11 September 2019

A Man’s Service Dog Vanished In The Woods, Then After 28 Days Their Reunion Became Beyond Emotional

A Man's Service Dog Vanished In The Woods, Then After 28 Days Their Reunion Became Beyond Emotional ▻For copyright matters please contact us at: ...

Justin Scott couldn't believe it when he

took the call an animal rescuer had found his support dog somehow the poor mod had survived in the wild for a month on her own yet as he waited for their reunion Scott couldn't help but wonder how his dog would react to seeing them again Scott has an inspiring if very stressful job to be more precise he works as an emergency medical technician or EMT in Santa Clarita California no doubt he's responded to his share of difficult calls but one situation in particular stayed with him that's because it was an occasion where the EMT attended to a friend of his despite the best efforts of medical personnel though no one could save his buddy who tragically died as a consequence Scott was understandably devastated in fact the catastrophic event scarred him so much that Scott wisely decided he needed some additional emotional support with that in mind he and his wife Sarah Adcock a fellow EMT decided to get themselves a dog the canine companion would have a very special job to be specific the couple were searching for a support dog to assist Scott in his hour of need we waited until we found the perfect dog for us the medical

professional wrote on a Facebook post dated July 23rd 2018 and when the couple set eyes on Shelby they knew she was the one the day I paid for Shelby Scott recounted I looked at her still in the shelter parking lot and I told her I saved you and now I need you to save me and she did she pulled me out of the grips of hell she's my best friend and my shelter from the storm the EMT continued man and dog did everything together so it's no surprise that Scott also took Shelby on a family getaway the k-9 went on a camping trip with their humans to celebrate the fourth of July the group set off on a six-hour trip to the Eastern Sierras where their camping site awaited however when they got there something terrible happened Shelby became unnerved for some unknown reason and took off for the perceived safety of the trees needless to say Scot was beside himself with worry for Shelby so the family pulled out all the stops in an effort to find her they scoured the area laying traps to catch the missing dog as they went but what the lures ended up attracting no doubt concerned Scot even

more although there was no sign of Shelby her humans watched while their traps drew in a number of inquisitive bears with their dog be a match for such a powerful hungry animal regardless Scot felt he owed Shelby so much he couldn't just leave her to the outdoors mercy as a result after nearly two weeks searching Scot called on Babs fry to help find the missing hound a kind of pet detective fry is the founder of the nonprofit pet search and rescue group a way home for animals or a WH FA if anybody could locate Shelby she could on August 13th 2018 fry told the dodo about her initial attempts and how they came up empty through communicating with everyone in the area science camp host and general store we were able to make sure that anyone that saw the dog knew exactly where to call she said thanks to her communications network Fri soon received news that Shelby had been spotted in the general area the rescue expert then carried out a reconnaissance mission to the vicinity taking note of any possible food and water sources that the dog might frequent next fry set out all five traps she'd brought with her and waited however after days spent

sticking around prize efforts to so much as glib Shelby were to prove fruitless just when the situation looked dire though she received a call someone had observed her mark 45 minutes away venturing out on a nocturnal food raid fry sped to the scene to lay her traps and sure enough the hungry hound fell for one there was just one thing to do before chalking it up as a job well done arranging the reunion between Shelby and her humans Scot Adcock and their two kids were eagerly awaiting their furry family members returned Scot recorded the moment the whole family was reunited and uploaded it to his Facebook on august 2nd 2018 the video shows how Shelby slowly approaches Adcock almost as if she's unsure it's really happening initially a little hesitant the dog then starts showering her mommy with kisses next Shelby stands on her hind legs to greet her daddy the dogs docked tail wagging at breakneck speed now it's Scott's turn to see how much she'll be missed him as the mutt licks his face like she's enjoying a tasty ball the pure joy on Scott's face as he embraces his best friend is

tear-jerking she'll be so happy to see your family again her little tail stump won't stop wiggling then she settles down into Scotts lap and rolls on her back for some tummy rubs all the while she's with her master Shelby gazes up at him with unconditional love the video ends with Shelby in Scotts arms surrounded by the whole family the amazing thing is that the dog survived in the wild surrounded by bears for an extraordinary 28 days no wonder the pooch was so happy to see her family again before fry found the dog Scott had written a message on Facebook it read Shelby you sat by my side and laid in my lap until I could stand on my own we'll get you back we'll never give up on you I saved you once and we will save you again ultimately with fries or a kelp Scott was true to his word I hope you liked this video if so please hit the subscribe button and click on the bell icon to make sure you never miss a video from our Channel