11 March 2019

AGRITV MARCH 10, 2019 EP HAPPY PETS Breed of the Week French Bulldog Intro

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sure the all national goat milk replacer formulated for lactose-intolerant pets [Music] good morning everyone welcome to happy pets my name is Marc lópez and today we will be continuing our breed of the month special for happy pets last month we had featured my favorite breed which is the Rottweilers you all guys all know Coco my co-host in the show is a Rottweiler therefore champion am Brittany for this coming month for the month of March we will be featuring another beloved breed that is slowly capturing the hearts of the filipinos all around in this country and this is the French Bulldog [Music] kind-hearted affectionate fascinating and funny are just a few words you can use to describe a Frenchie Parata ladanyi bond dogs may body bond written upon Papillion there are appropriate your lifestyle and personality so important is Bakula Loni not in unwritten 804 happy pets here are some facts that you need to know about your breed of the month the French Bulldog [Music] Mahalo French bulldogs

they are considered to be one of the most expensive dogs around that's a breeding process belong Ida patty begain and best care DITA in most cases French cheese must be artificially inseminated and because of their size and shape most French Bulldog females have c-section to birth her puppies Dyna Delicato and Carolyn bananana all of these cost a lot of money and that cost is passed on to the consumer [Music] lovable their adulatory bumper so the French bulldogs I'm a podcaster Plateau la una semana town envy Piniella kilala they are known to be aggressive but you can control this begin socializing your friend she have on poppy Palin Scylla the patent introduce nasira's a body buntao a tassel experts recommend that this socialization must be done by the time he or she is 14 weeks old doll mallilie unfair Alang Alang Mihir up Savannah la pagode summer exercises doll may rapid illaha boolean and Carolyn Alina perm a bank pet lovers the must be storm ah Assam Hindi nap alarm he exercised at on French Bulldog may be a good choice this dog has a lot of energy but they

are intolerant to a lot of exercise because of how their bodies made up kuma hillock communica at Manta Bellingham assessable to dog by the burger and french bulldog personal dilatory some heavy a blog Twitter and most of them snore - so hindi KO match come light sleeper car care possible cases of heavy breathing control an uncanny lump a guy at exercise [Music] but despite all these French bulldogs are considered to be extremely affectionate Bulldogs are lovers not fighters if you are considering a French Bulldog you should also know that these dogs are extremely affectionate and they want nothing more than to give love to their owners now this might sound great at the moment keep in mind that this means a French Bulldog will always be underfoot these are very loving dogs and also playful so they need constant attention and some people simply do not have that time to give a dog the attention they need so these dogs do not do well when left alone and they often require the companionship of their family to be

happy [Music] I hope you guys learned something and enjoyed that short video please stay tuned for the next episodes for the month of March as we feature veterinarians breeders and other owners who will show all of us how special the French Bulldog really is always remember happy pets happy parents agra TV hiya Pangolin [Music] this portion was brought to you by puppy sure the all-natural goat milk replacer formulated for lactose intolerant pets