05 August 2019

8 Symptoms Of A Depressed Rabbit

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as a general rule rabbits are known for their happy friendly sociable and hoppy behavior this entire package is part of their charm however rabbits can experience bouts of sadness and negative emotions changes in their environment stress and illness can promote depression if your rabbit seems lethargic and generally out of it something could be very wrong this is especially true if they spend their once sociable hours sound asleep or in hiding some rabbits will even neglect food if things become dire in some cases destructive behaviors can take center stage the pulling of fur and excessive biting can become a common theme once you recognize the signs of depression the sooner you'll be able to address this issue with the help of your vet never assume anything and never leave a single stone unturned this is critically true if your rabbits recent behavior is due to an underlying health concern in this video we will detail the eight core reasons why rabbits can become depressed what symptoms to look for and what you can do as an owner to handle and potentially fix the problem as is often the case with most physical and

emotional ailments there is indeed a checklist of symptoms this goes for humans and animals alike when it comes to rabbits the checklist consists of primarily eight items of action or inaction to keep your eyes on some symptoms are far more subtle than others this is why it's important to pay close attention to your pet if you feel that something is wrong the longer you've owned your rabbit the more this will play into your favor simply because you're more inclined to pick up on even the slightest changes in behavior symptom number one is lethargy rabbits are naturally vibrant and energetic if your pet becomes listless and inactive this is a sign that something is seriously wrong symptom 2 involves hiding if your rabbit is stressed it will hide this practice can involve hiding for hours either in its bed or secluded area of your home symptom number three involves lack of social interaction in addition to being happy and vibrant rabbits typically love to interact with people and other rabbits if your pet is showing no interest in being around you this could be a sign of depression and

also a hint of an underlying illness symptom for is hallmarked by a lack of appetite rabbits love to eat so if your pet is all but refusing something is wrong please keep an extra close eye on this particular symptom because long periods without food can lead to dire consequences symptom 5 involves pacing while hiding away can be a symptom of stress and depression frequent pacing can also be a sign think of it as a person pacing when you see someone walking back and forth that's usually a sign of anxiety or the person being on edge the same applies to rabbits symptom number 6 is highlighted by aggression biting to be more exact while rabbits love to nibble and chew in an effort to keep their teeth filed rabbits that are depressed can do this to excess even attempting to bite the bars or their cage or even take a swipe at you anxiety and depression can display itself as aggression symptoms 7 is a visual one over grooming similar to cats in this regard rabbits often over groom when they are stressed if you notice bald spots on your pet this is a sign that grooming has been taken to an aggressive level

please take your rabbit to the vet if this behavior it gets out of hand and finally symptom number 8 is posture if your rabbit is depressed it will sit hunched over with little or no eye contact although each rabbit is different a hunching posture is not unlike a sad or depressed person we're all familiar with slumped shoulders or the hallmark pose of a or rabbits that are stress and depress are not too far removed from this similar posture if you think that your rabbit is depressed stressed or potentially in ill health it's vital to get to the root of the matter as soon as possible figuring out the trigger can result in a quicker solution as it relates to depression your rabbit can suffer for any number of the following reasons a close bond that has been severed rabbits form strong relationships with other rabbits if your rabbit has recently lost its companion it will grieve this can result in depression for a lengthy period of time another factor involves constant stress changes in your rabbits environment and changes in routine can lead to an increased anxiety level and ultimately depression the next

concern involves sickness or injury as we've noted depression can be due to more than just your rabbits mental state it can be a response to ill health if your rabbit is in pain it's only natural for a depressed mood to set in check your rabbit for any physical trauma in the same way that your rabbit can become stressed and depressed or the loss of the companion a second round of depression can set in due to lack of interaction with a companion being lonely for company and attention can take its toll on your rabbit and finally your rabbit can potentially fall into a state of depression due to a lack of mental stimulation rabbits are quite intelligent and need to be engaged often if your rabbit is being left alone this can lead to changes in your pets emotional and mental state it should also be noted that seasonal depression can also hinder your rabbits mood and desire to interact lack of sunlight can lead to a more listless behavioural pattern the fall and winter months are also a time when rabbits typically enter a shed cycle as a side note some rabbits can become depressed after being spayed or neutered lethargy and lack of

appetite are also probable symptoms depression after this significant procedure is common as the event is not only traumatic mood altering but also a bit painful once you have taken your rabbit to the vet and a medical ailment such as illness and/or injury has been eliminated then it's time to discuss how to enhance your rabbits mood if your pets current state of being is due to its environment in some form or fashion this is where you come in here are just a few ideas for cheering up your sad bunny how about some addition consider getting a second rabbit because rabbits are naturally social having a strong pair is a plus two rabbits can play together enjoy each other's company and groom if you can afford it and have the accommodations considered getting a pet rabbit for your rabbit our next tip involves interaction spend more time with your rabbit if you only have one bunny attempt to spin at least two hours per day playing with them while 2 hours can seem like a daunting task if you have multiple people living under your roof attempt to establish some form of rotation interaction with different

people is a major positive the next tip of cheer involves giving your rabbit more living space rabbits can become depressed if they reside in a small cage more space equals more happiness while a historic environmental change can spell stress it doesn't hurt to allow your rabbit to explore a little taking your rabbit to different parts of your house can be a positive new visuals and new smells can keep them engaged our final bit of advice in the cheer Department comes in the form of enrichment give you a rabbit plenty to do if you've left your bunny with nothing but food and water then life can get quite boring in a great big hurry make sure that your rabbit has plenty of activities and toys to bridge the gap when you're not around some activity selections can include planters complete with shredded newspaper balls made from wicker cardboard boxes treats tile puzzles treasure hunts homemade feeders and plenty of things to jump on these can all make for a wonderful enrichment and active Playland and with that final piece of positive advice that will conclude things for this video we hope you enjoyed this material if you're

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