26 December 2017

9 Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Tips for first time dog owners. So you want a new dog but you are a novice in this area. Check this video and find out what are our TOP 9 tips for first time dog ...

hi trying from rocker welcome to another

Q&A video where I'm answering your questions to requesting some cyber ninja who is thinking about getting his first dog and a stroke addict to give him some tips getting a first dog will be big change in their life and it really require a lot of learning from it will need to make a lot of time for anybody and you will need to learn a lot of new things how to train him how to feed him how to socialize him and how to groom well now let's take a look at rocket of days for first-time dog owners tip number one research it's hard to resist stewed puppies but you should find out a lot of information about breed you would like to get home ask yourself why do you want the job do you want a good companion good hunting dog good family dog or maybe good card then ask yourself what personality your ideal dog should have and then find out breeze that matches your chosen purpose and personality tape number 2 buy pet products you should buy necessary beverage before you take your dog off you must buy dog food bowls collars and leashes is necessary then you should also prepare some place for a double sleep you can buy and pad better

you can just give him some blanket and if you want to make your dog happy at first arrival then buy him some dog toys as well tape number free feeding your dog dog food is the most important thing you will be buying for your dog but there is so many different brands and different types of food it's really hard to advise you which one you should buy since there are people all around the world watching this channel and different countries and different brands but what can I advise you is to find out what nutrition your dog requires puppy needs different nutrition than senior dog and dogs would mean different nutrition than Great Dane and after you find out what nutrition your dog needs by pet food accordingly to that tip number four find good veterinaria find out a good veterinary before you get your new dog whatever nari wishes will be one of the first thing you will do if your new puppy since he will need some kind of vaccinations and good veterinary is really necessary since he will not only help your dog when he gets a but he should also prevent health programs and make your dog's life generally better

tape number five your life socialization no sooner start socializing your puppy the better socializing means introducing your dog to new people and animals and it's significantly harder socialize all dogs start slower and introduce your dog to some only few people their friends and their animals after some times you can take this to another level and go to a local park with your dog and introduce them here to some stranger dogs tip number six training it's not important to teach your dog thousand skill trades but you should definitely teach him the basic commands and he must understand him on 100% the most basic command every dog must know or sit and down leave it stay and come another important thing is potty training and it should be the first thing you will teach your dog it requires a lot of patience and constancy so make a regular potty training plan and stick to it you positive reinforcement techniques which were best of almost every training you will be doing in future tape number seven grooming very prepared for regular grooming which is essential for keeping

your dog healthy some breeze requires almost daily grooming like poodle or fish on frizzy and some dogs are really low maintenance like donation or pee go grooming includes brushing buffing nail trimming and dental care tape number a be prepared for problems we are talking about behavior and health problems so be prepared for them of course you can prevent them by proper training and by choosing the right veterinary but some problems will always a it might be excessive barking destructive chewing separation anxiety or maybe even aggression you must visit some training expert engaged at some of the behavior problems appear and of course you must visit your veterinary as soon as possible if your dog is having some unexpected health problem tip number nine respect loss one last tip I will give you today is to respect your country laws again it's really hard to give you some better advice in this area since there are people all around the world and different countries have different laws just make your research and find out what laws are in your country and respect them properly the

question of a sudden he is 12 years old in that case make sure that your parents are okay with you getting a job because you will need our help it's taking care of him and then your dog is not for everyone but if you and your parents think that you are prepared for it just go for it it can make your life thousand times better thank you for watching this video if you have any other question about dogs just ask me income and then I will answer with my reply or making new Q&A video you can also consider subscribing to our channel for more videos about dogs and check our social media links down in the description see you in the next video you