08 July 2017

6 'The Amazing World of Gumball' Jokes You Missed as a Kid!

The Amazing World of Gumball is an amazing work of absurdist comedy, which makes it prime real estate for some great jokes. Today, we're taking a look at the ...

the amazing world of gumball one of

those cartoons that's so incredibly ridiculous it's actually kind of genius gumball Darwin and the rest of the gang seem to get in a lot of trouble especially when gumball decides to go way over the top and one of his ridiculous schemes the show is typically pretty silly and out there but there are definitely a few dirty jokes sprinkled in along the way I wouldn't even Laningham and today we're counting down all the dirtiest adult jokes and gumball number six and one of the very first episodes of the show Richard and Nicole are headed to a parent-teacher conference tonight at the kids school when Nicole answers the door to greet babysitter it's not exactly the kind of child care she had in mind for her kids hi I'm here to sit on a baby what well done and the baby did it Richard where did you find that guy on the Internet okay first of all that man is a literal slimeball and second of all you can't just hire any old stranger off the internet to come sit on your kids you really can't hire anyone at all to do that just drop the kids off at Grandma's for the night or at least check Megan's

law before hiring a babysitter does nobody else watch Law & Order SVU number five all right Cartoon Network you might be able to fool someone else in this thinking that gumball and Darwin are just tired in this scene but dude they are so obviously stoned can you think of any cat away to speak eyelash and can't even think only heart still beating hmm look at all those snacks come on you stoners can't tell me that you've never eaten one too many special brownies and freaked out because you thought you didn't have a pulse that happened to me like two nights ago but then ate sand cheese cake and four chicken wings it felt a lot better so tight number four okay just a little intense even for me and I'm an adult sort of I honestly have no idea how they ever let this air in a children's show but I guess we live in a weird fucked-up world where anything is possible and any fetish is available on the Internet if you have an incognito browser and you believe in yourself in this episode principal brown admits to subscribing to that yes life and frankly it's a little disturbing hi oh

that's not jump to conclusions it could be any principal brahmam an FBI warrant it's common name oh listen I'm not a furry I just wanted to know what I look like with the tail whatever I'm not here to tell you that you can't someone while we're in a raccoon costume I'm just saying like maybe don't talk about it on a kids show number three when Grandpa Louise starts telling gumball and Darwin the tale of how he met grandma Jojo things go from a sweetness thing cartoon to American Beauty real quick everything about her was magical the luscious looks her flowing hair her cutie patootie honestly I'm really happy for him especially because he's getting laid at his age but I definitely could have lived my whole life without thinking about anyone's old lady's with duty number two personally I really wish I had a cool accurate nickname like banana Joe I also wish I had his super citrusy porn collection I feel like trying to stick your dick and have peeled orange my results in a little burning or discomfort but I guess if you're a banana you don't really have

to worry about that or maybe you do I don't know fruit sex works guys number one when one of your closest homies is a depressed semi inflated balloon what's a little blow job between friends and this episode gumball friend Alan is in need of a cheer up because gumball kind of sorta that only caused his girlfriend to break up with him Allen realizes that he'll never win the heart of any lady in his deflated state and this happened I just think I have extreme link thanks gamez hey man that's some true friendship lots of my friends have gone through breakups and I've never given any of them a bathroom stall blowy the amazing gumball has a ton more dirty jokes so be sure to let me know which ones they missed in the comment section like and subscribe to obsess and I'll be back next week to ruin your childhood with some more dirty jokes