09 December 2016

A New Dog in the Kennel!! • Dog Sled Saga: Return to the Race! - Episode #5

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hello everyone and welcome back to dog

sled saga and we are here in our kennel at Mount Saint something training up max striker and Domino who need their daily pets there you go you guys and we are getting ready for another race and this one would be from monument to Aurora our monument to Aurora - fireball kennel so I'm pretty excited about that one it's a short race there's plenty of restocks it should be hopefully an easy $700 to make and we really want to start earning a lot of that money you guys because I know you guys are ready and I am ready to have another dog as a family how exciting would that be however another dog cost $2,000 and adds another three hundred dollars to our monthly expenses for our dog registrations and upkeep so we need to be very thoughtful about when we are going to get a new dog and considering our current bills are already like at $1,400 I need to be really careful we don't have enough but once that is taken away to be able to afford a new dog so let's see what happens after this next race let's go ahead and train our dogs for today good job everybody build those skills get ready for the big race everybody gets their daily pets there you go oh it's

exciting the pets are Max's favorite thing and we'll go ahead and proceed again we won't enter the race just yet because we'll get their skills all ramped up alright and we're good to go you guys so I'm really hoping that after this race and then we'll have to see if this is another sponsorship deal and then after the dues we can hopefully oh that one's not very much money but we can hopefully go through a quick series of races and be able to save up enough money to get a new dog there's so many things that we can do in our kennel - including expanding the kennel which is so expensive look at that $8,000 how are we ever going to afford that well the fact of the matter is on the higher the league you go so once you start getting up to like League 5 League 6 and League 7 I mean look how expensive how hit me though I mean every month in League 7 we would have to pay $17,000 but I'm hoping that means that the higher leagues will have a lot big money riding on them so we're still sort of just in like the early hobby leagues and we're not really getting that famous just yet we have level 1 Fame for all our dogs at least but

hopefully taking on more of the races and climbing up the league ranks will start earning us more money and we can start expanding the kennel and we can start having more puppies and we can get more dogs and learn more things about them so let's start with today's race all right everybody's ents in their normal place you should be good the monument to Aurora oh it's so cool alright we're gonna go ahead and make sure everybody gets their their treats on time it really is hard because we're looking at snow to see it just the moment right there oh sweet did we get like two perfect catches at once and so they got a little bit more fame that would be awesome but it really is kind of hard because you're looking at like this puff of breath against the white snow to see exactly when it's time to toss them their treat but I think I'm getting a little bit better at it come on guys we've got this come on strike are good job yes that was beautiful beautiful across the board I wonder if I could reach out like pet max while he's racing probably not all right come on Domino I'm so glad that we figured out which positions they

really enjoy being in the most all right go striker and I like it it really it really really helps if you can get them in a level cascade of like who wants their treat next that helps a lot all right dominoes look at everybody we're gonna pass everybody up come on Domino is that all right I gave it to him a little bit too early darn all right come on striker give us a little boost oh boy oh boy we're in first place right now all right come on yeah there you go good job max all right so that was not nearly as hard as I was worried about next yeah will specialty level two I have no idea how that's going to help them out but hopefully it will and we only have did we not even get any exhaustion for max was I so on top of it that max oh my gosh okay no they have a little bit of exhaustion it just didn't show her I was gonna be stunned I was like there's no way we just erased that and did get any exhaustion so we have Allie or the specialties look at this max has pain level three how did that happen max what did you do to like earn all of that fame buddy cheese that's pretty awesome p'tee capacity five will specialty two

so things are going really good with those dogs good job guys you can afford to enter a full applying Li race for League three um not right literally before the time money is due or else we would really regret that all right so everybody got a little bit more skill from going into those races which is awesome and just one day of rusting up should have everyone feeling butter alright good yeah you know what maybe we will take on League three soon but I think in league three you need to start having more dogs so I think we should wait until we get another dog and then try qualifying for League three because I'm pretty sure League three races maybe it'll tell us if we go over there um no it doesn't say again minimum team size is four so we need to wait until we can get another dog before we do that do I have enough not quite we just seem like 200 more dollars okay so everybody is rested up so we're gonna go ahead and work on training their skills up so skill I'm not quite sure how the color is match up with like the skill caps a little white line and we could get funding but I'm actually yeah I want to discard that because I'm actually

happier with the better sled and having a really good food bag a really good treat bag from our wonderful sponsors in order to afford going on our races all right come on everybody all right let's see and now the bills are due bills are due pay your the expenses qualify for a higher league or make any cuts you need to afford the next month boom sound so dramatic alright so we need to go ahead and pair to thank goodness and you guys there's a race there's a race okay we're gonna do it we're gonna go on the race the next day and let's go ahead and train up again we won't introduce yet so that their skills can be totally at the peak ready no you don't need your happiness to go down you guys everybody deserves to be happy there you go and we have a race today you guys okay it's gonna be a clear night so darn Domino won't get the snow that he absolutely loves we do have an obstruction which we hopefully will be able to use by tossing a treat to someone so we can gain some more fame and it's a short race and it's just a little bit of money but the hell B's a little bit of money we need for a new

dog yes let's do this okay all right onward to the race let's do this guy's and they are all ready to go they're all rested up oh and it's a beautiful night race new dog new dog we can add to the family come on everybody okay strikers tired first so it'll be striker max Domino or striker Domino max might be better cuz it takes me longer well actually oh my gosh darn oh my gosh apparently we're just doing like a really famous night race so I definitely got a lot of attention from everybody all right come on we've got this pups there we go oh dang it that would have been amazing if he had caught that oh domino no come on buddy I'm sorry man having that obstacle in the way kind of distracted me come on come on striker come on everybody line up there you go max hey come on Domino come on I hang it I gave it to him a little bit too early that should be okay though we're still in third this is a short race though and second and the short races can change really quickly oh come on guy come on come on come on that was literally like a neck-and-neck oh my gosh oh this is your did you guys see that

that's so cool all right you guys I wore dogs out a little bit by accident and we got some Fame I don't know why but I'm not gonna complain because it was really wonderful to see some more Fame and strikers got her favorite thing so as long as we're racing Stryker she can get her favorite thing all right sorry Domino oh my gosh Domino he's just like a fan favorite I love it he probably has people coming out to like take pictures take pictures of him an Instagram um and everything there you go Domino yes we are gonna hire a new dog we're hiring a new dog I'm so excited okay so who should we hire this is gonna be pretty exciting actually first things first let's come back and we're gonna look at striker all right their skills are bouncing all over the place I have no idea what those skills mean maybe they're about to go a little too so we need to look at striker because I really think we need to have another dog to swap out with striker or another dog to be strikers companion when it comes to racing in the middle we already have a great wheel dog and we already have a

great lead dog so we need to make sure the next dog we get is going to be a good dog for the middle because we're going to need a lot more middle dogs as we start making it larger sled dog racing teams so her specialty is middle and her see personality where's her personality her fame is level two oh we can change your harness color oh and let's see where is yeah that's her aptitude specialty happiness where is her personality oh oh it doesn't say her personality I don't know the personality like a matches with what they're supposed to be good at oh boy I don't think it's female okay let's go look at the dogs gosh darn of course I would forget which one goes with which so there's studies is their study strong and then there's also obedient and I'm pretty old favorite thing is petting oh that would be so useful and he's a he's another simulated hmm I'm gonna have to think really hard so the thing is I think we want steady dogs to go in the middle and then strong go at the wheel and obedient go upfront because you want your be daeun dogs to kind of be in the lead so they can direct all the dogs behind them so I

think we want more steady dogs favorite thing is petting and a German Shepherd named Alfie and it's a girl oh I think I know who I'm gonna get I do have a soft spot for shepherds I have a soft spot for the big Saint Bernards and the races too though but I really like seeing Oh Sierra a Malamute oh my gosh she's so pretty and her personality is steady perfect catches her favorite thing oh that's tempting that's really tempting I kind of I think I want to get Sierra actually I don't Delfy or Sierra um I feel like Sierra there's something about Sierra that's kind of calling to me so let's go ahead and we're gonna try getting Sierra yes because I feel like she and Stryker Sierra and Stryker doesn't that just sound like a great team okay we're gonna get her we're gonna get her and I'm gonna change your harness color we're gonna change it so that Sierra can have a light purple a light purple harness to go ahead and match striker a little bit yay I mean not like I'm not trying to do like Boy Color colors on my dogs I always think that's silly I just think that Stryker really likes the purple hues and Domino

looks great and teal and Max looks great in this dark blue um actually Stryker I think I may change her harness color let's go ahead and alter it a little bit no no I want do it yeah this nice this nice purple from my middle dogs I like it and then my super obedient dog has the green know that goes up front and my wheel dog has the blue I like it those are actually my favorite colors it's kind of obvious that I picked those huh all right so we have a newbie on the team so we might actually let her go ahead and race in an easy race so we still have a little bit of fatigue with everybody else um so let's go ahead and care for our dogs we'll go ahead and let newbie race for a rest for a little bit - I have a new dog this is so exciting Raleigh started to tell me about when Aurora was named a true hero a race was coerced to cross the frozen couponers lake he said there were Northern Lights again that night ooh Raleigh's telling me new stories oh and he has something new to tell me Sierras breed is a Malamute Malamutes are huge shaggy arctic dogs with curly tail Thank You Raleigh sometimes he is a man of

concise words all right let's back up and so we have Sierra brand-new dog okay so we've got a Melanie it's so exciting and anything else about her happiness is good right now so I think we'll go ahead and take her out and we will race her next time to see how it feels to race with a new dog and I think she belongs in the middle if I messed up and got a dog who totally doesn't belong in the middle I'll feel a little bit silly but that'll be okay okay Domino I guess it doesn't hurt to have all of them rest all right but we'll just do it like that there we go all right and now we've got a few days to focus on training with everybody so let's snack you can only train three at a time oh no that wasn't my plan okay I'm going to rotate Sierra in I want to get her trained up and I'll just have to rotate the other dogs in and out I think so that's all you want staff because you can only train a few dogs at a time okay well rotate my other three and that way hopefully they won't go down on their scale too terribly and then Sierra we might have enough time with her that she can be a peak skill ready to go before

it is time for the next race so let's go ahead yeah she's almost there all right CRI you and striker I hope you guys are like figuring things out you're being good friends um and actually I'll just leave this line up team hmm actually I'm gonna take strike her out because strikers gonna have to sit out since the next race is gonna be a three dog race not yet let's get Sierra yeah Sierra is right there she is primed ready to go and we're gonna race today than you guys and we're gonna take a little Sierra on her very first race hopefully it'll be a good one I'm really hoping she's meant to be a middle dog and I didn't completely mess up on that um and her exhaustion may be pretty moderate because this was her first race she has no specialty this will just be like oh no and a 50% chance of something bad happening we got to get her her favorite thing all right and horror drama no hasn't been able to have his favorite thing for quite a while so we'll try to line that up too all right looks like Sierra is tired first so we really need to focus hard on keeping her okay Dom no hang in there buddy

get it get it get it yes we need really need to focus hard on making sure whoops sorry I dropped a treat because I had to like yank him really quickly all right there you go Sierra okay actually that was good that I missed on you Max and Domino yes yes dominoes skill just came into into play it's so exciting the book popped up for like half a second to maybe tell me about that and I'm noticing my dogs are like reaching behind me for something or like reaching behind them for something but I'm not sure maybe they just sense that treats are on the way okay a little bit of wind gotta be careful hang in there max I'm giving you guys your treats too early dang it max I gave you your treat you early okay time for her treat oh there you go Ciara Domino get a domino yes I was worried he was gonna miss that okay here you go buddy all right there you go Ciara she's doing really good for her first race if you ask me we're in third fourth what okay I was so busy like paying attention to dogs I need to do the perfect treats again especially if I want her to be able once the area graphic Revit grab it yes especially no

I want her to be able to enjoy go go go go go go go go getting higher on her exhaustion if we're gonna build her endurance we need to get probe lots and lots of perfect treats and that is her favorite thing too which is really wonderful so hopefully giving her lots of her favorite thing will prevent her fault from kicking in come on you guys oh my gosh there's a big tree but it didn't knock us down thinking us we just made it I was so worried for a second oh look a little Christmas tree cutouts in the background I love it good job Sierra so let's see how she handled her very first race we didn't get very much fame it's like the the people who come yes look at that we'll be able to get her exhaustion capacity up in no time wonderful but it's like the people who come to leak to or like whatever like just barely snapping any pictures darn alright so Sierra did pretty good you guys that was her first race as a middle or racing dog I'm hoping that means and probably a lot of you are yelling at me in the comments about if that means that she's meant for that or not but we'll see if she's meant to be in the middle and then Max is doing pretty good his

happiness is down to great though so we'll give him a good pet and maybe he'll be happier all right everybody good job another couple days to go all right you guys so I'm really excited because that means dr. Don we have a new dog we have a new dog we have a new dog and now I'm not able to train all of my dogs at the same time anymore so we might have to start look looking into being able to hire staff but that's not going to happen until we hit league three so I'm kind of thinking that we may go on another race or two and then I think we might actually have to see about qualifying for league three if you ask me we've done a fantastic job with our team and I definitely think that all of them are ready for something bigger and better in the world and I'm really proud of them too so it'll be exciting to see if we can push into league three and start breaking grounds and even more famous and very very rich races with quite the reward for winning so welcome Sierra to the family and I will see you guys next time bye bye