15 March 2017

All Rare Horses & Where to Find Them - Breath of the Wild

All the rare horses found in Breath of The Wild in one stop. Today I'll show you how to get Epona, a Stalhorse, the White Stallion/ Zelda's horse, the Giant horse/ ...


[Music] hello and welcome before I begin please note that this video has minor ingame spoilers as you may already know breath of the wild has a handful of rare horses that you can obtain through side quests amiibo and out on your own adventure in this video I'll be showing you all five of these rare horses and where to find them it's going to be a longer video so please feel free to use the timestamps down in the description below to find out about whichever horse you desire the first horse I recommend getting is a poni that is if you have the super smash bros link amiibo it's very unfortunate that opponent can only be obtained through the means of purchasing an amiibo and I for one don't agree with this sort of paywall to get the iconic speed however if you do happen to have the super smash link amiibo you're in luck as she will likely spawn the very first time you scan it in opponent is very well balanced having four stats and strength speed and stamina she has a gentle temperament and it completely maxed out bond to link which makes for an easy ride next up is the stall horse actually tied to a quest the stall horse

can be found in the Hebrew tower region head to the snow field stable and talked to this character inside I'm not even gonna try to pronounce her name she will give you the quest stall horse pictured after grabbing the quest make your way over to a fire and wait until night unless of course it already is Knight once you've done that go to the north until you find to skull outpost there you'll find stall Bock oblems riding stall horses take out your bow and have at it return to snow field stable take a picture of the stall horse and complete the quest for a silver rupee unfortunately this horse can't be registered at its stable but it's still fun to ride around [Music] the royal white stallion a descendant of Zelda's white horse found near staff ulla hill this stallion can be obtained through a side quest alongside the royal saddle and bridle set starting off at outskirts table in the central tower region of the map talked to an old man named tufa he will give you the quest the royal white stallion follow the road shown on the map towards the fula hill

once you make it up to the top of the hill make sure to have some type of self bonus added whether that be through the means of food or the stealth armor as this horse is very vigilant and spooks easily also note that for the rest of the horses moving forward from here you'll need at least two bars of stamina or stamina recovery items on hand while taming after fully taming the white stallion head back to outskirts stable register it and talk to tufa he will then give you the royal bridle and saddle set the white stallion is a nice horse to have it has four stars in strength 3 and speed and a fully stack stamina stat but watch out this one is wild [Music] number 4 is my personal favorite the giant horse this majestic animal can be found in the lake tower region specifically in the Toba grassland before you go running off to find the giant horse take a little bit to stop by the mounted archery camp and talk to stria to get the quest hunt for the giant horse i recommend picking up an extra stamina wheel on top of the 2 you already have just to give you some

Headroom grab a horse and head down the path shown on the map watch out for two very strong Lionel's on the way to the grassland I recommend taking them out on your way if you can so you don't have to deal with them when coming back with the giant horse now that you've made it to the grassland find the giant horse and tame it do be careful as this horse is very slow and it replaces its stamina for it's maxed out strength stat and has a wild temperament as well so don't be surprised if you get bucked off make your way back to the mounted archery camp turn the quest in and you'll receive silver rupee if you're looking for a stable close to the mounted archery camp head to the Highland stable the last horse on the list is the elusive Lord of the mountain I've made a previous video detailing how to obtain this horse but I'll go over it once more just a warning this horse doesn't spawn every day so you may have to wait for a while starting off from the Ridgeland tower sit and wait in front of Satori mountain until you see a blue glow coming off the top of it either teleport to MOG Lawton shrine or make your way on foot to the

top of Satori Mountain at the top using a stealth bonus sneak behind the cherry blossom tree and towards the horse again be sure to have at least two full bars of stamina make sure not to spook the Lord as it will disappear you will however have a couple chances before it vanishes for the full day after mounting the Lord of the mountain you can ride around and enjoy it's maxed out stats but that's about it unfortunately just like the stall horse you can't register to the Lord of the mountain at a stable I guess it is sort of fitting though as this horse is said to be a holy creature legend has it that the Lord is a reincarnation of the sage that died on the lands it now protects that just about wraps it up for today's video please let me know how you felt about the video down in the comment section below remember to Like comment subscribe and I'll see you all on tomorrow's video peace out [Music] you