08 October 2019

Adventure Huskies | Our First Trip Without Shelby | Camping With Dogs

Adventure Huskies, Camping With Dogs! This was our first camping trip without Shelby. We back up the travel trailer and headed our for our rv travel with dogs ...

yeah so what we do in today so I know we

haven't done a video like this in a very long time on this channel but we are camping we're actually on a we don't know how long camping trip from now until whenever we go home we have Memphis and Kira now this technically is Kira's second camping trip but we're gonna call it her first camping trip because this is gonna be the first time she actually gets to experience things while camping and not just hang out at a campground so technically this is more like your first camping trip right so far she's really enjoying it I have the dogs out on the picket line which you guys have seen before if you don't know what it is I'll put a link to it up in the cards above and down in the video description below because that's my favorite thing while camping keeps the dog safe and they can hang out in front of the camper of course we don't leave them out here unattended but some people would I still just can't anyway we're packing up to hit the road for the day we're gonna go see some things with the dog so here is their epic camping trip [Music] versus I could add a yes they need to

start the rubber band by the roadside playoff but are many and the old horns gone my god the knife and I can be on my skin [Music] too far from where [Music] - my there's no borrowed this morning I took fear alive as I need to see the for profit excuse us for two for a penny but they've all gone out the window of his car on my [Music] Oh there's a [Music] to my there's no five something [Music] baby

not my and by something's gotta give [Music] [Music] not morrow there's no and by [Music] today something's got you today is your birthday dude my [Music] [Music] [Music] so that was pretty much the highlights of a lot of the things we saw on our trip as I've said multiple times before if you want to see the entire trip all eight days you can find it over at youtube.com slash snow dogs vlogs where we upload Monday through Friday for those of you that are new and may not know but that was our trip our first trip without miss Shelby we had a good time it was sad but happy at the same time anyway we hope you guys enjoyed today's video as always thanks so much for watching thanks for subscribing stay positive dream big and we will see you again soon life is short you guys get out there and go on adventures with your

dogs let them experience life to the fullest because you just never know they don't live as long as us get out there and go on an adventure good bye audience [Applause] China