11 October 2018


hey guys um we're gonna be going outside

with my dog this is her channel so my mind taking her outside for a walk she's gonna be taking me places wherever she wants I'm not gonna be telling her where to go or not the mud I don't think rained a minute ago look at the sky guys kept refusing you know the restaurant we don't wanna see that so she's taking me wherever she wants I'm not stopping you want to take you up like today is her time you take her out into the ocean better step up to her channel right now and like because it's almost her birthday in October to the twelfth it's my birthday almost and October the folks back to my channel Oscar so cool and Oscar so cool gaining I do cool games at 3 a.m. sometimes when I want to and this is the abandoned house look like come in come in come in zoom in or something see guys if you guys wondered want us to explore with my dog this is the card the video that I'm gonna do exploring with her a dog exploit camera guys first okay so you as winners want us to do this video exploring abandoned house with a dog

exploit abandoned house [Music] nice guys like said seen them pentameter there's a dog over there and they around she's gonna be taking me out for one entire hour let's go that one entire how we're challenged I can't get wet um all right I must go this is hurt though and I'm doing this for her viewers to see how awesome is she yeah anyway [Music] [Music] it'd been like 30 minutes already five minutes to raise Basco that is 35 minutes already just stand here 10 mins already passed guys have 20 minutes already pass camera guy I think so we've been standing here for long okay guys so let's get closer to the s is almost armed one hour so come on come on come on [Music] [Music] already passed by getting this dog oh [Music] she's leaving something she's just not [Music] right here and I'm gonna let the dog go and it already passed one hour lobster crab you like your channel subscribe and

like so my channel Oscar so cool you have no Oscar so cool gaming so no end it right here with a punch [Music] yes sorry we were doing the video