03 November 2017

About The Spring Hills Senior Communities Management Team

Our company is defined by our motto of "Caring with a Commitment to Quality." We pride ourselves on providing expert service in Assisted Living. This video ...

The Spring Hills Senior Communities management team are leaders in thoughtful, assisted senior

living and home care services. Our story began with Alexander C. Markowits, who had a vision in 1999 of changing a skilled nursing facility in Morristown, NJ into an assisted living community unlike any other. As a licensed nursing home administrator, Alex began to transform this structure into a luxurious setting for those people in need of a safe environment that allowed individuals to continue an independent lifestyle. There's something uniquely special about our buildings and our culture that people want to come work for our company. Our residents and our families and our associates are one, big family. Those over the age of 85 is the fastest growing population right now, so we have a great opportunity. We have a shift going on right now in health care, and we happen to be in the driver's seat. Taking the time to improve operations, services, and care resulted in a combination of 24 successful home care services, assisted living, and memory care communities across the country. It is our focus on doing what's right for the resident and their family that has been able to grow our business in a successful way that is very scalable. What really makes us unique is that it's mandatory for everybody, from myself down, to know the culture, know the mission statement, know the team member's promise, it really tells you what our company culture is. Because they understand our culture, they understand our mission, they really work on bringing in the top talent and making sure that they're a good fit for our organization. When we have a new associate start with the company, they go through an orientation, which really gives them a feel of what it means to work at Spring Hills. It's not uncommon for somebody who comes to work for us, within 60-90 days, will actually know our mission statement by heart. It's really important that we create a work environment that people really enjoy coming to. You love what you do. You have passion with what you do. And, you put together a very passionate team and you'll be very successful. For us, the number one go-to is to promote from within. When we're looking to fill a senior position, no matter which position, we're looking to

people internally. Our senior executives, for example, have been with the company 10+ years and we're able to translate that into the services that we provide. I've had the opportunity to work for national companies, senior housing companies, but I think what really makes us special at Spring Hills is our culture of Signature Touches. The philosophy of Signature Touches is the cornerstone of our fresh approach to senior living. By teaming up to grow fresh produce from our farm-to-table gardens and providing therapeutic programs like art, music, and pet therapy, our team strives to make healthy living the foundation of every aspect of life. It gives the associates the tools to make the resident and families feel special. It's an amazing experience to see your teammates come up with ideas and the company really support them to bring them into implementation. Whether it's a caregiver giving care, whether it's a concierge helping them navigate, ya know, getting flowers for somebody. Every single one of those interactions is where we produce magic. Do you remember where that picture was taken? California. Yeah! Very good! We have realized that our prospects want to stay home longer and, by providing Spring Hills Home Care Services, they are able to do that. I see it as a seamless transition. We have an opportunity to provide the entire care continuum all in one place. So, we get to know that resident, that client, that patient in the home and then we allow them and facilitate that transition right into our assisted living so it's just a natural transition for them. When they do think of assisted living, they're going to be coming to our building because they're already part of the Spring Hills family and the brand. There's no one way to sell the seniors; however, we've taken an integrated marketing approach that will carry us through generations.

We've started using the one-on-one selling system about 12 years ago and it allows us to build better, more intimate, and personalized relationships. Our residents are happy living in our communities, and they feel comfortable bringing in their friends and their family. When I first started the Vice President position, our census as a whole, from an ADC perspective, was probably around 76%. We were able to maximize the occupancy, as an ADC, to 96%. There's definitely science behind growing census. We grow census by understanding that each community is different, and there are going to be different challenges and just ensuring that we are creating lasting relationships that have value. Spring Hills defines "Caring with a Commitment to Quality" by exemplifying all of the values in our CARE Standards: Company, Associates, Residents, Expectations. We lead the way in meeting the ever-changing needs of senior adults and their families. Without technology, health care won't be moving forward, and we need to be ahead of the curve on that. We utilize a system called Point Click Care and it allows our nurses to more efficiently document our residents' charts as well as document medication administration in our communities. There's none of this guess work about "Well, I wasn't on this shift," "I don't know," "Let me go ask somebody." They just pull up the record and they're able to tell me. Predictive technology, artificial intelligence allows us to predict things that they aren't sharing with us yet because they have early stage dementia or full-blown Alzheimer's. There are markets out there that are in dire need for product like ours, of excellence, of ambiance, and of security, which is ultimately what they are looking for. It is not only a safe haven, but I also have tremendous peace of mind. When we go into our communities that we acquire, we have to develop a plan on how we're going to improve the quality as well as the financial stability. If you look at our financial statements, you will see that we are at or above industry standards, and we pride ourselves by being the best in our class. We have internal controls so every dollar is counted for, and we make sure that we report the same accuracy on a monthly basis and also on a fiscal year basis.

By rethinking senior living with our Signature Touches, Spring Hills Senior Communities is truly a distinctive and premiere health care provider in the communities we serve. Thank you very much for listening and we hope to make you part of the Spring Hills family and success story.