10 January 2019

5 New Cool Dog Gadgets 2019 | Must HAve Pet Gadgets | (2019)

links : 1. Tikr: A Snack Activity Toy for Dogs! : https://ambaniurl.com/Sy21Y 2. [01:10] HurriK9 100 Foot Ring Launcher for Dogs : https://ambaniurl.com/CwgU41 3 ...


[Music] the hurricane 9 is the world's coolest new fetch toy it's time to reinvent your game of fetch with this 100-plus foot gravity-defying flying ring launcher dog owners already loved the hurricane eye hi this is my dog Sharkey and these are your average dog toys frisbees no interest trick it's bone as soon as I become outlook he goes crazy oh he just want to take the ball he doesn't chase the frisbee [Music] the hurricane 9 ring launcher built to give your dog maximum exercise in just a fraction of the time it's made from durable evie a foam which is built to withstand the sharpest teeth you don't have to replace the rings after just one game of fetch forget about the slobbery tennis balls the hurricane 9 works indoors it floats and yet you could take it to the dog park all dogs love the hurricane 9 even if your dogs not typically the type to chase a tennis ball within months after launch the hurricane 9 was already featured on the news while we've been

teaching dogs we've been talking to dog trainers too something really great about this toy is that I also float so if you have an active dog who likes the water would be a great idea as well like most of us Emma's owner is a busy person and so she doesn't get that daily exercise a study show is proven to make a healthy happy pup and so she's left a dream of that blissfully exhausting game of fetch [Music] after just two launches your dog has already run the length of a whole football field and it's easy to use you just load the ring pull it back and release to use it inside just pull it back part of the way and if you're feeling old-fashioned just throw it without the launcher you go tiger it also doubles as a great training egg [Music] the hurricane 9 comes with three rings with six rings or with six rings sold separately the hurricane nine is now for sale at hurricane 9.com so your dog could be flying through the air with a better workout a better toy and a lot more fun for two years today and share us with

your other dog owning friends introducing brilliant pad the world's first indoor self-cleaning potty pad system that gives you freedom and flexibility with better hygiene for you and your dog here's how it works the dog goes potty and the pad absorbs liquids and begins to dry out solids then the system replaces the soiled pad with a fresh clean one a barrier lining wraps and seals waste to lock away odor the system is hands-off for weeks at a time then disposal is fast easy and clean simply replace the use roll with a new one each roll equates to 27 traditional pads brilliant pad is also better for the environment the pads use 1/3 less material than traditional packs and the end caps and rods are biodegradable brilliant pad gives your dog a healthy option when they're sick or need to go in the middle of the night and they won't get uncomfortable from holding it too long brilliant pad is automatic clean and convenient waste and odor are sealed away it provides freedom and flexibility and improves health and hygiene for you and your dog relax brilliant pad has you covered like no

other indoor solution spend less time cleaning and more time loving by brilliant pad today we all know what it's like to leave our dog at home every day when we need to go to work they have to stay alone from nine to seven and that's not fun for them or for you so for you and your dog we created Lika Lika is a life companion for your dog it is similar to a mobile terrestrial robot that you can control with your smartphone from anywhere like us equipped with a camera a microphone a speaker and the tree tosser that can be used to reward your dog this makes your dog love Laika while having fun play times together we also developed a tracker to keep tabs on your dog and adapt based on your dog's behavior so if you're busy and your dog needs attention like this anonymous mode turns on and take care of your dog until you're back [Music] what if your dog started moving gold [Music] gold coins [Music] or even liquid gold what if there were a magic solution that could collect all your dogs poop without any direct hand

contact because in reality your dog doesn't poop gold introducing picker poo a dog parents dream picker poo is made up of two parts a rounded clip of soft silicon cushions that secures comfortably around your dog's tail and a durable disposable collection bag that hangs beneath place pick a poo on your dog's tail before you go out for a walk and when he is ready to poop all the droppings fall directly into the collection bag when your dog is finished pooping you just unclip the bag and throw it away with no mess and no leakage in the real world dog poop is not gold we love our dogs but don't love cleaning up after them we design pick up poop so there never has to be contact between the poo and your hands or even on the ground everything goes straight into the bag and in those days after your dog ate something you shouldn't have pick up you can handle any bathroom situation you know what type of gold comes out most importantly we wanted to make sure that pick up would be dog friendly we've given the picker food to more than 100 dogs of different breeds and sizes and the feedback has been

incredible with peekapoo you will never need to pick up dog poop again [Music]