19 April 2019

Adventures While Walking my Dog!

The other day I filmed my walk, but this time, I took my doggy with me! An adorable Siberian Husky named Damona. My dog is the best dog. Your dog is the best ...

well hello I am now taking my doggie and

we're gonna go for walk together so you get to see you me with my dog see you back there that's my dog behind Damona well she's being obstinate she doesn't like the camera I take too many pictures of her I don't think she likes it too much so she's now just wondering why we're not going so I'm gonna head on down and go for a walk and have some fun ah and here's a good example of why I like to go by myself for walks most of the time and then maybe afterwards take her per because we do this we'll walk walk walk walk walk she'll pull and pull and pull on the leash and go crazy and then she'll do this for like just walking and then stopping in a tree and snip the tree or ever it can sometimes be like we're walking only two kilometers but it feels like 10 because we're just stopping all the time she's having a little adventure here oh that sniff sniffing more more sniffing lot of birds seagulls are going a little crazy but that's okay cuz seagulls are crazy I don't if you can see behind me I'm we are at Woodland Cemetery and I like to bring my dog to cemeteries to go for walks rather than walking on the street

just for the sake of traffic I mean traffic is quite minimal here people that are here are usually pretty nice oh my goodness they're just arguing up there and the view is nice we've got the nice headstones to walk around and wander around let her go where she wants and then there's this view over here cuz it's right by the lake and I think that's quite beautiful and she always likes to head right towards the lake and walk a light rain along the edge where she wants and well not quake she wants to jump off the ledge right now no I let her go where she wants me we don't have to worry about cars constantly and things like that that's the problem with walking on the street you know you got to worry about traffic all the time here right now all you got to worry about are the seagulls there are benches everywhere I mean they expect people to come here right it's so well-maintained it's so pretty and the older sections are great but there are like just look here there's benches so you can sit there and you can watch the water or you can sit and keep with one of your loved ones or you can have

your dog get in the way of them but I love this place it's really nice it's like you're like Hamilton cemeteries like my sanctuary but this one here it's just plain beautiful and it's so big it's such a big Cemetery I can let my dog walk where sure she loves this place she likes this I think more than Hamilton Cemetery because I let her go pretty much wherever she wants here as long as there's not a car coming she's good to go you know right now we're walking along the edge and you can see the water and we could be here for a couple hours really it's having fun and yeah it's very there's birds everywhere there's usually squirrels running around all over the place I know there's a couple of bald eagles that were nesting here last year I don't know if they're still here there's grad with cranes there's herons which I think are cranes but it's just a little bit of everything it's a nice place and in my dog he likes it weathers okay I may come down here on the weekend hopefully hopefully won't be too bad on Saturday I have plans on Friday so hopefully Saturday the weather will be nice enough

because I'd like to come down and I have relatives that are here I've got a great-great grandpa and a great-great grandparents and my great-grandparents they're all buried here and I like to when I have a chance you know to maintain their their graves I also know that I have a great-uncle here my grandfather told me about him and I thought that was interesting his name was baby John and he died in a car accident like 1923 back when they didn't have things like child seats or even seat belts so it just for me sounded very unusual for you know a death in the car accident 1923 but you know they must have happened and like I said there was no safety precautions really with with those things and at that time so yeah but he's in an unmarked grave so I only know the basic general area where he's buried but someday I would really really really like to get a marker for him but markers are expensive so I'm an artist not happening anytime soon but that is a goal of mine I'd like to take you to market for his grave but I I know that my grandfather marked it on a piece of paper where it was so I I do know where it is I just had to find

that piece of paper but when I get there I'll see if my dog will allow me to get to the graves I'll show you some of them right now we're going into total opposite direction of where they are equal graves for soldiers I mean this area here there's not a lot like there's a lot of graves for soldiers but definitely as a huge big there you go there's a lower section here if you go down below all right there you go there you go there's a this is nothing like the one in the States which it's nothing compared to that but for this area this is quite large and my dog has decided she what do you smell this so interesting oh we're still going we keep going sometimes it's still hard to keep up with her she may be 11 we've had her 11 and a half years I can't believe it she's still going really wondering where she wants to go oh no we're going in this way and we got to smell again she's just sort of like she just let me stop so I could take a picture of something like okay just wait a second just when she sat down she's like okay so I think we might be making our way back to the car she might be getting tired by the

way she's happy she's in a good mood she's just I don't know what's with her right now she's curious about everything all of a sudden like everything sniffing adventures here she also likes to go into the bushes and stuff like she's not in the bush at the moment but I think she'll go into the bushes and she'll sniff inside there and look around and stuff like that and there was one time this is so god this is years ago now so she was still pretty young and she wanted to play with everything right she was she's a very friendly dog and she wanted to play with everything she wanted to play with the squirrels we played with the bunnies unfortunately I'm playing some time than being dead so they don't want to play with her and she put her head into she clearly smells something and she put her head into the bushes and I'm sudden oh my god the noises that came out of these bushes so I think there might have been a raccoon in there or something but it was just screeching and howling and hissing and then Cortile started going crazy she wanted up she wanted to play with it she was like oh I want to go play I want to play I'm trying to pull

her floor and this is back when she was quite young and very strong and I'm like oh my god we're all gonna die but no I got her we managed to get out of that situation but ever since then I'm like very very leery of allowing her to [Applause] Reserve when she was like five we'd still be out there right now on the sled because she'd just been over the place and she's not done she knows what she's doing I know we're just wandering in here all of a sudden taking her time but we are slowly making our way back to the car it's uh we've been here for over an hour so it's time to go back she's uh she's doing good you know we just finished nipping some bushes over here and now she's approaching another set of bushes but we're going up the hill we're making our way back to the driveway where the car is and then I get to wash dishes kinda messy messy kitchen yeah be sure to walk through the mud yep we're going to my car so yeah be sure to get my car nice and filthy yep that's uh that's great thanks a lot dog no we're going back to the car sweetie it's home time some time yeah oh here's another mud yeah oh thanks just walk

right through that mud puddle yep you sure to get your um your feet nice and filthy before you get my car yep we walk through the grass so she would get some of the mud off into a gas station to get a mocha frappuccino and I did get one but I also found this quarters here I don't know what you can see here not in my messy car again I have no idea if I'm actually filming this it's monster energy drink milk cafe so I've seen what energy drinks do to some people's I've seen people get addicted to Red Bulls and whatnot I thought I oh what the hell I'll try it I'll wait till the day when I'm really lacking in energy and then I'll try it just to see if it works but yeah so we're interesting but I still got my mocha frappuccino and I'm gonna have that now this this is good stuff but I'm not addicted I can quit anytime I just don't want to well we're back home and she's wandering around she's going to take a poop this dog is great because whenever I go for a walk with her she never she waits and of I'm never with me that she's just running around the backyard she's having

a good time and I am going to see if I can transplant this bulb that I found in the cemetery and just sort of put it in the ground and hopefully bring it to life like I said it's nice and soft and it looks like if it's opening up it looks like maybe just a squirrel don't get up for something so we'll see if we can say that that would be nice and then we can find out what it is it might be a lily it's my guess so everybody have a good day and until next video you