27 April 2017

5 Amazing Pet Gadgets You MUST HAVE! ▶2

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[Applause] [Music] [Music] good ball [Music] did you enjoy writing things with blocks when you were young and does your CAD law of cardboard boxes well we combine this and give you blocks blocks you design your own players for your cat it stimulates mental physical exercise for cats of all ages help against obesity boredom and all modes of behavior the home deliberate elements are easily formed in a shape a block baggage the cubes business tunnels and more to close the shapes they are solid and strong you can customize blocks for choosing to press on openings and it's a good times rule the elements can be accessed using inside or outside connectors because you can work in all directions blocks a tiny space the reusable connectors are designed to endure the force of even the most aggressive guests if you structure saving fun for both big and small believe us we tested this let your creativity be your guide and your guest judges at the building adventure and when you're ready for something new you

can just alike the elements start over [Music] what if we could change the way we communicate with our pets introducing kion the first pet collar with embedded GPS technology and the only one with LED display that makes communication with your dog even easier so you no longer have to guess where your little one is feeling the keel collar works together with our user-friendly mobile application which allows you to monitor track and receive information or alerts so now you can protect your pet more than ever before from possible dangers did you know that over 10 million pets get lost every year kion will immediately alert you if your pet is missing and not only will it help you track its location but it also displays healthful contact information the right of the collar went down by someone else kion features an altimeter with 10 centimeter sensitivity to detect even the floor it is on so with clean if your pet is lost it won't be for long hundreds of thousands that suffer from heatstroke every year kion is able to monitor surrounding temperatures in real-time so just when your pet is

beginning to get hot you will receive an alert on your phone and a message on the collar so even always get to your pet time being away from your pet hours at a time it's not easy what if you could know how your pet is feeling all day long with its 9 axis accelerometer he is able to monitor activity levels over time so you can constantly know if your little one is happy or feeling a bit off kion will warn you in time if your pet needs your attention Kirin is also the first color with a water sensor that could prevent your pet from drowning by notifying and immediately when your little one is in danger would it be great if you could somehow prevent a dog bite with its pacifying technology the key on collar will activate a high-frequency sound that can help prevent unnecessary trouble for your pet the Keele also has other helpful features like bat walk reminders and in-flight travel updates kion is fully operational in over 120 countries globally with a battery life 30 days kion features a series of components seen for the first time an altimeter Bluetooth and nine axis

accelerometer a heat sensor LED display an ultrasound buzzer a water sensor a zinc alloy buckle a leash clip 30 day battery life GSM and GPS and kion can also hold a leash force of more than 30 kilograms the kion color is available in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best fits your pet help us change the way we communicate with our pets with your help we can make a keel possible poor track design for cats and cats only cats wander it's what they do naturally a happy cat is safe at home yet free to explore its world whenever it wants wherever it wants day or night but where does a cat go and what does it do whilst you're at home or at work or fast asleep in bed your cat could be doing anything anywhere as owners we just keep our fingers crossed that they remember how to get back home safely wherever they've been whatever they've done now you can no poor track is a GPS tracking collar made just for cat is designed as a collar sleek comfortable attractive and weighing just 50 grams it looks great and won't get in their way the collar is simple to use literally

power up and put on your cat no SIM card required no endless set up procedures just unplug from the USB charger and play some your cat the collar fits snugly tucked in tight around the neck the collars fastener is secure and safe with a safety release built in should your cat get into trouble the GPS antenna is placed on the back of a cat's neck to get the best signal it sounds simple but then again you wouldn't place a car sat-nav on the underside of a car the tracking uses two sets of satellite systems gps and glonass to give the caller the best possible chance of getting a fix built-in sensors detect when your cat is sleeping to power down the battery there is even a built-in Wi-Fi antenna when your cat returns the collar detects your Wi-Fi and lets you know your cat is safely home the collar shuts down and kicks into life again when your cat leaves and that is the collar will automatically track your cats positions and store these on the collar it will transmit these to our server automatically and on-demand and you get to see where your cat is and where he's been you can search for your cat at any time from any

internet-enabled device simply log into the pour track website and see where your cat is and where your cat was you can also set boundary and battery alerts if your cat has gone missing the lost cat function will let you know as soon as its collar has a good fix the collar works in a hundred and 71 countries globally including the US Canada EU UK Australia and New Zealand it just needs a mobile phone network to allow you to follow your cat poor track enables you to keep tabs on your tabby wear you like it's a reliable easy and fun way to give you the peace of mind that your furry Perry family member is just a click away hi my name is Kristen I'm Dave and we are the creators of q-ball some time last year I was mentioning to Dave how annoying it is to constantly having to be scrubbing away at the slimy layer at the bottom of our dog's chavies waterfall what no matter how much elbow grease our soap I was using it was so hard to get rid of that slimy layer and it would basically just go back the next day so as a microbiologist I was surprised to learn that actually one of the dirtiest places in your house is

your dog hole so how does this happen well actually in a dog's mouth with billions of bacteria so Isis dog licks the bowl and inoculate for water and form something called a biofilm now a biofilm in a matrix of bacteria and that could even include fungi or viruses there are potentially pathogenic but one of the properties of copper is actually what's called the OL ago dynamic effect and this is something that stainless steel doesn't have this effect can actually destroy biofilm and prevent their formation the use of a copper dog bowl prevents the transfer of harmful bacteria if you have multiple pets and the bowls look great too I have a background in microbiology and business I knew that certain metals such as copper silver and gold destroy bacteria fungi and viruses on contact and I thought this could be the solution to the slime Ebola problem you know how dog bowls they get my best that's gum yes which people don't walk up I woke up everyday exactly look if you don't have to wear it yes good I'm for it Oh fabulous if you go to the conference

also really interesting oh yeah it's quite into someone else sick of it yeah you know like frankly the interns just it's just gorgeous and yo you like a tomb don't you oh my god that's awesome that's so great I put my dog bowl and just watch her every day yeah like get drugged up with crap yeah and then this will have it right is that how it works kind of a little bit of it yeah I have