23 December 2014

~5 Week Old German Shorthair Pointer Puppy Update With Linda's Pantry~

I hope you enjoy this 5 week old German Shorthair Pointer update. And then Please go to my Wildtree website and look around. Look into the idea of making a ...

guys welcome back to Linda's entry today

I'm going along for another that five weeks old and they're just absolutely adorable they just get cuter by the minute and I just wanted to show you that we put the puppies out in the garage we've got a pin that Michael built for actually built it for sage when she came home to us and then we put their whelping box in there and I'll tell you all about how we've got their surrounding so they've got plenty of room and they've got it's heated and it's absolutely fabulous their first night out there they did excellent never heard a peep out of them so that being said let's go see what the puppies are doing and be sure and check the links that I've left for you in the description box below and if you like puppies everybody gave me a thumbs up and leave a comment let me know what you think and if you ever have puppies because they're just awesome it's so much ok I have the puppies in their new area here out in the garage and they are so full of it it's crazy and their teeth are like little needles um but they're much happier we have the box in here with a heat lamp and then and I'll show you I have a heater here in front so

they come out and it's cold which it has not been cold in our garage fully insulated it never freezes in here so we can pretty easily regulate the temperature I got one - to reboot No so hey if they're way happier and they didn't wake us up two or three times in the middle of the night screaming and now they just screaming holler me to come out here but that's because they want to be with you cuz right now they're nice and quiet they're just having a good time huh baby girl anyway let me get up and show you what they got here they've got a nice eight by eight foot area and the rubbing boxes inside so they've stopped even trying to go potty in there they can get in and out really easy first time is a little scary got my shirt oh okay let's let's see what they got kids or something rolling it out come back he says um this is their area so we've got it an 8 by 8 foot fence the area forearm here but Michael built when H was a puppy and I'm going to come back in got their water over there and mainly this section over here is where they've been going poopoo but they piddle wherever they see fit and um and they just hurt

so cute there's a little girl staying with a blanket and the first couple times coming in and out of the box they were a little scared even though they had done it but so we've got the heat lamp has a heat source at night in fact I'm getting ready to turn it off because it's plenty warm in here it's just as warm in here as it is in the house and then they're on dry food now they didn't even want to eat any of the mushy stuff this morning so boy once you give it to them that's all they need and I still sprinkle the milk replacer over it because it's really sweet and it gives them extra fat and nutrients that they need and that's our eating field heater that you can keep that on a real low setting and it will heat this area just fine at least they have a warm spot in the box and there so and then I usually close this lid down for them and as soon as they can wear themselves out a little bit I am going to like that keeps the beat in a little bit better um I'm going to clip their toenails but I'm going to wait till they wear out a little because they're full of it oh yeah you want to give them drinking water at this point so they have water

whenever they need it and pretty easy to clean up now I only have to clean it up so - yeah I guess three times a day exhale clean it again tonight cleaned it first thing this morning and now it's midday and then I'll clean it again tonight but worst case scenario is I had to be at work all day did you just fine so so you can see how full that they are just tearing each other up having a great time alright so I don't know what gives his after who's who's got my food - who's got my boot that's a little girl I got two dots she said that piece of leather tasteful so anyway all right guys so come back for the next up puppy update because we're going to have a new addition to our puppies because we purchased an older little puppy female four struts future future betrothed oh my goodness so um my gosh biting each other so hard Oh okay all right guys that's our Buffy update don't waste see you next time remember go down in the About section below and check out all the links and if you love puppies give me a thumbs up because

these puppies are adorable with drinking our water doggies you