22 May 2019

ALL MY PETS (and plants) VLOG

i was so bored when i made this, and i was alone so i sound quiet, and the music is probably too loud but literally i dont care.


hey vlog so I live in a view like come on you have to never in it I'm alone shocker I know I'm so popular how can I be alone there's absolutely crazy but I know I have a lot of pets I look the number right here that's that many I know it's a lot okay no I love all my pets I do have a lot and I want to show them off that's I'm making this video also because I'm bored but we're just talking to mention that I'm gonna be showing all my pets one by one telling you like how long I've had sound telling you would have I bet the art telling you if I like them or not Joe please Jesse oh she comes in she takes over the videos to pick my face this is Missy [Music] okay I am a dog whisperer I I taught her one trick that amazes everyone every see a chick I expected that why do I look surprised hey I've had Jesse for I got it for my birthday one year it was like November 6 [Music] I got her November 6 my seventh grade year in middle school and she was already like a couple two weeks old by then and I didn't get her fresh like I wanted one I actually she was a first

dog I ever saw when I walked into the defense league which is where I got her like oh don't pick the first one that you see little does she know that's my best friend she's four now she's for now for she her birthday is August 23rd yes she said yes and she just loves long walks on the beach like what more do you want and wait she even knows more tricks I told you have another dog whisperer sit through this treat 10.10 treat fun that's it oh ok she doesn't know who she knows we're hunter also have another dog she's just not a school full cream mango come here oh my gosh she knows how to roll over huh I'm not sure if it's a survival tactic or whatever but that's what we're working with right Mingo okay I'm not sure how long you had me go okay how many pets like oh my gosh I'm happy oh my god I forgot to show you one okay this one it counts as mine but technically my sister this but I'm take care of it so good [Music] I know what you're thinking why it's gonna win bendy she doesn't know he likes to be in hyper oh okay I'm just gonna have to show you like this so here

she is see your tail but that's not how a normal tail look it's a closer look at BAM look it bends I know she doesn't really she just really like me so I'm gonna put her down you can go please don't hurt me she's like our year old I want to say actually my my sister has our monkey that's a drug joke we're not doing drugs now all the big three are out of the way I'm gonna show you I really do sound like I hate all my animals I'm gonna show you Gilly give me and there's okay key to getting your animals to show them so bright it works this is Gilly she's a albino guinea pigs oh my god I have not been saying okay Gilly don't look uglier in all the dogs that have our mutts none of the work of red and I'm pretty sure bindi is 'le is a guinea pig albino she's American short-haired I'm pretty sure which is like the common American breed yeah I'm talking about you a little bit about yourself since you're interested okay this sounds like a dating website I don't date my animals that's haunting she's ill-tempered she's really like a lot of things and she poops like like if

you saw how much she poops you you would have to be somebody you're a good a good pet we're good the bustling she's so calm right now I think she likes a good neck problem do you like that yeah okay I bet probably yes [Music] please don't before my bed hey she goes bar she blows also her cage is kind of empty right now so they just cleaned it for this video main coast these are in like no certain orders okay okay this is bad there's also my sister girl who toured don't like a bathroom these this is my big bow friend tank I'm listening I got this thing for like 20 dollars at a goodwill my back and now I have oh my baby so this here I'm to do some one by one because I I give them all names and I know the difference I'm not obsessive and if you can hear me over this like loud roaring waters okay this pretty red one right here she's also fat kinda that's sangria oh my god alcohol reference this is a stroke Jesus or tail he was the first fish in this tank and then we have my beautiful court

albino cory catfish this is Captain phasma okay alert I'm a Star Wars nerd this here is Luminara Unduli again another Star Wars reference they're both core catfishes this is emerald cory catfish versus albino and then if you look okay we'll get to her to look at her i'm so my god I didn't push her okay this back here I want to say wait come closer I can tell me the fins this is Shari Shari is she's like second-in-command of all the black skirt tetras this year is Kane yeah this is Kane he is he's kind of timid he didn't used to be but then Nicole came oh my god he came to see Nicole okay there's a cool oh it's like Bigfoot okay there's Nicole she just she look there she has these long pretty fins and she doesn't like the camera she's hiding not you phasma there's a lovely back there you get the idea and then we have the loo the big blue ELISA she's a blue gourami she this is probably how big is she get a gig she's the biggest in here I kind of want her to be the Kahuna she's not

interested in being the Big Kahuna be interested in being the timid timid shy girl I remember getting her and I was like you know what she's she's gonna be like she's gonna be like the main Dominator she's gonna like dominate the team like over everything but she she's just chill in the back all the time no no tropical formula it's like I forgot it's like bug out or something bug off I'm gonna just get a pinch I feed them I want to take twice a day and I feed them like pretty small so like they don't have to eat like all once a day come on creature get your foods is no-one hungry not even you sangria she's like a cat was all I'm saying no one's hungry look at all this food I just gave you and all of them as soon as I'm gonna cheat the Cory's they're gonna they're gonna come down there go chickpeas and of course you can be like where's my food they're gonna feel neglected because all these other fish they're picky eaters yeah I'm looking at you three don't touch that don't touch that hey Astro okay don't touch that oh my god oh my god it's sangria these fit this is a good dysfunctional

family I didn't want to see any okay see I don't want to see your faces this is bade our he's my beta here's my first fish he has this wonderful 10 gallon tank please focus this wonderful 10 gallon tank that I okay all the decorations literally are so many more right now only because I'm trying to get rid of this huge algae program awesome problem as you can see they're using the back like some beautiful physiology okay I did not realize this but for my plant to get enough sunlight I have to keep my big-ass window open right the light gets in and then all the ammonia levels create algae growth my team and i kongsi have to scrape it off that's that it I just scraped it off for now Josie you can see me I hope his name is Darth Vader he have had him for over a year now he we've had some close calls that's long but I've had it for over a year Darth Vader like Darth Vader with Vader [Music] anyway they're out of pets so this is my plan this is succulent to this bird I used to raise these at like school right because like I'm there all the time but

then think I'm getting stolen like who steals a plan I'm tired of them anyways here is succulent I have rocks in there I've had succulent us it's like the winter time it's springtime right now this is I tried growing an honest but nothing I was gonna put in here that's a whole other heavy ideal this is my juniper ivy plant I don't like the custom I just have civilians um it was doing bad for a while that's all this but then I started watering it and like properly doing putting indoor plant feed and then you see these beautiful leaves growing and it has great sunlight and I'm doing pretty good so this is juniper that's for vinegar second to the third this lutely LEM kado he's gonna have said because I ran out of animals and plants and that's all I got now I've had all of my animals fight over I even see how much I wanted that dewy for I've had ghillie for like I want to say two years now no almost two years now and honestly I'm surprised because she torment rainy so much Jessie wants the same thing same clothes that she said like subscribe so can't argue that