13 June 2014

A day in the life of an animal health tech student

this program is going to stretch their imagination and what they think and

animal health technologist does my love for animals actually when I was little I want to be a veterinarian but I found out all the surgeries they had to do and it's difficult I don't want to be opening animals so I'm a health technology to pick with technologists it was I think better suit for me and still getting to work that closely with the animals I heard really good things about this college but I was in this program before but due to an incident uh an accident after Christmas I was unable to continue so I knew I wanted to come back I want to be animal health technologist I want that behind me so it was my drive to come back reapply and I got in I like the fact that Red River like you did a program then you kind of had a certain job the most important thing that I gained from graduating from this program was just that I I got to be immersed in veterinary medicine that's constantly changing constantly expanding getting much much more fulfilling and each day that passes by I just love the program of I've always loved animals and always gonna wanted to do something with them and I found the program online and decided it was perfect fit and so far it's been reassuring that that's what it is what was it what you were expected were you surprised by anything that first year I'm very busy first year especially in second term I was really surprised how quickly we got involved into the practical work like literally the first week you're out of the beef lab handling cows so it's very hands-on right away what was the the best part of the program what you really enjoy doing in this program we've interacted with dogs snakes turtles cows horses this is just about loving animals but for the most part it is about the health care of animals you have to have a medical background when you work in this thing you have to speak to clients very professionally and in a way that they can understand but still conveys the medical issues of their their pets so it's something that you have to get used to you're dealing with the organs in the body the bones in the body how things work it's a lot to memorize it's a lot to know a lot of classes was anatomy and physiology theories a lot of because we're not just learning one body system learning cows horses pigs Amiens it so

birds reptiles like it's a lot find the subjects that are the toughest are the ones that usually have the most material to learn so anatomy and physiology chemistry and mathematics the teachers are always available to you for help there you can email them anytime to call them classmates - I do see that when they group study they challenge each other they tend to extract things that a student might have forgotten to study or maybe a concept that they quite didn't get if someone came to you a month or two in saying you know I'm really worried about this program I don't know whether I can make it what would you tell that person I understand I've been there I felt like giving up a few times having supportive fellow classmates or family members the instructors are here to help you they want you to succeed so having that support really kind of gave you that kick to keep going you know what calm down just relax I'm obviously you're gonna get through it I did your worries will melt away after your first tests and things like that because you'll work together in groups you'll work together in labs and their friendships they don't have for the rest of your life and I wouldn't have it any other way