12 August 2019

A prank on my brother n dog.(must watch)😂🤣

hello people awesome news chane ever you

want to see your dog it's not a real dog but guess what it's a puppy you just make noise but the batteries are going out hi guys ain't that cute and awesome everybody should love puppies oh it had a mask and it is very few I'll show you that in a different video when remember justice subscribe and I will be answering comments if your if y'all if y'all do y'all comment below and I won't answer your comments okay thank you and this is my little sister I'm turning 12 yeah I'm turning 12 in a few months and this is my 3 year old sister cousins toy but she always leaves her toys it's right here so that just happened and you know what else happened I found a naked boy we don't I don't think I want to see that okay I'll cover it up okay whoo that's not dealing with that today Haley says whatever but her toys I swear that's not mine what 12 year old about to be 12 would like no ow that hurt my mother she is asleep right now and my dog's asleep so gati quiet here it is here's a booger coming now Dorothy

oh no he won't go people he woke up guys um when he wakes up he start the car he's turning seven few weeks no about to turn 12 he's about to turn seven next year okay well if you like mermaid combat below and you and if you like the corn another toy comment below to back that you hair's messy but ain't my twins well oh there y'all guys wanna see my new shoes come on bags I have these which I totally love these which I love to and these are super adorable it has memory foam yes it tastes memory foam there's so squishy have you ever felt memory foam you have comment below remember no lies tell the truth if you've actually felt anything remember if you love this video comment down below some people make fun of me but I don't care you want to see the horse books I read it's up here standing on TV I don't break those anybody like 150 pounds or a thousand bands but I weigh like I'd rather not say how much I weigh well I'm kind of skinny saw just it's like how way like 58 58 but to me the horse is - and this is called misty gin okay I don't know how to read that word if you know what it says comment down below I'll zoom ins

and you can see take a good long look see if you can sound it out please tell me in the comments below so as you can tell my bed is a huge mess you want to do you see Jessica come on she told me my water bottle got water it really does have water in it and to fill it up so right watch hello today how about you guys tell me in the comments below an awesome day I got my makeup done yeah yeah I did and I got new clothes I can't find shorts though my room so messy look I wanna take the camera laughs I'm taking that camera this is my room let me take that camera back home oh that's silly oh well well the food's on me Dell it is I don't know one who said it well I'm the one that has boobie on me shut up Jessica shut up Jessica I will punch you this fight sorry Jessica but I had to do that I know okay too creepy sorry remember a big thumbs up one more thing we have to do go check on my brother and then look at the dog sure let's dance

here is here's my dog so that's the YouTube video for today let's go back to mine okay thanks for watching that was awesome thank you so much if you liked it if we're getting doing a giveaway whoever gave if I get to 500 let's see what's short 12 likes I'm gonna give away a I phone remember to comment below and thank you for watching