13 August 2019

Adopt me taking care of pets and decorating my pleb tiny house 🏡 // sponsor by roblox

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hello guys and welcome to my first video

ever today we're gonna be focusing on taking care of Mona and they currently think this home to be a pet home [Music] because I have a bunny a boar a Puma and the cat this is blue now it's one of my favorite and yeah so let's get started Oh also if you want to join the lovely army be sure to subscribe and like the video if my voice isn't so loud I'm sorry I don't have a mic right now because it's up in the attic and I'm too lazy to get it so yeah okay Lola do we have money for wallpaper because I know I'm broke Oh should have known that full Sun water vapors cost love like this unicorn want I love this uniform on it's a patsy yeah this is for to my right now I have $0 right now and that is very very bad we need a lot of money so I think we need to take care of a lot so this is the bathroom not change but I really just want to focus on this room being a parent a bigger house I will change this because I wanted a pizza because I like in for parties and other nations find me I'm gonna change my name soon I'm gonna announce when I'm gonna change my name tomorrow I'm gonna change my name my

name right now it's Luffy NASA this is a very old account and you at the same time I just gave you wonder why the heck are you thirsty again there's some ones right because I accidentally gave my car away Oh God and now I don't I didn't waste your books in this game yet oh my god I'm stuck in the tree and sorry again if you can't hear my voice very clearly and I speak kind of weird because I'm not English isn't my first language oh my boomer wants to go camping okay where's the campsite over there we're gonna swing to it and you're sleepy too well you need a drink water water first and then sleep wait do we even have water at the camp I don't think we have when are you gonna you're gonna die I'm so sorry I don't want you to die so we are on the can and I know Luna loves camping so yeah yeah well no why don't you sit over here and I'll give you a marshmallow roast this first whole seat next to you you're a roasting a marshmallow it's a very good camping trip okay so here we are I'm just gonna give you eight now you can have it it's

gonna be delicious as you like it I see you okay now you need to go in the pink tent because I love you oh my god somebody give me around oh I'm not a baby Weiss why are people giving me random stuffs and only they don't even know my username or roblox yes okay stop are you happy yes are you stuck here coz I can't seem to take you out okay I'm just gonna do this okay Luna so yeah YouTube somepony I am I'm recording but I'm I'm not gonna talk because um I'm too lazy to talk it's still night but she's still thirsty so I really wanted to go to the pet store so we're gonna head to the pet store and I'll see you guys there okay so I made it to the pet store I didn't use the skateboard or any teleportation thing I walked all the way over here from Kennedy side and we are gonna write or drink water because I am actually too lazy to run all the way home when I can just resend my character okay somebody wanna play fetch let's go play why do we need a shower she's hungry too you're just bait okay I have this I have pet food actually

[Music] where's my food so he looks like a treat yeah you're full of whole unit on Oh where's this in school I have never been there actually I have been there once [Music] it's over here yay I am so close to it and I feel like I'm screaming but I have no mic right now so I have no fun I don't have no floaties so because I gave it away we can't play actually we can play understand play fetch cuz I don't think they do I don't think they're even able to have as pets catch a lot it's okay to do you don't have him oh you okay somebody send me a tray request I'll give you my bore because oh but this isn't far yes of course you denied tray because I was gonna give you more so I wasn't gonna trade somebody that gave me one thing and I'll give them like very much this is a club star I don't want to buy clothes right now and to shower okay we're gonna go ahead at home someone has a pink car Oh daddy loves me some oh my god is my random baby on my head I'm gonna crash in the water I was gonna crush it arise oh I just hit a tree oh

okay Sonia when I made it home and we're gonna see if we can't decorate a place more and just looking at the floors toilet floors that looks loo yours okay what about this pink floor yes no hey Sonny if I need to a party or something withdrawal I didn't click on a go because I really wanted to go but silly old me I didn't click it and now I have to find somebody with named roblox our song spinner here they are Oh somebody asked me to play I'll give you a boy and gave you what is that that's a weapon hey what no that's a rattle I'm not giving you back no I'm not gonna give my board actually I think I know I was gonna pass the house I was invited to I am such a dork anyway let's go to the house and see what's up with this cousin Oh actually I have to talk now baby see if you're amazed should I um no I don't actually want to be a maid well that party was kind of lean so on I didn't stick around I'm such a mean person for doing that but um yeah we're having fun and somebody vital it leads to their party what's this about well I actually have a Booma so I don't need so gonna see what else can we buy like that so I really

want to volume something good for you like you're busting the fairy butterfly table here and this is like your loyal follower you said no I don't think I want a solid actually I'm not actually sure what to do with it we can go through decorations and like add something on a fellow sign you can put at your door like to my house okay let's see what else do you have I think I should do something for the pizza place because oh my god or the donut shop oh my god would be amazing is that the one oh no I think that are there at a party no I don't think that at the party but I really want a dance floor to be pretty like dance floor party everyone but I don't have enough space mom so by doing this shop why didn't I see that so we have some doughnuts I don't have enough money to so I can't actually sell anything Oh Mike I need to go to that where's my cat I might eat the donut or Beckel because it doesn't have any frosting yet but what can we do about that anyways thank you so much guys for watching this video and as always I will see you in the next video bye [Music]