05 February 2015

Aggressive Boxers at San Antonio ACS

A citizen attempted to turn in two aggressive Boxers who attempted to attack his dog as well as terrorize children in his neighborhood. ACS refuses to take the ...

another thing is we can't take a min you

have to talk to one of those guys you supervisors down there okay let us down Oh - hum hello I wrote will love yes but know this so up Santos done glug glug some ghost yes thanks yes no those books thank you sometimes yes and 6000 supervisor Angelo suity synchronizer and ready what can you go ask Frank how much longer it's going to be because this is a risk they're not secure it's a race to have that dogs that are not security you tell aggress if they are and these are young men who just supervisor besides Frank is Vincent here is Alton here I don't know are they waiting for these dogs to break away from their collars that attack another dog or into somebody else all right apparently so because oh if they're getting the report that there's aggressive dogs out here and you see how they're behaving and they're not coming

out here to assess and to assist these gentlemen that's a huge liability look Frank know the plan recording this and then that something happens because right now we're at ten minutes that I've been recording this and for recording their aggressive behavior and if something happens that they break off their collar off their liens and they've done nothing then they're going to be responsible so then ACS worker has been checking out the windows several times what is he busy well could you please ask Frank to what other supervisor is on duty because if he can't assist then ask them to come out please I know yeah they're standing there and they're walking away now that these things that we're recording is there somebody that can help with these aggressive dogs George Moscone can be recorded in this and actually you need permission to be able to record us as well I mean that's invasion of privacy actually not because this is the public facility you know but you guys just leave us to be on your camera if you had

asked for permission from us you can't just you're in the duty of your job as a city employee no there's four employees standing around right no they're not why they see us not coming out here these gentlemen found these jobs and enable hood with children present they're very aggressive they were actually trying to break through the glass in his truck they came down here earlier to try the surrender room ACS said no they had to come back on Tuesday so what are they supposed to do with these aggressive dogs you'll need a you wanna call 3-1-1 and let them know and did they give you an estimated time on when they would be able to impound them because I do need you guys to take them off the campus right now though because unfortunately I do have small animals and no so so we're taking off the campus and put them with our I guess I can't I don't want them out here right and what is your name yes I'm I didn't ask for this family me either but I'm just trying to give us a visual I know they asked what they aim

to already come down here and they've asked for shipments that are not getting assistance what are they supposed to do with into our sequence because they came down to our adoption event today asking what to do with those dogs okay almost because the gentleman and talk to field to see what we can do about it well they've asked that I stay with them to make sure that it's handled do you need her to stay here with you yeah okay well then I need all three of you guys to step over here why do I need to stop reporting why this is a public facility I understand that but we are private citizens and you've been told not to before your I do need to keep stepping off campus and you are an ACS employee I understand that I need you to step off can the performance is your duty what is your name I need you to step off campus what is your name I need you to step off campus what is your name my name is Bethany I'm a supervisor here okay Beth and I need you to step off campus and stop recording