10 June 2019

All About The CONTINENTAL GIANT | Rabbit Breeds 101

Rabbit Breeds 101 | All About The Continental Giant Hi bunny gang! Thank you for joining us for our new series, Rabbit Breeds 101. Each episode will feature a ...

welcome to our new series rabbit breeds

101 where we'll bring you fun and interesting facts about a different rabbit breed each week we're gonna start with the Continental Giant in honor of miss hops and her new baby bunnies if you'd like to get information on your bunny make sure you put the breed in the comments down below [Music] welcome back bunny gang and if you're here for the first time thank you for joining us for those of you new to our channel my name is Tiffany I'm a bunny educator I rescue bunnies and I'm the mom of sixteen bunnies including ten baby bunny kittens I'm joined today by one of our rescues Milo we bring you fun and informative bunny videos each week so to see cute bunnies watch our baby bunnies grow or just get tips to be a better bunny parent make sure you subscribe to our Channel right now that's enough about me let's learn something about the Continental giant the Continental giant is also known as the German giant the Continental giant are one of the largest breeds of rabbits and they are not recognized by the american rabbit breeders Association they are however

recognized by the British rabbit council in two categories colored and white the first documented Continental giant rabbit was in 1893 and is said to be a descendant from the Flemish Giant as with all other giant rabbit breeds the Continental giant is also referred to as a Conti Conte's weigh about 16 to 25 pounds and our three feet are more in length this is our bunny miss Hobbes who is a Continental Giant she is 14 months old and weighs approximately 15 pounds giant rabbits have shorter lifespans generally living only 5 to 7 years the largest continental giant on record was 4 feet 4 inches and 53 pounds any shout out goes to Quincy leach I hope I'm saying that right since she started watching our videos about a month ago I think she's seen every one of them she's always posting comments down below in our comment section and we really appreciate her love and support to our channel thank you for all of our your wonderful comments and joining in the conversation she also has a couple of YouTube channels including one with her pets and one on gardening so definitely go check those out she's an adorable girl and I

really hope she makes it far in the YouTube community due to the large size of these breeds of rabbits it's important you have larger housing and a large area for exercise smaller rabbits generally stop growing between four and six months continental Giants and other large giant breeds of rabbits generally stop growing around eighteen months of age it is best to consider housing your continental giant and a large dog exercise pen instead of something like a two-story hutch housing with stairs and wire flooring are really not good for these larger breed of rabbits they're really not great for rabbits in general but especially with the larger breed of rabbits it could cause serious problems due to their size and weight continental Giants generally have a larger size litter of baby bunnies whereas a smaller breed of bunny will have a litter that is approximately five bunnies on average a continental giant will have an average of nine bunnies per litter they can have up to fourteen even though they're not as active as some of the smaller breeds of bunnies it's still important that they have a lot of space to exercise and play so they are definitely an

attention-seeking type of breed they generally develop a pretty strong bond with their human companion and they love being pet and brushed so this is a really nice thing about a continental giant however on the other side they really don't tolerate being held well and they do not like their feet being touched now this is not just true with my continental giant miss hops but I found information online supporting the fact that it could be other bunnies of that brain type so I don't know if it's a breed restricted thing but I do know that it seems to be more prevalent in that type of breed than in smaller bunnies congi lineage can be very difficult to determine originally their bloodlines were predominantly German but as they were moved to different countries like Dutch and Belgium they were mixed with bloodlines from countries specific breeds it's continental Giants and other larger giant breed bunnies continue to grow up to 18 months it's important that you continue alfalfa based on pellets and unlimited quantities up until 12 months of age one of the most famous continental giant bunnies is cocoa puffs

cocoa puffs has a hundred and ninety mm Instagram followers and was featured on the series the dodo continental Giants definitely make wonderful pets there are more friendly and docile and loving type of rabbit they're generally more calm and mellow I do recommend them as a more intermediate level rabbit because of the fact that they do have a large size they require more food and more space if you're going to get a continental giant I definitely recommend you having at least a rabbit room for them to get a lot of exercise in each day and also housing them in an exercise pen in addition to that instead of a smaller cage they definitely are not going to be a size rabbit that you can put in any type of cage like this for any long-term amount of time in addition to that it can be difficult to find pedigreed full bred continental Giants due to their high demand they can also be quite pricey in the upwards range of $400 or more and also there can be a long wait list into certain parts of the country if you like this rabbit breeds 101 series make sure you press that like button so we know you enjoyed it our

next episode is going to be about the mini Rex like our new rescued blackberry if you want to join us for other videos in between this series we also do rabid care videos updates on our baby bunnies and everything else that has to do with bunnies so make sure you subscribe to our Channel and press that Bell notification so you don't miss out thank you for joining us guys and don't forget to share the bunny love in the description below we have links to some of our favorite products don't forget to check that out to watch another video click here