04 September 2018

A Day In My Life- School, Senior Pictures, Dog Sitting & More!

Hi friends! This is my first ever YouTube video and I am very excited to be joining the YouTube world. I hope you all enjoy this video and all my other videos to ...

good morning Sunshine's it is currently

607 a.m. and I have to go let the dog out that I'm dog sitting for hi baby so I've been dog sitting for a couple of days now I started August 18th and I have to dog sit until September 2nd so that's a really long time but I'm getting paid really good and the dog is really really cute and he's so sweet it's so sad when I have to leave him because he like sticks his head out the window and he just waits for me he's like are you coming back he's super cute and right now he's eating so that's good but the only downside is that I have to come at 6 a.m. and I get really really tired especially excited school today but it's okay because I can go home and go back to bed until like you 9 and that's what I'm gonna do today ok it is currently 8:55 a.m. and I woke up at 8:00 kind of took me a while to get out of bed and then I took a shower so now I need to go home because I've been staying at my dad's house and I have like a skirt and a really crapped tank top planned for today but it's like 70 degrees out and that's cold so I don't think I'm gonna wear that because I'm gonna be really cold all day if I wear

that what time is it Coffee time that was really gay and I don't really know why I did that but anyways I'm gonna make some coffee before I go to school because I don't think I'm gonna be able to make it through the day today without my coffee because I have seen your pictures later and they're not until like way way later when the Sun sets because I'm going to like a sunflower field or something like that and we're waiting for like that perfect like lighting let's just put it that way but um I can't find my Yeti and that's an issue because that's the cup that I like to use for my coffee so um yeah we're gonna have some issues if I can't find that because I don't think I want to drink out of anything else other than that so hmm good luck charlie okay my Yeti is like actually missing so at that very moment I decided that I'm gonna make myself some iced coffee I've never made homemade iced coffee so um I'll keep you posted on if it's good it's probably gonna be good I wish I had like some caramel syrup because then I could make like caramel macchiato or something you know that fancy stuff from like

Starbucks so yeah um hopefully that this is as good as Starbucks because if it's not um I might have to stop at Starbucks not think I feel like spending like six dollars on a drink today so yeah I don't know if I want to do that okay not gonna lie this high key slaps like holy crap go get yourself some McDonald's mccafé the hearing stuff and some mm-hmm yep international delight coffee creamer because holy crap like this should be a thing like they should sell this in stores they probably do but they should under my name okay so now I'm going to school I'm gonna give you a little rundown of like how my life works because um those are pretty good so I'm a senior in high school but I'm rolled in college so I take like college classes so like I would have already had college right now because I go to college from 7:15 to 926 in the morning so on monday wednesday i have college classes that start at 10:30 yeah 10:30 and then on starting September 18th on Tuesdays I have a college class that starts at 10:00 so Thursday Friday I'm getting so confused Thursday Friday I just go to high school and then I go

home at 9:26 and I have like the rest of my day to just like study do whatever I want like get stuff organized like maybe go on a little vacation probably not but yeah so it's pretty nice because I'm gonna be graduating with college credits so yeah like you get it I don't know if like other states do that I don't know if like I don't know who does that but I do that because I'm cool not saying I'm smart because I'm really like I'm smart but like I could be smarter so in that case I'm not gonna say I'm smart because I'm really I'm not like the brightest but I'm I'm up that are like I'm there like just because I'm in this program doesn't mean I'm like a genius and I'm gonna like solve like something Albert Einstein did or like do what he did like I don't know I'm I'm just taking it step by step I don't even know like what I want to go to school for yet I kind of want to go into pre-law kind of don't want to go into pre lie haven't really decided wishes when you from the back end drive you yeah Carla who's my self up in those I just had to let you know y'all okay so

that one was really easy it was just seminars and um we read this little like article and talking about like success and stuff and I almost just hit someone but it's okay um and now I'm going to my class where the professor literally sounds like he's yakking like he he doesn't sound okay he sounds like he's gonna get sick and I kind of feel bad for the guy because he was telling us this story on Monday about how one of his teachers had a heart attack in front of him and I'm like dude like that's gonna happen to you like you were something is gonna happen and I'm gonna be really worried and it's not gonna be okay but yeah anyways so oh I'm out of breath okay I just did some major walking but I know I said that I don't like to UM drive to my classes but this one is like really super far so not really I'm kind of exaggerating but um it's farther let's just put it that way and I really don't feel like walking because it's chilly out like it's really really chilly and I want to get a good parking spot because then I can just walk to my other class and it'll be super super easy and I know that kid oh my gosh I saw him at a party once that's

um hmm that's funny so yeah that's that's gonna that's my life right now I'm driving and I'm hopefully gonna find a good parking spot because last time I found a really good park he's fun I was like front row and I was like heck yeah buddy like this is gonna work and it was great it was really really great so hopefully that happens to me right now because if it doesn't I'm gonna be like super super upset I was in the park nice but I was gonna park there oopsie Daisy is oopsie oopsie Daisy's okay well hopefully um this class goes by fast it's only 12 to 125 so hopefully I can on yeah okay I hate school and I hate everything about it um yeah can't stand my professor for my fundamentals of nutrition class the one that's disgusting and coughs all the time and my intro to Russia and East Europe class I have no clue what he's talking about nothing i I'm writing the stuff down they he writes on the board and I'm just like ah ha ha I understand hmm so I need to drop that class like I really really really need to drop that class because

I'm so confused and I'm gonna cry like I'm really gonna cry soon I don't know when but it's coming it's it's really coming yeah now I'm done with my day I'm really done with my day I'm gonna go get my nails done that's the that's the move I'm going to get my nails done I just I need to treat myself watch out boys we love Golden Hour just kidding okay anyways I got my nails done I'm so excited okay that was really obnoxious scream anyways I wanted to get my eyebrows done because I have seen your pictures and like two and a half hours and my eyebrows are ferocious if that's even a word I don't think that's a word I think I just made that up but that there's they're that they're so disgusting and they look so so bad and I they need help they really do need some help because they're a mess but I'm really excited now I have to go home and pick up my outfit because these pictures were super super like last-minute unplanned like we found this sunflower field and I was like oh I love me some flowers so we're going there I think I'm gonna wear like my mom jeans with something like a maybe like a shorter

like cropped shirt I don't know like who I picked up a hobo she's gonna help me pick out an outfit for my senior pictures gonna look cute what do you think I think it looks really cute time to make my eysies look good hey boys so I just got my pictures done I didn't arm film when I was there because um I didn't want people to get a little sneak peek of me because I want it to be a surprise right now we're dropping the girl off that did my pictures actually she's a woman but um yes I'm really excited because I'm getting more pictures done on Sunday in Detroit I love Detroit it love going there we're going to like Belle Isle and like we're gonna go in front of graffiti and like all this fun jazz and I'm just really really excited because I have like a cute dress oh look at my mom say hi to the vlog I've long so yeah we just got pictures done she's very excited right mom they're gonna turn out really good it's gonna be a grand time so here I am letting the dog out again it's currently 926 p.m. I had a very busy day today if you didn't know yeah it was pretty crazy but the dog is

really happy to see me he's such a cutie he's like 10 years old he's a golden retriever he's super super sweet his name's Tonka hi he's so so sweet look at him I just want everyone to see how sweet you are he's my little baby okay anyways so I'm probably gonna leave soon because I really need to get home all I ate today was a couple pistachios that I'd really need to eat something so I'm gonna go to my dad's and go to bed probably soon yeah I don't really know what I'm gonna do I'm probably gonna watch some TV but I just want to let everyone know that you should subscribe to my channel because I'm just gonna be posting some fun stuff that like everyone likes you know like if you want to like sir something like I'm probably gonna pop up because I have a lot of stuff that I want to post about and like I have a lot of like um interesting stuff just different little stuff that I feel like doing that's that's what this is gonna be about okay so like my video comment on my video we can be friends we can like chat together you know what I mean like we can we can be besties okay because I'm I'm open to

that I'm open to some I'm open to fronts okay I really like friends I love making friends that's like that's what I'm all about I'm about friends okay that was dragged down way farther than it needed