13 August 2019

Advice for High School with a Service Dog

This is all my tips, tricks, and advice that I learned through having a service dog in high school I hope this helps anyone heading into school with a service dog ...


[Music] [Music] or things that you should know all right so first off is be prepared for all of the questions so you're gonna get questions from friends teachers from administrators it's gonna happen no matter what next is be prepared for real people so this is just rude peers this is gonna be rude adults that aren't gonna realize how much it connect you everything like that so just to be prepared for all of the read negative comments and don't take it to heart it's from uneducated people that don't understand how much your service dog really does help all right and if you see me like looking down at stickers I have them here so I don't forget anything alright so next is more of a tip but it's get your stuff together the night before so for me with areas he's still a puppy so I like to exercise him before we go to school and it's not because he's gonna act out if he doesn't get exercise because there were quite a few mornings where I didn't get to exercise him and he's still performing perfectly but it's just

because I know that it benefits him you know I love to doing it before I got hot out before you know I came home and was so tired from school that I just wanted to lay down and take a nap everything like that and since I needed to exercise him I didn't want to have to worry about making sure I had the best I want to picked out a harness I wanted you know the Cape I don't want to worry about having to you know make sure I had treats I don't worry about poop bags you know everything like that so i really suggest just getting it together the night before and setting it in a pile by the door like with him we just put it on top of his crate and all was good and i could just grab it on the go you know running out the door without worrying about if i was forgetting something alright so next is I did mention as this exercising your dog before school this isn't necessary with belt I never did it because she was old and she didn't need it and school actually tired her out a lot but within with areas like he doesn't need to either but it's something that benefited him he really enjoyed it he really appreciated it he loved getting the extra run time

fetch anything like that before you have to go in and work it's up to you if you want to but I do highly suggest it for younger dogs alright so next is you need to remember there's going to be good days but also bad days your dog is going to have days where they're not performing to the standard that you expect them to so this could be not wanting to settle down correctly not wanting to talk all the way under your desk or lay beside it this could be you know adjust being a bit mouthy it could be a wine it could be Const you know not heal incorrectly anything like that and you can't tear yourself up about it because you have to remember it's a dog they have their own mindset it's not a robot all right no matter how perfectly trained they are no matter if you have a program daughter its owner trained dog you know nothing like that is going to prevent it it's a dog they will have bad days and you can't like tear yourself up over it alright so next is you need to take bathroom breaks so even if your dog's trained to hold it all day you know with Belle she could last the entire school day but I still took her out at least

once a day usually more than that you know this can be time for they make sure that they peed who to just go on and play just anything it's some off time and a break you know it's not something that this your dog may you need it's not something you like feel that they need but something that is nice to give and I do highly highly suggest with Ares I actually took him out for the first week or two I let you as their I took him out and between every single class period and that was because I didn't want him to get overwhelmed with bail I did the same thing when she first came and then slowly used up because I realized she really wasn't playing she wasn't getting stressed she wasn't having to go to the bathroom and we ended up just doing one break the middle of the day and then after school and she was happy with him I gave him to break so he did pee and then wine where he could do and it got worked for us it just depends on your dog and then he to get playtime as well be prepared for lots of fly by petting so this means just random people in the hall coming up and grabbing your dog running their hand on their back you

know in class so put their hand out without you noticing be prepared for them yanking their tail I know if Belle she actually stopped keeping she usually walks with her tail like up at the art you know the Husky like her I know that's not just Huskies but that's the stereotypical breed that's known for it and she would just walk with it hanging down she wasn't upset she wasn't like you know she wasn't a I don't enjoy working because she'd still wag her tail it was just she wanted to try and keep it protected from getting fooled and what worked for us was yet we actually ended up leaving class is five minutes early but that was just our school allowed my teachers were okay with it but I know not every school is going to say oh yeah that's fine you know because that is educational time so the next thing is the oh it's a puppy oh it's a cute dog you know what the oh my god I didn't know there was a dog there all of that you're gonna get it constantly we had kids screaming across the cafeteria puppy you know and this was high school seniors doing this so you don't think it goes away just be prepared for it know

it's gonna happen the next thing is a lot of the you were fine last year you didn't need the stock before well what happened to you you're gonna get a lot of those comments because people don't understand they don't know that it took you you know six months to two years to train your dog they don't know that you know if you had a program dog you oh you know I don't know you were on a wait list for two or three years and then another however long it took you to get your dog they don't know that this stuff happened and it's been wrong with you they don't know that things can progressively get worse or anything like that because nobody really understands much they're suffering from the same thing as you are and even then symptoms can be different so I know that there were other people on campus that had plots and it was well done that Ares was there for pots but that doesn't mean that they understood why I needed him and I got a lot of well I have it to do and I don't need a dog alright so just be prepared for a lot of that the next thing is people being scared of your dog this wasn't just with Ares who I to some

people can look me and it's Terry even though he is a big teddy bear this was also with Belle who you know is a marshmallow and literally looks like a snowball it's just people are scared of dogs it happens there could be trauma in their past there were people that were scared in Belle that weren't scared of Ares there were people that were scared of areas but weren't scared about you know it just depends on the person it depends on the dog and just you know don't be taken aback by it don't think it's anything bad with your dog it's just you know people and it could also be for attention all right so the next thing is you're gonna have to take care of - it's not just you now it's you have to take care of yourself and the dog on top of that you also need to carry all of the supplies for the dog so you need to carry everything that you need as well as carrying everything that your dog means and if you know you forget something for your for yourself or your dog then you know that can put you in a hole and if you forget something for yourself you can usually get it at school like somebody else is

going to have it but if you're rid of something for your dog unless you're lucky and have another handler on campus then there's probably no way for you to get it so you just have to keep that out of mind that you're taking care of - basically - people you know you and basically a child you know so decide if that's worth it as far as that goes and then you if this one is a so-so it depends on your teacher but you have to explain to teachers as well as like administration a lot of times I got teachers that were I don't want a dog in my classroom well you don't have a way around it like my dogs here I'm here I'm in your class I'm not able to switch classes we aren't learn to appreciate it but it's a lot of well what happened like you know the email said that you have this well what cost you to develop it you know one of my things with areas as PTSD but what caused you to get PTSD at such a young age well I don't feel comfortable sharing that well then you must not have it you know you're gonna have a lot of the uppity teachers a lot of the teachers that want explanations you know anything like that and just be prepared

to give really shallow answers alright and if they have a problem with it then just take it to your principal a lot of them are going to be helpful and if they're not then try other administrators counselors vice principals assistant principals you know anybody else on campus that you trust alright up next I have taking sudden breaks in class so this is if your dog suddenly gets sick you know manages to eat something off the ground without you noticing get sick and you have to like rush them outside or you know the dog randomly has to pee because they drink too much water or just anything like that be prepared to have to talk to your teacher and let them know that there are going to be moments where you're gonna have to rush out of the classroom because your dog needs help all right or your dog needs something you know just anything like that there's gonna be just sudden moments and this can be a downside and an upside as far as that goes because maybe you don't want to sit there for the whole you know hour-long class and it can be oh hey you know I don't need to go outside

can I leave 10 minutes early you know anything that I don't suggest it I don't condone it but I know people will still do it alright next is you have to remember there's none of you days where your dog gets sick and you're gonna have to attend without them with that you're gonna get a lot of questions and I mean a lot I know there was a day where Bell got sick she had to be taken to the best by my grandparents and I had to attend school without her and that actually started up a rumor that I was faking my service dogs because I didn't need her day well it wasn't that I didn't meet her it was that her health needs to be taken care of as well you know and is that something you do have to keep in mind is you have to be prepared for rumors you know to pay for gossip for comments and just be half a second way to cope you know I know it's never gonna be if you have a service dog then there's probably not any other method that's going to completely keep your disabilities under control but have a way that you can keep them moderately controlled so that's you know make sure you have emergency medicine talk to the nurse talk to the counselor and have a

back-up plan so this is your second option and it's basically what were you doing before you got your service dog and if it comes down to it have a trusted adult a parent an aunt a grandparent anything like that that your parents trust as well that just you know able to come pick you up really and how many days where if we were in the transition from Belle to Aries so i their weeks where I'd have to attend school without a dog and I'd leave school early three out of five days or four out of five days and it was because my grandmother doesn't work and she was able to come and it was just because my health was getting too bad for me to keep controlled without alerts and responses to it because of everything that was going on so it genuinely just depends on what you need to do alright and you need to know way pros and cons as far as taking your service dog on campus with you so I hope this helps anybody that's being ready for high school junior high elementary school middle school anything like that with your service dog I hope this really you know was some advice if there's anything I missed go ahead and

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