06 May 2017

Adopting Nerlie Toy Babies - Nursing and Feeding Cute Baby Dolls - Distroller Toys for Kids - Titi

Playing with toy babies from Distroller USA. Nerlies also known as K-simeritos are adorable baby dolls from outer space. We take care of the baby by changing ...


hi friends welcome back to my channel in a previous video we adopted this adorable gnarly baby named fidgets from the stroller USA and she's looking super duper adorable but she has been a little sad lately because she really misses being around other babies so today we're gonna adopt more girly babies we have six new babies to love and to take care of ten let's learn who they are we're going to be adopting very watts sissy king Lloyd NC boop Nancy and Pausini [Music] fidgets are you excited to have some new brothers and sisters well I think that means yes so let's go ahead and get started we're gonna start by adopting Suzy King and eat subbu are you ready if this is the first time you're meeting the nerely babies I will leave you my first video where I really go into detail about these amazing toys open up the incubator and oh my goodness look at this adorable little nerely oh she's so so sweet let's get her out very carefully and just look at this little face and this

little hair she's got the cutest little strand of yellow hair and these dolls smell amazing guys so the first thing we do is give her a hug and a kiss now we can have her meet her big sister fitted I did look this is Suzy King isn't she the cutest she kind of looks like you now we need to write her first initial on her bracelet it is a very important and now we need to lay her down and remove her umbilical cord this way she can get all her nutrients from the drippity drop their belly button so let's just pull it out carefully and remember to store it somewhere special and now I'm gonna clean it with a cotton ball and just a drop of water just like the instructional video from nurse Tonya states there we go and I'm going to connect her to the drippity job while I prepare her shot and fill out her adoption papers but I can't forget to check her diaper they say that some gnarly babies come with a surprise and let's see well her diaper is completely clean and empty and now we can fill out all the paperwork so we get here an identification card a birth certificate and a vaccine schedule a little picture to put on her ID card

and now we have to fill in her name the birth place the date and the time and all of her personal information put the little sticker of her picture right on the top and now the birth certificate the date her full name and the information of the parents something funny the occupation we will put youtuber sign and now the vaccine schedule she will be getting two shots at birth so we need to give her the age EVP and the IPV vaccine [Music] don't worry fidgets I know shots can be a little scary but I really need them to keep the babies healthy all right so so the King seems to be very very calm and I am going to prepare her vaccines I need to remove the drippity drop in the vaccine through her belly button and now that she's all ready I'm just going to go for it don't be nervous it should be real quick there we go [Music] now it's time for the IPV vaccine [Music] and we can forget to write down the date we gave the vaccine on the schedule don't worry fidget she is just fine so

the king is a big girl but guess what now we have even more friends to me are you ready that's a welcome it's a boob and she is so gorgeous she is Suzie Kings the best friend and she's got the most beautiful lavender color in this little yellow pigtail and kiss and a hug is the first thing we always didn't we meet the new babies look it see this is your big sister fidgets say get business in Cebu isn't that nice our initial is on her bracelet and now we can remove the umbilical cord just like before half my cotton ball ready just pull it out and dab dab dab perfect plug in her back into the drippity job and we have to check that diaper on and it's completely clean I hear that if you get a little poop in the diaper it's good luck I'm just so gonna clean her up a little bit before putting her diaper bag and she has all of her documents for adoption so let's fill those out very quickly [Music] I'm sorry auntie poop but it's time for your shots I promise they won't hurt well maybe a tiny bit are so brave you didn't even flinch let's get you back to your Zen zone so

you can relax now we can meet the boys I have very wise and Lloyd here and their box is slightly different you can see that it's blue instead of pink but it has all of the same information and buttons this is their incubator so you have to make sure that you don't break the box let's start adopting Barry Watts and oh my goodness he is so cute I love this color hello Barry welcome to the world he has like rosy cheeks and look at this little curly hair it's just one strand and it's blue hmm hi kids and a hug to greet him and we need to start by adding his name and removing his umbilical cord cleaning it up and of course you know the drill they need their shots right when they're born to prevent any sicknesses so we want them to be as healthy as they can and I think I'm becoming a pro at this vaccination process fidget this is Barry Watts your little brother isn't he adorable oh I think she's a little overwhelmed well let's fill out Barry's paper and he looks so adorable in this picture [Music] it's now time to meet Lloyd oh my

goodness he is so cute I have never seen an early baby with freckles and he has so many on his little cheeks huh a kiss and a hug right at the meeting and let's get to it we need to write his initial and get his drip-drop connected as soon as possible [Music] Fifi's a little cranky but she's still excited to meet Lloyd isn't he the cutest hi say hi to Lloyd [Music] loyd seems to be a little uneasy so maybe this little pacifier will help [Music] there you go much better the shots are gonna be super super quick I promise and his diaper has no surprise okay he's a little bit more calm now but what's going on with fidget why are you so father she likes to play with a subtle toy bottle she can't drink formula yet so she just plays with this bottle for now and it kind of makes her feel better so let's give it to her and see she'll calm down much better fitted and maybe we'll just put you right here and rock you for a minute maybe you'll fall asleep here's your favorite blankie I really have to finish

Lloyd's vaccinations [Music] good boy were all done and I wanted to quickly show you these adorable bottles after two weeks of the babies being born we can give them their little shakey shake formula and they're called baby bottles and I have two different colors this little pink one that comes with the funnel so it's much easier to put the milk inside and they're the tiniest bottles ever so so cute I will be showing that in the next video because by then Phoebe will be able to drink her formula and I also got a little green bottle [Music] here is Suzy King itsy Boop Barry Watts and Lloyd and unfortunately fidget is a very very upset today I don't know if she's overwhelmed with all the new babies but I don't think I'll be able to adopt the additional two we'll have to leave that for the next video but let's put her in her crib and see if she can take a little nap I don't like when she's cranky but she sure loves her crib I'm gonna lay her down and let her relax with her favorite blanket well friends

now that we have new babies we'll be able to do many more fun adventures and take them to fun places so let me know in the comments which baby was your favorite from the video and what other adventures you want us to have thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video bye-bye [Music]