05 November 2018

AGRITV NOVEMBER 4, 2018 EP Happy Pets Roter Dog Whisperer ng Escalante

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a hypoallergenic shampoo with conditioner for dogs and cats [Music] so what have we had a row Turkish American young group Oh Madonna Paco miss you girl about 60 workers today here in Escalante sir okay well let's keep on walking [Music] good morning fellow pet parents welcome to happy pets we are now in Escalante city negros occidental and here in this beautiful city we are with a canine hikers Club this is a group of very passionate and dedicated happy pet parents who believe that the important thing about being or having a happy pet is by being yourself a responsible and knowledgeable bad parent so to start off with this whole series in episode I want to take the time to meet this gentleman over here so if he can explain how everything everything came out to be [Music] okay guys so we are now here with the leader of this pack sir loader and personally I would like to take this opportunity para mas muffuletta pune pin shot sir good morning

likewise sir Mike good morning thank you for this opportunity thank you for having us what how long Nepal it's all love affair more or your passion with dogs anyway this was started when I was 7 years old years ago more than 800 years ago okay and then I like similar power support rating training sobre hi okay I'm gonna let me perform a metal home potential it's a passion the weight in and disappear a dog sure I'd like to personally know and I'm sure you our viewers would also like to know final porn the translator took passion more into your advocacy that you have now anyway Nikita mocha Sicily Bunga me I read and I so I know believe the millionaire I saw okay so will America know I saw a logic analyzer and the modem final agus on a lagoon we also I know ABC pin your support so now that's the time single open and share some pet owners don't look simulator so I'm the position a political you're very very generous with giving advice and give it and he Neil ample general advice a very detailed advice for pineapple motel agony my hot

dog so at the pool be enough an advocacy pony that I can sharing you knowledge for the new office so this whole advocacy passion translated into all of this yes when did all of this start say any we look similar I mean it all looks similar got me some anomaly lumber Kaplan burning a coconut okay that little apart handgun bullet Louie Marin coming mother sanjuana Somalis advocacy I mean okay in explains a bank and umami and Obama coming right inside the middle of Escalante city is this agility dog part is the living in the moment America is no classically theatre and it's really dear friend and beautiful thing we have people like this rotor trying to encourage being a knowledgeable and responsible dog owner now him beep okay lang and maja in very so seeker sir I think major Madhumita our goals our plans with regard to everything that's happening here yeah so um I would like to take this opportunity to first and temporarily end this episode I say madam Adam I put oil Punk above petty focus happens with regard sister daughter and his members here in

Escalante City so guys I think that's all the time we have for now but we have further episodes into the coming weeks to talk more about everything Latimer Grantham given agua de la Vito say escalate the city so for now guys always remember happy parents happy parents agra TV fire boggling [Applause] this portion was brought to you by frenzy a hypoallergenic shampoo with conditioner for dog than cat