10 September 2019

5 Partner Program Marketing Ideas For Your Dog Walking Business

Creating strategic alliances with local businesses can get you more new clients at a much cheaper cost - here are 4 tactics you can use straight away.

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is five partner program marketing ideas for your dog walking business number one animal shelter adoption packets now he is an idea that you could use by partnering with your local shelter and offer them some information on your pet sitting business in exchange for some and in exchange for an incentive for example so you just have prepare yourself get yourself some little marketing package video flyer your business card maybe a pen with your business name with your website on it and just pass it on to some local shelters and just exchange hero details with them just mention to them but if they can help you put your Flyers on the counters and you can definitely help them spread the word by offering to hand out their business cards to your to your potential customers number two would be contact all the vets in your area and approach them and mention to that to mention them mention to them that you have a business that that you're just starting off the ground and ask them if they can help you promote it there's obviously a lot of people who go to vets who a working class or might not have the time to look after their pets when

they need somebody to look after their pets when they're working so this is where your your business will really get off the ground for groomers that you could do the same thing approach them again and offer to exchange your information with theirs offer to cross promote their products make you tell them that you have a lot of clients who might need grooming services for their pet and you could work together with them ask them to basically refer your business and in exchange you will refer this all these strategies you can use in the similar manner just consider them your partners now don't trainers are another source of income referrals for you by again using the same approach with your dog trainers in your area and fifth all of course would be selling promoting products this will be again a very powerful way to increase your customer base just approach the local pet shops ask them if they have any free samples and that you can share with your customers and tell them that for every sample that they give you to have the business card may be stapled next to the sample with the sample sorry

and in exchange of course offer to give to leave them your flyers or your information pack and again you will find that this cross promotion works really well this is an idea you can even use on your own website so you can actually ask approached the companies that are selling wholesaling soria products like you know obviously the the dogs and cat food and the dog food and offer to sell them on your website to your customer so this is an area you can look at if you want to learn how to sell products you can watch one of my other videos on how to integrate products into your website so you can increase your revenue by selling products that are related to your niche market again if you have any questions give us a call feel free to contact us on gate for marketing.com today you or start your home business calm today you thank you