26 July 2011

Air Swimmers Instructional Video - How to setup and fly your remote control flying fish

We've got bigger fish to fly! Learn to set up and fly your Air Swimmers RC clownfish or shark. Air Swimmers remote control flying fish emerge from the world of ...

welcome to the instructional videos for

the Air Swimmers product this will guide you through assembly and flying of your Air Swimmers product in addition to everything in the Air Swimmers box you will need four triple-a batteries a Phillips head screwdriver and access to helium in order to complete and use this product the assembly steps for the shark and the clownfish are essentially the same inside the box you have instructions on top here you have three of the shark's fins pull these out and set them to the side in the case of the clownfish you will have an extra fin in the back this is the electronics that contains the receiver and the battery and the track that it moves along this is the remote control unit this is the tail motor assembly and is what propels and steers the shark you have some putty you have some rubber bands and some small plastic pieces don't lose those pieces you have the tail fin here balloon in a plastic bag and you have a view cleaner stickers which will be important for a second you can fill the balloon up with helium and a party store floor store or grocery store that sells balloons make sure you fill it up with pure helium and not

party mice you can also fill up your Air Swimmer with one of these small party tanks that you can get at a party supply store place the nozzle of the helium tank into the back of the loan and then holding firmly press down on the balloon until its surface is very firm most of the small wrinkles will disappear leaving only large wrinkles to space W inches apart now that your balloon is you can tie a piece of ribbon and then using the corner of your Air Swimmers box which already has a hole in it you can tie this off like that for ease of transportation and assembly locate the sheet of double stick tape remove the smaller rectangles and place them on the back of the four rubber band hooks do the same for the Sharks three fins or the clown fishes for fins also place the larger rectangles on the track pads at either end and place the rectangle that has a hole in the center on the center track pad remove the double stick tape backing from the fin and place on the side of the shark where it has an X like so the finish should stick to the blue do this for all three of the shark fins you can use the photo on the front of the box as a reference for fin placement

and orientation in the case of the clownfish you will have an extra fin in the back to make the attachment of the fins more secure take a piece of be included clear tape and place it over the base of each pit there are four rubber band hooks that are placed at the rear of the shark they have double stick tape just like the fins they get peeled off you place the four rubber band hoops at the back of the shark on the X that says place rubber band hub here you orient them so that the hook is facing forward towards the nose of the shark place a piece of the clear tape over each of the rubber band hooks and press into place using the force applied clips attach the tail fin to the tail motor place the fin support rods into the groove in the tail motor assembly and slide the plastic clips into place do this in all four positions on both sides of the tail motor assembly attach the tail butter to the balloon using the four included rubber bands take the rubber band and loop it over the rubberband book that you previously attached to the balloon and then the hook on the tail motor do this on both sides and the top and the bottom make

sure the foam spacer is between the tail motor assembly and the balloon install one triple-a battery in the electronics pod install three batteries into the controller remove the backing from the sticky pads on the three track platforms use the two large inner plastic pieces and place them sticky side up on the forward trackpad and the back trackpad this step is best accomplished with an assistant today hold the balloon upside down and place the track and pod on the underside of the world it is important to install the track correctly so that your Air Swimmer will balance properly different cities have different elevations and warrant different track positions there's a table in the instructions that shows which number you should place the track at based on your city's altitude for most low altitude cities the number three works well that's the clear tape becomes a place the placement numbers for the clownfish are different than the shark so reference the table and the instruction matter take one of the clear plastic tape rectangles and place it on either side Center trackpad

thread the wire for loops and plug it in to the tail motor to adjust the balance of the shark open up the honey compartment on the front of the pot and place some of the included plenty inside the mouth of the pipe if the shark goes up add a little bit of putty and if the shark descends remove a small amount of honey when properly adjusted your shark should flow perfectly in midair without rising or descending place the leftover putty in the compartment on the side of the controller turn the controller and the shark to the on position if the shark does not respond to commands from the controller you may need to repair the shark this is a simple operation to pair a shark to its controller turn the shark on and then while holding down the top dive button turn the controller on wait for three or four seconds and they can be paired together to make your Air Swimmer swim through the air press alternatingly right and left on the main button on the controller is going to cause the tail to switch back and forth right and then left causing the air swimmer to swim with the air to turn the air swimmer cause the

tail to flap more on one side than the other try flapping the tail at different rhythms in order to change the air flow recipe in order to make the shark fly upwards press the climb button until the nose of the shark is pointed up and then flap the tail just like before to swim the shark in upwards direction to make the shark descend press the dive button on the remote and on the nose of the shark points down and then flap the tail to swim the shark down goes the Air Swimmer operates on infrared technology it is important to keep the lights on the front of the controller pointed at the receiver on the shark also do not cover the lights on the front of the controller accidentally with your finger when not using your Air Swimmer you can dock it using the wire hook on the controller slide this wire hook over the loop by the pod and set that air swimmer down as the balloon loses helium over days and weeks it will start to sag a little bit you can blow a little bit of air to the valve at the back of the balloon by inserting a regular drinking straw about three inches into the balloon and blowing air remember not to inhale

helium additionally you may find it necessary to remove some of the balance between as the balloon loses helium over time now that you know how to fly your Air Swimmer the most important thing to remember is have fun