05 November 2017

Abandoned Mansion With Cannon + Hidden Room Inside!! (Rare)

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[Music] this is the way inside the mansion so once we get our light on or going in that's my crib what's up want me to see my phone light let's see what we're going into go inside your mom there we go ah oh no that's not the way to mention oh yes hello baby we're currently on our way to Belgium but definitely had to take a stop here to see this mansion we're now personal we're now approaching the front of the mansion first thing I see is a satellite dish [Music] the architecture of this mansion ain't as good as the other man Chazz we went to but the inside could be better who knows although I do love the door entrance oh my god this is a cannon using like the Civil War dude so cool [Music] and we found a painting this is epic get some treasure chests this is feet of Mellon goats and they're using it as coat hangers oh look at that bed for him

I'm gonna stand on the bed rather quick wanna show you this look at that paint I'm loving the red carpet oh no way a foosball table super old I'll never see one like this remember if you guys know me from way back I used to work because my cousin owns an arcade and I used to pick these of all-time but I never seen one this old looking top it on the left side you got the pool table hmm someone was having a fun time here the treasure was definitely in there and another painting was right here probably stolen now a lot of trash everything they just threw in this to these rooms we got a solid staircase though so from what we understand is that probably about last year this place is in way better condition than when it's in now before any of us have even been here we've seen pictures on this place before and it was pretty much you know now I'm not gonna say mint but there was a lot of things here before that are gone now and this holes in the walls and stuff and that's ridiculous hallways are nice I bet you this mansion is sold that there is freaking like hidden stuff under the floorboards here from previous previous owners like gold or something

necklaces [Music] okay that's sweet hell yeah I'm liking what I see here that blue wallpaper oh heck yeah that's a nice room that old vintage furniture bed definitely had a family living here some kids shut up probably had some designers here a couple of mannequins I've seen already dude the hell-like secret rooms small doors let me back in the same room but still that weird but I am curious what's up here dude I would have never found this room if the door was shut like what is this used for this is where I would live if I had my whole family living here I'd take this room because it's like hidden seriously they'll look if there was no doorknob here you wouldn't know that it would lead to the room it's pretty much really hitting like a hit it's a secret room I'm impressed and the cool thing about it is that's actually shaped to blend in the wall okay you it's up fan you know yeah no cinematix getting those cities don't step over here of course I'm not gonna step over here

damn this wasn't so cool [Music] I guess it makes sense while they sealed it off so no one gets hurt everything's all empty here well yeah nothing in any room damn water leaks everywhere so this is where all the urban explorers tag their names everything since 2016 2016 makes sense because um that's actually why not most people found this place that's when it blew up before that no one knew about this place rainy weather started but we're heading to Belgium now I love coming in here for these I don't even know what was right here what's up boys I'm gonna go in there I'm coming in [Music] [Music]