10 September 2019

5 Easy Low Cost Marketing Ideas For Your Pet Sitting Business

Looking for low-cost marketing strategies for your pet sitting business - her are 5 easy tactics you can use today.

hello Neil from get found marketing and

start your home business he is five easy low cost marketing ideas for your pet sitting business number one would be press release where you take advantage of your local press your media basically to announce any service or offers that you might have usually related to what the community finds interesting so this could be maybe a announcing a new employee or you might have started a new service that you want that you want people to know about and it could be anything basically or even it could be sorry it could be offering tips and seasonal steps so for example if you are in the season where there's a lot of ticks that offer that are making the your pet the pet seeker you know they you might have a new medicine or new treatment for them that you want to announce so things like that you could obviously get a lot of attention from the local media which will start boosting your video sales by people visiting a website and offering an or asking you about this new promotion that you have answered the new product that you have number two would be to visit hospitals post your business card on hospital bulletin boards chances are

recovering based patients who are unable to walk their dogs or claim the the little box a litter box would appreciate this sort of services that you can offer number three would be air or flies so those are the you know when you go to the dog park or your local community noticeboard instead of just saying a flyer that this says you know dog grooming services it he just try to be different have something relevant to an emotional part of the of the connection between a pet image and an extended corner he is a good example of a flyer that you could use as the template so mention we showed the photo of one of your dog clients and how they learning new tricks or how how much they enjoying running around in the park and then obviously you write your information here that you know you have the experience and you have the reference is available right down when you can offer your services and you can hear in the hourly rate you can mention or you don't have to mention it it's not necessary but what is more important is to get make sure that you have this little tear off here that people can take away with them and this you will

find that over time if you have you know added this flyer or this little flyer poster here to you know 20 30 shopping centers aventure you eventually you'll start getting some sort of business from them now neighborhood pets are basically keep a lookout on on your walks with your with your pet so even when you're taking a daily stroll just look for households that have bets there make sure that you have a bunch of your fliers or dough hangers that you can leave in their lot later books or hang on the gate and just mention that you know you might have an offer 10% off for new customers or free bag of treats for the dog well the higher your services for the first time so once you are creative offer some of these incentives and you will find that it's easier to get your return on investment on the Flyers people will start calling you when they're given something for free now he is a good idea that you could easily use to gain more customers just go to your local pet stores and ask them if they have any samples that you want to that you can take and hand out to your customers and of course leave out leave them your

flyers your business cards brochures your offers in exchange for just basically helping them out with the promotion with the across promotion so leave your flyers and mention to the owner of the business that look if they have any free samples that you would that they want to give to a new product that they want that they're testing and they want to hand that out to a bunch of people that you can offer to give those samples to your customers so the other thing you could do is just just visit them and say look you know you're in you in business and if they can help you out by putting those flyers and your business cards on the on the counter I know no local local business owners are happy promoting other businesses that are relevant to them and are in the same category of of Industry so just be creative look for opportunities and you know there's definitely a lot of stuff you can do out there if you do need any marketing help feel free to visit our websites get for marketing.com dot au or start your home business dot-com dot a you thank you