from fire when we're getting some rain around here maybe we gotta feel the well scrape your fingers crossed [Music] [Applause] [Music] yay we got water it's Wayne the rain help feel a little raining for about like ever around here so yeah we got water not a lot of pressure but we got some dribble I can wash my feet [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music]