08 October 2019

ADFH Pet Care Center Team!

ADFH Pet Care Center Team. Track Title: Corporate Music by AShamaluevMusic. Music Link: https://youtu.be/s8SrerotCV8.


[Music] my name is Rick Celeste my name is Malcolm our motto Salmonella dismissive en musica consists of a novena so I am gel America Cuba I'm the Senior Center in oil in Abu Dhabi Falcon hospitals and care center I work with hospital but since 2011 is almost 8 to 9 years I'm very happy to work over here over the hospital I feel it's my second family really is the work is like messing with the flag and hospital and my colleagues plans are very nice I've had to work here I've been working here since 2015 and it's been a training ground for me not just as a veteran in fashionable fantastic person as a whole it's been great pleasure working here in this institution I've learned a lot and there's so many things people here are very professional in be someone better looking forward to work more productive years in this institution and then the new station with the Latino comes last-minute anomaly but we have examined happiness it was a big school they said protein Yomi Biloxi baccarat jamia noted

happening there so when an epidemic did finally came apart with the kebab I work here for 10 years 10 good years I stayed that long because aside from this is one of the premier institution and veterinary industry the overwhelming and continued support to develop my career and not even my career growth but also in a different aspect in my life is overwhelming and I will be forever grateful of Abu Dhabi hospital for that support and for me a BFF is a family not just a mere workplace but they are family for me by rescued body from here to because Fieldy so becoming now a good four years we also rescued another dog they're both clean here boarding I always bring them here we always come for the battery care as well such excellent services reasonable prices everybody's very friendly and we I always feel that we very well looked after everybody always remembers the dog's name and this is a very special place happy 20th anniversary happy 20th

anniversary Falcon Hospital and this is one of the best of the hospitals in the UAE have exactly an anniversary and without asking I love this place they're taking care of them they trained a lot of things anyways Hospital happy 20th anniversary and I wish you all the best [Music] [Music]