13 March 2019

A Walk With My Crazy Dog

The search for SPRING!! Enjoying some mother nature, thanks to these great music artists for the music, They Say by WowaMusik ...

oh come on come out come out son come

out please please come what's going on legendary fans Diezel what are you doing what are you doing what's your squirrel did you're a squirrel you see a squirrel where's the squirrel and where's your squirrel huh crazy he's crazy is that gross there's no yo dude you what was that all about seriously is that really what you're gonna drink no you're not going down there come on thanks for tuning into another awesome epic adventure on the legend outdoors everyone we're out here right now just hiking a little bit of a trail you may or may not have seen it before if you're watching the videos it's just a simple little public access trail that mean my dog tend to take from time to time whenever we're bored or we need to get out and get a little bit of exercise it's mainly for him not me I don't really need that much exercise but we're just out here having a good day trying to have fun trying to find a little bit of I don't know how do I want to put this spring maybe we're trying to find spring because spring seems to be lost

right now if you're not here in the Midwest and you're enjoying some of this splendid weather that we've been having lately then you know exactly what I'm talking about I have a feeling we may actually find spring at some point in time I don't know if we're gonna find it today but we're gonna look for it we're gonna try and find it again we're try our best to sneak up on it we're gonna capture it we're gonna jump on it and we're gonna take it back with us if you guys have seen any of the videos prior to this you know that we've been having snow we've been having just just winter weather you know and we're we're kind of supposed to be out of that by now we should be done with it it should be over with but for some reason it's not and what is he look at this dog he gets so stuck on like what are you doing are you looking for bunny rabbits huh oh yeah now you're in the mud come on he's got he's a lab beagle so he gets stuck sometimes what are you doing this way come on Cecil he gets stuck on smells a lot of times and he has a hard time letting him

go so he gets like a little what do you want to call it like depth perception loss where he doesn't hear me anymore and he's more focused on listening to the sounds and smells of the woods which is fine it's good for him to get out here and you know get some exercise takes some time off from nothing so and if you want to take a quick look at how crazy the woods is out here right now which I'm sure you can buy see some of it behind me and the sun's starting to peek out yeah but you can see the river has came up and just brought so much junk I guess you could call it just a bunch of just a bunch of junk just a bunch of dead trees and this is like this is like a bushcrafter paradise back here with all these trees down you literally start campfire after camp fire out here and never run out firewood tons of it all good stuff like this one right here okay maybe not that one how many of you out there actually know for certain how to find a good piece of firewood and the easiest way for me is it's something that needs to be raised up off of the ground so you may see oh no like some of this stuff that's sitting over here it's down on the ground now granted it may

have some of the like branches sticking up off the ground like this like some of this over here so this piece right here it's sticking up off the ground so it would be a pretty good piece to break just like that I mean it literally just just comes right off so maybe it makes for a really good piece of firewood that's probably how I find 90% of all the firewood that I use I try and find anything that's dead standing so as long as it's up above the ground like here's a good piece right here see how that tree you got some of it on the ground you have a lot of the pieces sticking up so what we'll do walk over here and you can give it the snap test basically that means you just break it and if it snaps off like that it's good firewood that's kind of neat a little pro tip for you while you're out there in the woods you might be someone that's on your first backpacking adventure or something like that I need to know what kind of firewood to fine and that's a pretty easy way to find out well we're just out here trying to find spring and really being able to find it the Sun was peeking out a little bit unfortunately the forecast today says

it's gonna rain stinks but I think spring take a little while I guess like for its hurry up we doing we doin diesel diesel we doing come on hey get over here man he is covered in mud well it's good for him to get out here and run around though even though he is completely covered in mud I'll have to go home and get it open my bath well not legitimate oatmeal bath but the shampoo that I use is got like a second oatmeal pad treating that thing or something huh so check this out we're out here we're out here cruisin around checking this trail out this trail was completely under water like I don't know a week ago maybe a couple weeks ago the river has has dropped drastically but watch as the dog approaches looking for the squirrels and the bunny rabbits I'm getting so muddy watch as he lingers on the trail what you doing huh where's the squirrels is your squirrels you see squirrels were they at where's the squirrels that honey you find him huh where there where's the squirrels that where they at Bob's what do you have you see squirrels you

see squirrels weird squirrels that were there and he was a real little dog when I would get done hunting squirrels and rabbits I'd come home and I'd clean him and I'd take what was left of him and I'd we'd play with him I'd throw him he'd go get him and stuff like that and ever since then he's always had a real good smell for bunny rabbits and squirrels you're crazy you're crazy and he'll a tree a squirrel like a like a king dog it's funny but he has to get on the stamp first and sometimes that's kind of hard for him to do oh cool check this out look sycamore tree you know you can tell a sycamore tree they have that white bark on them well it's not really bark that they'll start shedding off their bark and then it leaves just a big white tree pretty much pretty cute we're gonna keep pushing on this trail we're gonna keep kind of walking a little bit just to see how far we can go before it gets so muddy that we can't really walk through anymore which you know he doesn't care he'll walk through anything but the wind's picking up a little bit we're back here a decent fair amount of ways that I don't think it'll affect too much

but it is a little colder out now I bet that rains getting pretty close to us I think it said sometime later this afternoon or evening so I've got hopefully I got a few hours yet before that comes I won't do as much mud as a can dad did I do what I did keep looking for squirrels and rabbits probably all right guys we'll see you in a little bit yeah come on look at you you got snot or drool all over your face look at how dirty you are do they make car washes for dogs I think I think my dog needs to go through a car wash dog wash is that what it would be called dog wash Oh diesel you're covered by so to be perfectly honest this is kind of the first I've ever walked this trail I've never really you've got a squirrel you find a squirrel you're going crazy for a squirrel huh your squirrel we're easy you smell him you smell squirrel where's he at where's he at we're squirrel hat we're squirrels where the end huh you know where they're at you know where the smells are he's crazy man covered in mud so dirty like the dirtiest dog in the world now

what are you doing crazy huh huh what are you doing look how dirty you are you're disgusting you're disgusting you're just you're soaked in mud we do it huh no no no no jeez did you want to come up here on a bench you can yeah it's crazy you're crazy dirty you are alright guys we're gonna take our walk back if we see anything exciting I'll turn the camera back on we'll see if we can get some cool footage distel get off the ice bub come on thanks for tuning in to another episode of the legend outdoors I hope you guys enjoyed this video and maybe you can get in next week and watch me on another epic adventure if you like the channel put on the notification bell subscribe to the channel and leave a comment down in the comment section every week I try and make as much content as I can and get out here and make a legendary adventure that's what I want you guys to do - I want you to get out and have your own legendary adventures make your own epic fun and just get out there and enjoy mother nature so thanks for tuning in to the channel and if you like hit that subscribe button right up there and

also I'm gonna put a link to another video inside this video so that if you enjoyed this video you can watch another video so it'll be up here for you to enjoy thanks for tuning in and we'll see you on the next [Music] please [Music]