18 April 2019


Thank you all so much for all the love and support. You guys are truly amazing and a blessing to our lives!!! Like I said we have experienced our most ...


[Music] but the rest okay Branson you want to go ahead and grab the water hose and clean the kennel or you want to show them to go ahead clean that kennel baby and look I want you to make sure that they have some good water okay okay guys don't forget to hit that subscribe button and hit the bell icon to remain updated with all our uploads I hope you guys enjoy the video of my kids cleaning the kennels and interacting with the dogs just giving you guys an update of how the kennel is ran and what's been going on as you can see all the dogs look amazing as always royal kennels has experienced one of the most devastating times in seven years I want to thank you guys so much for all the love and support you know I've been getting a lot of phone calls on a lot of text messages checking on us and asking us to give you guys a video so we pulled ourselves together and we went ahead and uploaded something man what a better way to bring it together with with the kids so I'm just letting y'all see how how they enjoy it and you know just what we're all about man and keeping it

positive another major shout out for my brother Logan Allen with young and our via go ahead and check him out on YouTube young and RV and my brother Logan has sold his house guys he sold his house and he bought a camper and he took his family and he's traveling across the world just him and his family sold his house bought a camper traveling across the world hidden all kind of RV park he's got a real cool channel that's coming up he's just started the channel but I wanted to give him a shout out and I would like to bring a little traffic to his to his channel management it's an awesome thing he got going on his family is very young and I think it's amazing what they're doing y'all go go check him out man make sure y'all hit that subscribe button farm show him some support check out his videos he's got a drawing he got a camera I mean he's gonna do something major it's just beginning so don't judge it from the beginning but y'all sticking around for a while I know it's gonna be major I've been helping them put it together so I hope you guys enjoy that as well once again thank you all for all the love and support go ahead and enjoy this

video one more thing guys before I forget I will have the link to young and rvn I will have a link to that channel in the description box so go ahead and hit that arrow on this video get into the description and you can hit the link and go directly to the channel alright so get the Big Macs channel [Applause] ransoms Breanna get out get out the kennel Branson so the girls outside this is out the window that Kenneth just watching them play watch this y'all hey what's going on out there what's going on out there Branson close the door well guys now we have diesel out there but it's all good it's get your robe D get your oh boy oh that wasn't staged hahaha get in here get in Hennessy get a Hennessy get a Hennessy get a Hennessy get a Hennessy give it him get it Hanna see that a girl that a girl Hennessy Roger Kenneth take and Roger kennels Emma this is a female going to st. Martin's in the Caribbean thank you all so much for watching have a great day and God bless y'all