07 May 2018

9 lb Dog wont Walk, Brooklyn Badass Becomes Marine

9 lb Dog wont Walk, Brooklyn Badass Dog Becomes Marine Peter Caine Dog Training Readyourdog.com.

going to pick up this badass little dog

nine pounds nine pounds supposedly it's a little bad answer but it's not nobody's not that big of a badass whoa whoa whoa get look we'll get Pharaoh to be will get Pharaoh to be compliant I got the tiny badass with me he say he's a dog that digs his feet into the ground and doesn't want to walk right he tries that tactic he tries a lot of tactics to get picked up it's not gonna work with me come on buddy let's go what if your dog does it just don't really stop right that's the worst thing that you can do just keep walking courage the dog come on buddy here so I'm just gonna keep walking and he's gonna get it well there's my car but I have Pharaoh the the new dog I'm training in the car and I'm gonna bring him out and I want to get him on film right now doing this because if I don't do this now I'm not gonna get this on film and what this is is a dog that when you walk him he'll stop walking he wants to be picked up the only way you don't do that don't ever pick up the dog if they're flipping out on another dog or they stop they want to be picked up if you picked them up you're conditioning them to do this

so from this point on this stops he never gets picked up and when he does this I keep walking him back and forth in one area getting him used to she don't knowing that you do it's all four on the floor I'm not picking you up you need to walk you're a dog you know Pharaohs got a little mommy itis we're gonna we're gonna take care of that he would train him to do all the basic commands that I teach with the all dogs we're gonna teach him to hold an object pick up an object and retrieve an object so let's get this on film I'm pretty sure he's gonna try and do this from this point on he's on my left hand side he's always going to be on the left-hand side whether it's me or the owner and that's just the way that I see how he's digging into the ground he doesn't want to walk too bad he's gonna have to walk the trains coming in that's an issue for him too he has to deal with this notice how I'm holding my leash here give him a little encouragement here now here marty'll there you go you got it he'll vote no he'll come on buddy hield here come on buddy

he'll there ya go good boy oh there you go he'll [Music] now when when he stops when he's stopping I'm bringing him along with the leash I'm pulling him along I'm not even giving a correction he doesn't understand a correction at this point I'm just gonna pull him along making sure that he knows I'm not gonna stop walking we're going this way and that's it Faro he'll come on buddy you come on buddy four of you here good good boy the plane a little follow-the-leader that's it in this case Faro you know how often do I see this I see this so often the dog that doesn't want to walk you know puppies that don't want to walk it's the same thing it doesn't matter encourage the dog don't plead with the dog don't pick the dog up he'll pick up on this real quick that's why I wanted to get this on video right now because in another day or sooner or two days whatever he's not going to be doing this he's not gonna do this he's gonna see that this method does not work with me and that's a message that you want to

send with the dog that's not going to work you need to walk now I understand I'm a dog owner - I understand that if people are watching you they'll like you're dragging the dog whatever I'm not hurting the dog there comes a train there's his dog least aggressive the dogs will get a magnet he's booking Neal Yale little awesome come on buddy come on Pharaoh you're doing good good job dude you gotta do it come on come on you got it he's got it he's got it he's gonna pick this up great this is a great dog you know come on buddy come on Pharaoh boy that's a good boy good boy he'll very nice come on here [Music] nice boy that's good he had to pay Mary good boy he's a met he's a male dog so I know that he wants to mark territory because his his mom told me that that she takes about site he just pees on everything that's good you can use that as positive reinforcement letting the dog pee in other words if the dogs had heels

staying at heel and being good you give that you stop and you let the dog sniff around that's positive reinforcement here you go you can sniff around and pee now you did good I use that I'll use that and I know that each time I know that he wants to pee on stuff so I can pull up to like you know light post or something I know it was gonna pee on it I'm gonna say hurry hurry the dog will start associating that word with peeing and pooping he's all he's awesome he's gonna get this this dogs great heel here heel notice how I'm holding the leash I'm holding the leash I would with a big dog you know that had issues I'm holding it proper so that the little dog it's the same thing that dog is hitting a brick wall I'm centered I know that this might seem strange that I have it in this hand and the dogs over here but that's the proper weight this is the proper way to hold your leash it's like this it drapes across you if you need more you can let more out the reason why I know he won't be doing this in probably by tomorrow is that I do I'm holding my leash proper I know that I can nip this in the bud this this of like you know I'm not

gonna walk you're gonna pick me up it's just gonna stop instantly and that's the attitude that you have to have but if you resort back to your old ways you have a dog that does this and you pick the dog up or you have a dog walker that picks a dog up or your boyfriend or husband don't keep doing it it's all four-on-the-floor it doesn't matter that Pharos nine pounds it doesn't he's a dog he needs to be you know walking on the ground don't need a Sherpa bag or anything he's getting this but seriously if if your dog does this and you don't have a proper leash and you don't have the dog on the collar the dog will keep trying to pull this so don't have your dog on a harness you want your dog on a collar notice the big fat collar I'm using big fat collar it's not gonna hurt his trachea or anything and I have a leather leash and I'm holding a proper I'm going to nip this in the bud he's never gonna be walked on a harness again it's mom his spawn seriously it's awesome she loves a guy she loves a guy she wants a dog that's compliant it's embarrassing when you have a little dog that's flip it out and that that that's fair oh here heal this was very

important to get a lot of this out of the out of the way right now the dog needs to be the dog needs to be a walk on a leash proper and that's it and that's the message that I sent to the dog and at this point I'm still to see this is about after 10 minutes or so I'm started which is long it's a long time for dog that's never trained but we're not going to quit until the dog I see a change in the dog and I'm starting to see that change so that the dog is submitting it's saying okay I'll you know I'll do what you say because what's the point of you know a little bit there a little little bit of bucking bronco but that's to be expected they they try and resort back to their ways but they just sort of give up at a point and they're like okay I'll do it you know but you have to send that message the dog that like try a dog but it's not gonna work you have to be like firm but fair you have to make sure that the dog is complain and remember dog training so a lot of my see that's a nicer turn the far turn is where we were having the problems mostly that's when he would throw a fuss for whatever

reason it's very very very common that oh I'm asking him to sit oh yeah that's right I think I we had him sitting a little bit um but anyway so I'm getting them much more compliant and that this is important if the dogs you know I'm taking care of the dog we have to be able to go outside and him not embarrass me that's the point I'm not letting a dog embarrass me it's good good boy inside circle Oh on him [Music] awesome good boy good dog [Music] here that's very nice it's very nice feral no baby man sit girl it's a goddamn baby man look at him it's a little tiny baby man it's a train dude dude right full walk you're damn right I'll walk won't your Pharaoh it's good look at this seriously you won't be doing this tomorrow it just starts dissipating but if you get sucked into the dog and you worry about like their emotional stay don't their emotional state is nothing like our emotional state what emotional state it's a dog they don't have bills to pay they don't

you know they don't have the problems that we have so just be clear we're walking and that's it and don't pick the dog up the does--is or on the floor that's the way it has to be