21 December 2013

African Dwarf Frog Care

So... African dwarf frogs? How do you keep them? Today, i'll give you guys some good tips, on how to keep your african dwarf frogs successfully in a community ...


you what's up everybody this party for Chang and today we're going to talk about dwarf African frogs and I wanted to make this video to kind of show you guys that there are other ways of keeping these frogs and people usually do because whenever I see somebody having dwarf African frogs it's always like a really ridiculous plastic fake tank and these frogs just doesn't like that you have to have a natural environment and that is always best for the animals so I know that when I began in the hobby I always bought these plastic things and stuff like that but please stop doing that because it's just not right okay so and that is just my honest opinion but what you can do is give them a very comfortable environment you know with plans like hype of failure you see here next you really like this plan they always hide in this plan and they have a lot of fleece and piggies where they could approach on things like that and blend the filler is especially a good plant then they usually sit in here this is a fast-growing plant so you can keep it in pretty much any tank that don't need a lot of lighting and you know very

easy to care for plant during Advent site and the same with you dealing with filler this this species also grows really really fast then they also have them grow pretty dense and that also gives a way for the frogs to actually hide and so what does these frogs eat and how many do I get it got and stuff like that and but I got two frogs in this tank and I got them for three days ago and they've been doing really really well they have they've been hiding a lot but that's what these frogs doing the well because in the wild they're used to hiding all the time to make sure that you know predators don't eat them and because they're very very tiny there you can just see here if I can find one of them you can see one right there actually so that when that little guy he's awesome hey another guy he's just sitting there I'm just walking around before and it's a very calm frog they don't really move a lot and like for example the African clawed frog and those guys are very aggressive eaters but these guys are a lot more peaceful and when it comes to food they're actually kind of piggy and with my experience they don't really

want to eat flake food or pellet food as much as they want to eat frozen and live foods and so I always feed them frozen food every day I feed them plug worms you know my sales krill and pretty much anything frozen like that you pretty much anything frozen food that you can get it and you fished off so krill Daphnia and you know even like I actually think we cut small pieces of meat and put it down to them but it has to be really really tiny and they also eat mosquito larvae my feed mine live mosquito larvae they really seem to enjoy that and but there's a lot of things that you have to take into consideration before getting these frogs because as I said you have to have a good size tank because I see a lot of people having these like tiny tiny like petty cops thingies and they just put like like free African bullfrogs in there because it might be a free killing Cup or something and they're like and you know one gallon per frog is something of that but I just just don't follow that rule guys like that is just how it is don't follow that rule and because it's not true I would actually say if I had to make a

rule like that I really don't want to because I don't want to follow any of those rules but if I had to I would probably say and like maybe five gallon per frog because they are in the do require a lot of space and they do like to be in a big environment and things like that so a good size tank is good for them you know a five gallon tank might work fine you know but you can only have like two frogs in there or something maybe only one frog actually and but I wouldn't recommend keeping one frog only because these these frogs are actually pretty social animals so they'd like to be in groups of two or more so you can just add a lot of frogs into a tank and that there will be frothing and and these guys are and you know that you don't you won't see them that much because they hide a lot and you know that's as I said earlier that's what they're doing the world and they only really come out when you feed them you might see a frog hair sticking out of plants and the frogs every now and again but that's really it you won't really see and these frogs as much and that's why people think they're boring and things like that and but I actually

think they're pretty cool because if I had to head it to where if I had to have and etcher areum I would have frogs because I think frogs awesome so I don't really have a terrarium and I don't really like terrariums to be honest and I like aquariums a lot more so a fully aquatic frog was a good idea I felt like this would be awesome and you know I got Guppies and because these guys a very small face they might eat pretty much anything you throw down in the tank but if you give them a lot of food down to the tank and some food is going to get to the bottom that is what I can say right away you can also just take a syringe and actually spray it down on the bottom so that there will be blood ones or something like that all over the bottom that the frogs who need them but they're very slow eaters they don't really eat that fast like they like suck it up like some like some spaghetti and they'll like take their hands and they will like kind of and like put it like stuck it down their throat and it will try to kind of swallow it and because they don't really they're not very good at swallowing for some reason it's kind of weird and but it they often hide over

here in this area you can actually see one of the frogs right in there at the root of that hydrophilic you see one right there you can see the spots of it I'm not sure if you guys can see it you can see its foot right there he's just looking out towards me he see its eyes I have got two frogs as I said but they're both females and the way you can tell difference between the two between males and females is that males have these glands on their bodies behind their forearms or their forelegs and it's kind of these white glands then it looks pretty weird so you will immediately immediately see if it's a male frog and a female frog is a little bit more wide and they look bigger actually they get a little bit bigger than the males and that's pretty much it they don't really have any other sort of things that you can recognize them from and but you have to remember that small fish and small invertebrates is ideal to keep these fish oh sorry frogs because a lot of big fish will just tell them apart and eat them like a snack and some fish will not really mind them that much and so you got to be sure to not get anything that even like if you get

aggressive small fish that are also a really bad idea because you know frogs has this really vulnerable skin so whenever a fish nits at them they'll get a boon right away and that can actually cause infections and things like that speaking of that you should not touch these frogs as much as possible so I recommend that you should be a little bit more careful when handling these guys because the EXCI are some of them are actually carriers of salmonella and that is pretty dangerous you can die of that disease so you don't want that and so whenever you have to get your hands down your tank I recommend you should wash your hands of course you should do that anyway because it's kind of disgusting if you don't but you should them you should definitely and wash your hands whenever you touch these frogs and actually just keep away from touching these frogs in general because they don't really like it that much and like I don't really think a lot of animals do and so oh well you know impending things like that will do that of course fish and frogs are pets too but not in the same way you know and but anyway what you got to do and what I can recommend

is that you you get a tank with a lot of plans a lot of hiding spots and and then the frogs will be happy they might show up every now and again you know since you're in front of the tank like looking around and that's really all you'll see them do they'll also swim up to the top of the water and what you have to remember is that you want to have and you know this tank is a more total tank than a white tank so what you what I did was that I placed a lot of lease trucks that I use my old african cichlid fried tank and this is in fact my old African signify tank but I had these rocks and that I love more like their stuff they don't really have these sharp edges and the frogs neck you sit on top of this and they can easier jump up and to the top and the reason they jump up to the top is that yes you know they're fully aquatic frogs but they don't have gills I still have lungs because yeah they are used to live in small water holes but they can just immediately go up and you know breathe some air and is a lot more effective than being a fish with gills because there's a frog right there for that guy hey he now died I thought he's just warming

up to the tub he's swimming down again they make this funny swimming sort of behavior you see he's actually out in the open now and there's one of them that is always on the open and then the other one doesn't really like to get on the open you can see one right here he's just pretty nice takes out my crazy little guy but then you know a thing that you you have to remember is that you know they want to do that and but also a thing you can do is that you don't need to have very clean water if you don't keep face together with them because and they don't have gills so that don't really mind how dirty the water is so nitrates and things like that doesn't really matter to be honest and but of course if that really wants to swim around more clean water than dirty water that you can see through that it's just you know obvious sense but um you know these guys seem to actually be as I said Piggy eaters so make sure that you try to feed them like some food in front of the heads you see is trying to swim under the rug right here it's just sitting down there I really think these folks are very awesome I figure a really cool and

better but to have them but I just wanted to remind you guys about you know they're not that easy to keep as people say and so don't do that one gallon per frog thing and don't like like just don't put a lot of frogs in one tank of course you gotta have more than one frog because they're they're social animals but you know and for the for the the aquascape I recommend rocks and driftwood and sand it's actually what I can recommend the most and because gravel it's like I never really liked gravel that much to be honest I like sand a lot more and they seem to like the sand actually and some people have said that they just eat the set but I've never seen mine too late' never so they just you know like this guy they just chill around and as you can see if it would have a gland you're who have you know if it would be a male it would have a gland behind its forelegs right there and there would be a tiny black spot and there were like be a little popped sort of circle that would be if it was a male but it's not and but you can see here like they have small spots and and they have tiny eyes and their forelegs not

very big they have these small little pointy fingers and then on the back of their legs they have and they have these swim feet and with them you know swim the skin behind it or well between it so they look really awesome I think that really cool animal and so you can keep them with small fish as I said like copies are good choice and things are good and really cool frog of you like these guys they're very awesome and so yeah that's really all I can tell about these these frogs that you guys need to know and that was sort of a little update for you guys as well but I thought that I would make a video instead of an up in them so let's just quickly look at the copy see if there's any pregnant copies this this female is pregnant you know most of the copies are pregnant she is pregnant too so is she and this one right here no that not that one this one right here no finally go where did it go there it is this one is getting squared off and slowly and that one right there they just go in front the camera all the time that one right there and and she is so I'm going to give

birth to some fried and I don't know when but pretty soon and so yeah if you see the feet up the Frog right there so that's really all I can say guys um I hope this helped you guys a little bit about keeping these frogs probably and yeah that's basically all I can say and yeah see you guys in another video