13 April 2018

Age Regression Journal | Part 1

Hello and welcome to my channel! My name is Princxie and this channel is focused around age regression and disabled life! Today I am sharing my age ...

hi everybody princey here today I'm

gonna show you my age regression journal a lot of people on Instagram wanted to see it and I thought it would be fun to show it anyways so for the cover I painted it it's a composition book I haven't painted the back yet but I'm gonna paint it the exact same purple as the front and it just says parentheses Adri notebook and I put stickers on it all over the front and then I Mod Podge over it so that they wouldn't come off Scooby or I mean Jackie's head over here is coming off a little bit because he's on the end but other than that everything else is like down and not coming off so this is the first page this is my like about page and every page is numbered at the bottom try to flip through and show you and I'm gonna be updating my I'm gonna show you my journal like maybe once a month or so I'm gonna show you every like 20-ish pages try to get it all on the thing okay so here's the first page I just put my about I put my pronouns I mean my age favorite nicknames my favorite colors and the what I like and dislike and then my favorite animals and I decorated it with some stickers and then like a

little I even know what to call it I just thought it was cute and then I got like this one my favorite stickers is that cat oh sorry I don't know why unfocused so that this is a page that I took out of one of my sketchbooks and this page is like so my daddy made the page with like the name the age favorite person favorite songs like all this and he made this maze and this free draw thing and these match the shapes and somewhere for me to draw one of my favorite characters at the time and I just filled it all out I'm not really gonna read it all but you can pause it and read it I'll go through yeah okay and then on this second page here I put all of my like favorite things so I listed my favorite movies shows music food Care Bears ponies stuffy's toys songs video games superheroes princesses drinks animals people games holidays flowers trolls scents and mythical creatures and then I decorated the sides again with um stickers actually like did a whole border for it and then I came back like a few days later and I colored it down the line I did I'm trying to show you pink blue purple pink blue purple all

the way down and I did get to end on purple so I got an even number which made me happy and I used bubble text at the top and you can here's like the whole page and you can pause it and you can read it or if you want me to go in more depth I can always come back and read it in the next video and then this is also out of my sketchbook from like last year this is Gaston he's my favorite Animal Crossing character he's a bunny he's cranky and I love him his catchphrases Mon Chou and I wrote the he's the best he's a good boy and I put my initials and put his name and I put him in here by using stickers on all the corners this one's coming off yeah and then the next page I wrote down some self-care things and um I also put little drawings next to them so like hydrate I drew a cup of water a sippy cup a bottle and then like a cup of tea and then for eat I did a cookie a piece of carrot and it might be a taco well I'm not sure and I did bathe cuddles fresh air rest play read Pet kitties wash face video games crying because sometimes crying can help change clothes right draw window-shop brush

teeth watch comfort shows or movies stretch talk to friends use lip balm and lotion and then I decorated the side with some shapes and did the top can you see that in blue and then this is um it's tags that I like like on tumblr that I can look through like Adri Adri aggression pet regression scene core honey core build the Bears Kitty regression bat regression etc I'm not gonna read all of them because there's quite a bit in here but yeah and then I decorated it with some stickers and this is um the first like journal entry I did which I wanted to have both journal entries in here with the like you know like the tags and my about my favorites and like some drawings and stuff and I'm not gonna read you my whole journal entry but you can read it if you want and it continued on to this page you can pause it and read it I really don't care it's not like I'm writing like really emotional stuff if I do then I like probably won't show it in the video I'll probably show the page like quickly and like flip through it without letting it focus and on this page I started to create my own pony OC from like My Little Pony and so my pony's name is

cozy teddy pants and the cutie mark is a blue teddy bear and there pink with blue accents and in the tail and the mane in there a unicorn and this is her friend who is a black bunny that's their friends carrot they live in this house back here this is their tree another flower garden this is a mud spot and this is the little creek near them and they live near Fluttershy and I'm gonna make more about them and like probably draw them out of regression so it looks better because this is just how I draw when I my breath and then I wrote a letter to one of my daddy's in here so you can see it all and I wrote it in crayon and then I did a regression infos which I actually am gonna read so for the first one I did my like puppy regression and I was putting things that I liked in them which this is everything I like but I wanted to get some highlights in there I've liked some of the things like the mouse so for a puppy regression I put treats collar summation chew toy tummy scratches lots of water and wax laying on Daddy's lap II and pets when I draw a doggy and put green over it and then wolf and put pink over it and then

for kitten regression and it treats color and they are in balls bells mice and lasers and I mean likes Y nice dresses naps cuddles milk and you EU I cure kitty and I put me and this is continue and then over here I dragon regression cords roars and screeches intense emotions Chinese being warm colors and rings blanket forts feeling big but being so small then I wrote roar and this is supposed to be like half of a dragon and then for bat regression squeaks and cooing blacks and purples you know yeah and I can fruits pacifier soft stuff mute dark spaces with fairy lights sleeping all day than being up all night and bat stuff usin I wrote crate and then I drew a bat and then I put stars at the bottom because that was extra room and this is a picture I drew of one of my stuffies faces and they're also multicolored so I kind of went through and like kind of tried to make the colors of their face where it would be and then I wrote their name at the bottom of just Venus and then I wrote I made all the planets and some stars so I just showed you these pages it's an hour on here I did a what I keep

in my age regression bag which I actually don't have one right now but this is what I want to keep in one whatever I get a bag that's good enough but these are some of the things that keep in my bag with me or I used to take to work whenever I would go to work with Daddy so yeah and I'll probably do like an actual video when I get a bag of what's in my intro grocery bag but here's some of the things that I would like to keep in one and I'm not gonna read them all but you can see it and then I've decorated it with some stickers and then this is a profile I made of my favourite stuffie which I said earlier his name is Alec and his pronouns are he/him his nickname says Alan's Allie his personality type is protector I have to get out his birth certificate he's a build-a-bear for his date of birth it's so I'll put that in and place of birth is build-a-bear and Bloomington Indiana and this is kind of a drawing of what he looks like he has a bb-8 shirt and he's a Star Wars bear and then I wrote his about and I will read it to you zelich is my best friend he sleeps with me every night and has for over a

year he watches over me to make sure I'm okay and as always there for me when I need support and solidarity in his free time he enjoys tea parties with his best friends Venus grumpy and rocket racoon he also enjoys riding his motorcycle in the open wind he hates bullies and predators but enjoys beating them up he's sweet as a button and his favorite food is pizza his favorite movie is Star Wars the last Jedi which we saw in theaters which he saw in theaters with me and that's that's it and I'll probably do another one of these for another one my stuffies later in the book and then these two pages are another journal entry that is almost untouchable the rest is pretty good though and I state and put the time of each one of mine and then I sign off at the time that that I stopped writing and yeah I'm not gonna read it all but you can stop and read it if you want okay this next page here is upside down just because I thought it would just cute I wrote a letter to my other Danny zero and yeah and then I drew us at the bottom and signed it off I'm not gonna read it and

this I made this the other day when I went thrifty when I got home and I drew of some of the things I got so I got a tsumtsum pillow some glasses that have ducks on them a creeper plush two mugs this one's the jungle book and this one says friends are forever I've got a black skirt a blanket which is actually this blanket right here okay I'm gonna try to show you real quick before my flash freak it turns off again I also got an apple jack plush a biggie with mr. dinklepuss some build-a-bear clothes and some pajama shorts and then I colored purple here and blue up here and a pink up here and some pink on the other sides of it too and then the rest of page yellow all right and then this page is another journal entry that I wrote yesterday and there's the time I signed off on it and then after I got done writing yesterday I made I drew some food because I was waiting for daddy to come home with food it was really hungry so I drew a cake and egg a cookie breadstick a hamburger a carrot hot dog ice cream cotton candy sushi chicken nuggets a shake piece of pizza and a cupcake and that's the last page I have that was 21

pages I think is that right yeah okay it is all right so that's my journal that's what I have so far I hope you guys enjoyed that if you did enjoy that this video please like it so that I know you enjoy it so that I can continue doing more age regression videos like age regression journal video sorry there we go if there's words because if nobody likes it and I probably won't do any more I'll just keep it to myself but if you want to see more and want more ideas for it please give this video a thumbs up and you can comment too if you have any ideas or if there's any other type of videos you would like to see I'm open to anything and please subscribe so that I can you know keep creating content and know that people like want to see it if I have subscribers yeah alright bye guys