22 October 2016

5 Miami Dade Animal Shelter dogs are safe and resting comfortable

5 Miami Dade Rescues safe and Resting comfortably 100plusabandoneddogs@gmail.com 100plusabandoneddogs.org 100 + Abandoned Dogs Of Everglades ...

hi Alec hi buddy hi buddy hi Tito hi

Tito it's okay Holly guys were here at the imperative point Animal Hospital and yesterday we pulled Holly a couple days ago we pull Alec and Dexter his Alec all comfy give a huge rise with memory foam coffee beds and blankets here's Tito we pulled today Tito got a bath and his nails clipped hi Betty's up here bet he takes care of our babies she works here Holly's on comfy in her big big big bed with her blankie and her t-shirt Pippi hi Pippi she's so scared she would just so they'd all do so good in foster homes and Dexter hi Dexter he's still puppy he's six months of age he's doing really well he's been on some fluids and his protein was low albumin was low but he's back up to normal all these babies terrible pictures sorry guys this is a video so it's live and it's through glass this is Dexter number one and Pippi is eating her trees number two four months old she's about 11 pounds female and then we've got our beautiful Miss Holly that we rescued yesterday a purebred German Shepherd who was between eight to ten months of age female nothing but love dog friendly and sweet and again we'll

Tito TI t oh he is ten pound scruffy dog friendly sweet adorable anybody he's between 1 & 2 years of age dog friendly and then we have Alec sweet sweet sweet Alec is 62 264 pounds and he was that really really mangy he's about a year old maybe even a little bit younger he's nothing but mange and cracked skin blood and hi baby sweet as can be sweet as can be and dog friendly as well so these are our five saves from Miami Dade just the past few days everybody is doing well we wanted to update everybody they will be getting their treatment here they're in quarantine upstairs here so they can't be around the other existing dogs that we have because when they come out of the shelter we know from experience unfortunately they come down with kennel cough and upper respiratory so we want to keep them away from the others and their own space give them about a week to ten days yes and our beautiful donated beds over here lots of cushy blankies and toys and our volunteers will be coming and spending time with them and loving on them Gail Alec is doing amazing amazing Thank You Cindy for your kind words

everybody's gonna settle in for the night do they already eat yet Betty are you getting that ready Betty's getting their food ready and all their meds ready for the night and we'll be back in the morning to see our babies what an amazing week for 100 plus abandoned dogs of Everglades Florida we feel it's really important guys to show you you know not just the pull from the show the rescue we want to show you where these dogs are after and the care they're receiving and their journey until they get healthy and adopted we believe that when you donate you have you know that's part of the process that's the best part of it so we'll do all the work we'll do all the labor and all the loving and nurse these babies back to life is he giving you kisses through the door once you take them out take him out go ahead I'm gonna close this Tiffany's in the row with Alec no no no hi Alec hi buddy checking out the bathroom Thank You Missy thank you to all of you who have made a donation as you can see we have a lot a lot of work ahead of us to get these babies safe and healed make sure they're a hundred percent you

checking it all out Alec you know Dexter oh he shared your freedom ride from the shelter yes so like you finding treats on the floor Alec your foods coming buddy your foods coming he's finding all the little treats I was given them all treats go get Tiffany hmm watch your tail buddy good boy big boy he's gonna take a while to heal but he's gonna do fantastic they're all amber vecto they've had their convenience a reality show right that'd be cool come on come on Alec Polly's two wheel tail wagging when she saw Alec and Tito everybody's curious Hey hi beautiful girl I love you miss Holly I love you no you're so beautiful your foods coming mommy hi pipi hi pipi though she spent in the night over Lori's alright guys I just wanted to update everybody and show you everybody was asking updates and all these beautiful babies so again everybody is settled in and everybody is comfy and of course they hate the kennels no matter how comfortable we make it and bedding and toys and treats and food they just want to be with a person that's what

they want so that's what we're always begging for fosters because we leave tonight and we know they're comfortable we know they're safe and they're not in any danger from the kill shelters or the street that it's still really hard for us because we get so attached we want that we want to see them in homes yeah if Tiffany code should be sleeping in this kennel with Alec but her babies are calling her she we've been going since early this morning we left very very early to go get the two new dogs Tito and pipi IBP so and then we went and picked up Alec and Holly and Dexter to bring them over from Hallandale so they could all be comfortable in these big big runs and we can spend a lot of time with them a lot of time with them because it's a lot closer so everybody I want to thank you so much please if you can consider donating anything a dollar every little bit adds up for these dogs and I'm not gonna lie while we were there today we placed a few holds on a few others little ones because like I said we have adopters for little dogs and we saw their faces and we know they're facing death so we placed a couple of holes

we'll know a definite by Saturday Sunday if we will get the dogs because they're on stray holds meaning they're picked up on the street and gives the owners time to find their dog if they're missing it so right baby but we'll keep you posted if you can offer any assistance with fostering adopting please reach out to our organization at the Gmail it's on this video you can go back I'll also put our website you go directly and make a donation any little bit helps us continue and like we said before it's proof right here the more donations that we have the more lives we can save the more dogs that we get adopted and foster doubt the more lives that we can save so it's just the way it is we wish we could save them all when we go to the shelf and we see them all staring at us and scared and shaking and crying I mean there's about 400 plus animals dogs and cats and it's humanely impossible to save them all so we do what we can and yeah five beautiful lives saved in the past couple of days and we will be updating you later on Hanna I'm here still in the animal hospital she's not doing very well just she's very weak they started her on

steroids she's yeah she's not doing well so we'll find out more we've been devastated and we're just trying to stay positive we've not even visited her for the past couple of days they're asking for just complete rest and no visitors so hi Alec hi he's such a goofy love mom he's such a lover this is gonna make one amazing pet right here yes he's just amazing dog and he's still so young he's a baby nothing but love nothing but love on anok huh are you two sweetest no no kissy face alright guys my connections weak so I'm gonna be signing off everybody have a great night this is 100-plus abandon dogs of Everglades Florida with our update Holly Alec Tito Pippy and Dexter thanks again for all your love and support