02 June 2017

5 Hidden LOCAL SECRETS in ORLANDO After the Theme Parks

The real Orlando Florida has much more than just Disney World and Universal Studios. Join Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers, as they show you what's really ...

Good morning Vagabuddies.

What's going on? Welcome back. We are in Orlando. We just finished Playlist Live. But everybody's leaving, but we're not. We're sticking around. We're here with Visit Florida, and we're going to go check out the historic coast of Saint Augustine, Jacksonville, but first and foremost, we're going to check out the city that we are in right now...Orlando. [song from Book of Mormon] All right you guys, welcome back. We are just outside the city of Orlando in Wekiwa Springs State Park. We've got a pretty awesome day lined up. My only experience of Orlando so far has been through Playlist Live and the theme parks. This is totally different than what I expected. If you look at Florida from a map, from an aerial prospective, you can see that so much of it is a giant wetland. There's a crystal clear spring here that puts out beautiful water. There's a nice bar; there's a good vibe. It's definitely not what I expected. I'm stoked to hop into the water because apparently, it's 70 degrees all year long.. We're at Wekiwa Island, a secret spot in suburbia

where all the locals go. We run Wekiwa Sup and Swim. What we do is we go up river to the actual birth place of the Wekiwa River, Wekiwa Springs. First magnitude spring with 55 million gallons of water flowing out of it. About 2 hours, about 3 miles and just all kinds of amazing wildlife on the way. Right in front of me is a little baby alligator. Check it out. We just made it up to the springs, which are the source of the fresh water that is flowing through the river. It's really beautiful here. It's completely surprising to find this just a couple minutes north of downtown Orlando. It's crazy to think that most of Orlando was built in the 1980s after Disney World was built in 1971. These lands have been the home of the Seminole Tribe for thousands of years. At first it's hard to see how you could survive here. When you look more closely, there's fresh water; there's tons of wildlife, and it's even possible to farm. Have you ever had a siphon before? No

You should definitely do a siphon. It's kind of like a chemistry experiment. All right. This is an historic neighborhood called Winter Park, which is founded in the 1880s as a winter resort for people living on the East Coast. In honor of that, I got the siphon method. Kind of a steampunk hunter's version of making a coffee, and it is a really nice way to drink it. So here's to that. Definitely a much needed caffeination break after paddling around all afternoon. We're going to drink these coffees and then head over to another interesting historic area, one that's close to Marko's heart, and it's going to be fun. Stay tuned. Just want to talk a little bit about how awesome that entire experience was. To come to Orlando and see a really gorgeous little slice of nature from a standup paddle board was a really awesome experience for me...... not to mention....I was blown away by the sheer amount of wildlife there. There's so much wildlife. Whenever I go to a place that's

relatively new, a lot of new construction, I often times wonder what was this place like before all of this? And that's the essence of this video: try to find out what Orlando is about at its core. Right now we're driving through one of the residential areas; it's very, very chill. And right here is a house of one of my favorite humans of all time: Mr. Jack Kerouac This seemingly ordinary house is the former home of my favorite writer: Jack Kerouac. He was living here when he became famous for his most popular book: On the Road And it's also where he wrote the book: Dharma Bums. Jack Kerouac was from a group of writers called the Beat Generation, basically post World War Two. Instead of following the typical American dream, the Beat Generation took off across America to discover the truth of life through direct experience, self-reliance, and self-expression. He moved in here right in the beginning of September of 1957. Soon after that, he went to New York City

because On the Road was about to be released and have a big party. He left here this kind of no-name writer. Of course by the time he came back, he was this national phenomena. The book was just a huge, smashing success right out the door. He became instantly famous. This is a chair in which Jack Kerouac actually sat. Mark, I know that you are a huge Jack Kerouac fan. Sitting in a chair that Jack Kerouac sat in, reading Jack Kerouac's book in his former home...feelings? Thoughts? A lot of emotions. This is certainly a form of pilgrimage for me, one hundred percent. Jack Kerouac is undoubtedly one of the most influential writers in my life. This is the house where he wrote Dharma Bums, which is my favorite Jack Kerouac book. It's really cool. I have not read this book for a healthy ten years, but to be in the place where it was written, maybe I will conjure his spirit. What I really love about this house and this neighborhood is that we're just

surrounded by these big, beautiful trees covered in Spanish moss. It's cool now that it's been turned into a writer's residence. Just met the young lady who's inside. She's here writing a novel. Very, very cool. Let us know, what is your favorite Kerouac novel? And put it in the comment section. Nice book here: Kerouac in Florida. Well guys and girls, it has been a long day exploring, and we've made it to downtown Orlando. Downtown Orlando is pretty chill. There're all these bungalows; there're a few historic buildings. This whole place was developed in the late 1880s during the citrus boom when Florida was growing the oranges and other citrus fruits that it's still known for. Definitely burned some calories today. Probably burned our skin a little bit. I want to burn my tongue so we are heading to have some kind of Asian fusion tacos. Today Orlando is a diverse city. There's a large Chinese population; there's a large Latin population. We're going to go see where those two

worlds collide here at Tako Cheena. I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm going to throw out another old school movie reference. One of my favorite things about this place is right when I walked in, I saw the masks, had a child hood flashback. They have the masks from The Three Ninjas. All right guys, the food has arrived. Everything looks super good, and the smells coming off this are incredible. Especially digging the taste. I kind of snuck a little taste of the Tom Yum Shrimp Taco. it looks bomb. The pernell pulled pork looks incredible. We've got a wide array of salsas that actually have a lot of Asian ingredients in them. We're going to stop talking; we're going to start eating. Let's go. What's cool is it's not just Chinese or Mexican, or Korean tacos, it's kind of pan-Asian. It's got Indian dishes, Korea, China, and the result is just awesome. Thank you...Well we've feasted, and now it's time to end the evening with a little sundowner.

We're going to grab a cocktail at a place called The Matador. Cheers. It's been pretty fun today, man. Honestly, I am very pleasantly surprised. I was totally blown away by the nature, the springs, the paddle boarding, the wildlife, getting up close and personal with some little gators and turtles and stuff. Super cool. Not to mention, ending it all with a nice cocktail. That's the way to end it, man. Kerouac's house for me was an ultimate pilgrimage and....... those tacos, more specifically the arabes, have blown my mind. I'm going to go ahead and say...... the best fusion food I have ever eaten. Kerouac shaped my dreams for my 20s, but Tako Cheena might shape my dreams in my 30s. Don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen because we are not finished. Tomorrow morning we are heading to Saint Augustine, and we're going to hit Saint Augustine and Jacksonville. Make sure you guys stay tuned. If you haven't already, give this video a

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