27 May 2018

A Dog’s Fight For Life

Dr. Blue is faced with treating a dog named Ali diagnosed with a fatal disease. Every second counts in order to make sure this loved pup pulls through. Stream ...

I just got him from the shelter like a

month and a half ago I am NOT putting my dog down it's not an option Leptospira is a bacteria it can be transferred from animals to people from people to animals I know we got to take good care of them but we need to protect ourselves [Music] hello hey someone how you doing good how are you all right on dr. Bluth Jamie this is Ali is that correct yes saw someone his chart that Ali is about six months old mm-hmm all right Ali's having some issues with delivering and kidneys liver and kidneys they're failing when you say they're failing well what's going on up there felling well I went out of town and I got home and he's lost a ton of weight I took him to the vet got the blood work back they told me not good news his liver and his kidneys are failing and it was we're gonna put the dog down I am NOT putting my dog down it's not an option okay I just got him from the shelter like a month and a half ago so I took them back this morning and she told me to ask for you doctor blue and I'm here well we definitely helped

do our best to see what we can figure out here and how did your house do during the flood I literally had staining water in my backyard and it was gross I mean green stuff mosquitos okay that could be an issue it could be anything in that water including pesticides and bacteria I don't want to jump to any conclusions but have you ever heard of lepto no so that's left of Spira that is a pretty big bacteria and that can be an issue when we have stagnant water okay okay if that bacteria is ingested you can have damage of the liver and kidneys okay lepto is a very serious disease that could be fatal if it's left untreated so time is of the essence a lot of times some of the damage that is done by Leptospira is irreversible other times if you catch it in time you can rid the body of the bacteria using certain antibiotics you can lose up to 75 percent of kidney function before you start really seeing issues we don't know if it's really left though we don't know if it you know if it's a genetic condition so there are a lot of things that we have to try to figure out here and kind of play detective okay I

don't want to put them down and I'm not going to put them down and I'm gonna go through any treatment that I can and I just hope he makes it we're gonna have to run fluids to him constantly constantly to make sure that we're pushing all the toxins out we're gonna have them awesome antibiotics that will kind of treatment period everything yeah okay we're gonna keep Ali for a few days hopefully we can find the true culprit that's causing these things I will be in touch with you daily I'm gonna give you some updates on Ali let you know how he's doing I'm really glad that I I brought him here and absolutely see what we can do hopefully we're gonna be able to pull him through this okay and I never want to give me any false sense of security saying that it's going to be a hundred percent okay I at least want to try all right well let me go ahead and run them back here okay you have a good day okay you too Floyd you bring our design up for me what's going on we got a case that we need to activate on ASAP what it appears to be acute liver and kidney failure I don't know exactly what's going on and she mentioned that was a

big thing of standing water after the flood it's doing nothing how do you pass from dog people right and it's through exposure to your any urine or blood left those actually one of those diseases where it's multifaceted it can affect several different organ systems it's never just black and white unfortunately check out the eyes you can see there was a little bit of mild discharge here which is not a good sign because one of the symptoms you'll see with dogs with lepto is ocular nasal discharge or changes so good thing is you haven't dripped on this or anything let's drop a catheter form I want to make sure that we're flushing them out if you leave those toxins in there even if his body's not making more they can make you feel bad okay yes all right let's see if we can get some blood here real quick okay you know I need to get some urine we're gonna give this to the lab today because I don't want y'all running around here howling dog with lepto all right we don't know about it okay but we got what we need thank you how dark that blue that's usually a telltale sign of dehydration

sorry big guy you gonna get you squared away okay figure out what we got going on with you we're gonna grab a urine sample directly from his bladder well use the needle and ultrasound at least we know he's making urine right nice big butter 1 2 bit all right good when you're looking for dehydration you get that year and it has that darker tint or colored okay let's get them in here and then we'll get them set up on some fluids I'm gonna put them on a high dose of fluids okay put your little party hat on I'll set its fluid pump I'll put them bet on about 65 miles an hour sounds good cool hey guys everybody listen up all right so I got the results back on Eileen for his left though and the urine sample came back positive it is zoonotic that means it can be transferred from animals to people from people to animals okay I know we got to take good care of them but we need to protect ourselves there are risks involved within azulon otic disease nobody wants to get a disease it's always the precautions that you need to

take so anytime we go into isolation Riley is I want you guys to make sure that you have on the gowns make sure you're wearing your gloves don't have any contact with the urine if Ali is responding to our treatment then hopefully we can get him out of here real soon [Music] I leaves been at the hospital for a few days now he was recently diagnosed with left oh we've been working on him to make sure he gets rehydrated make sure we fight any type of infection to get those blood values down to a normal range he's improved quite a bit he's eating food on his own his urine production is great so his kidneys are actually doing their job so I think that we're on the right track with that Lee you ready I'm so excited I just [Music] let's go Holly somebody here see here we're happy to see ya God look at you it looks wonderful oh my god dr. booth thank you man he looks great he did really really good took the treatment well and he's not contagious anymore dr. blue didn't give up everyone else did and he didn't give up so what we want to

do now is we want to take him home we want to make sure that he's back to normal function okay you want to make sure he's eating he's drinking he's urinating and that the urine looks normal okay you want to make sure he's willing and able to eat and that he's digesting it and he's grown because he's a pup okay moving forward if there's any standing water out you know if he can get around to that cuz whatever brought that into your yard where there was a mouse a raccoon or skunk it could always potentially be there again so you want to make sure that we get rid of the standing water or if that's not an option that we monitor his behavior outside okay so we want to see you back in one week I'm ahead in two months we're gonna check his blood work both times to make sure that we're doing better than we had been before I'm excited that he's doing this well little touch-and-go but he pulled through like a champion I just told you to save my dog and you did so thank you you very much thank you dr. bloom on my heart this is this is a this is why we do it

y'all have a great day [Music]